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Sandra Stokes Walden

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Posted by: Sandra Walden
Date: Apr 05 2013 11:06 AM

Mark Saliba, Chairman, Dothan Area of Chamber of Commerce is giving the opening remarks and introducing the guests on the stage.

Gov. Robert Bentley, Rep Mike Hubbard, Mayor Mike Hubbard, Charles Nailen, Matt Parker, Local representatives and commissioners from Dothan, Houston and Dale Counties.

Mayor MIke Schmitz is at the podium now. He just said "WOOHOO with his arms in the air.

Schmitz said thea after the unmamed company left our community that many went to work wto find jobs.. This started with a cold call.  Matt Parker, committed from the beginning said he would find someone to come to Dothan.  Mayor Schmitz, Matt Parker, Hayne HOllis and several others got on a airplane and went to the company and asked them to come to Dothan.  We got real close and we were having a announcement when the Federal Government got involved and the company decided to delay.  I called our Governor, Robert Bentley, at 3:45 the day before the annoucemnet to tell him we had to delay.  He gave me a pep talk.  Everyone got on board to make this announcement possible.

Mayor Schmitz is reading the background of Commercial Jet and Introducing David Sandri, President of Commercial Jet.  Schmitz said here is what I know.  This gentleman has made the decision to come to our community and provide well paying jobs for our people and make a investment here.  Mr. Sandri is getting a standing ovation.

Mr. Sandri.  Thank you Mayor Schmitz, my new mayor., Governor of Alabama, and others..Good morning to you all on this special day.  Today marks a major milestone in Commercial Jet.  We are now hiring....  We are honored to be a part of this community..and growth.. We plan to creat over 500 new jobs in the next 3 years.  Based on our 25 year history that our current order pipeline supports these projections.  We would not be standing here today if it were not for the hard work of many people.  I will confess that at moments we felt we were climbing the steep slopes of Kilamanjaro...

Joh Schildroth, newly appointed VP and General Manager for Commercial Jet, Dothan.  It is great to be here amongst the most friendly people I have ever met in my life.  I was the one who talked to Matt the first time.  The first time we came to Dothan, Paul Lee was able to get hold of the Governor's office and our reception to the state was awesome.

I can't tell you how excited I am to open Commercial Jet in Dothan, Al..  I feel completely at home and among friends and I just feel happy to live here.  Very soon I will be living in Dothan and becoming a part of this great community.  We have a very ambitious and achieveable goal.  Our first airplane will arrive in May.  We will first be hiring 60 people with different skills.  We have exciting times ahead of us.. We will be a good cooperate member of this community.

Next speaker:  Governor Bentley.   Without Governor Bently our medical school, opening in August would not be possible.  Mayor Schmitz said he was at Buffalos with "The Meck" and the Governor called and asked how the project was going... I went back and told Meck that I had to get on the ball the governor was watching.  Gov Bentley received a standing ovation.

Governor Bentley:  It is a good morning isn't it.  We certainly want to welcome Commercial Jet in "my favorite part of the state".   You know I tell everyone that..but it is my favorite part of the state as the entire state of Alabama is.  I enjoy traveling over the state and work with people like you have in Dothan.  We all care about each other, we want our families to have great jobs and be able to support their families.  This was a team effort.   I am no more important than the ones who worked so hard behind the scenes.  One of the reasons we can recruit industry to this great state is because we all work together.  Not every state does that.  We are ranked in the top 5 every year of the states that are pro business.

When obstacles arise we either need to go around them or go over them, and that is exactly what ya'll did.  Governor Bentley referred to the book of James in the Bible, obstacles make you tougher.  Some of the legislation our legislature has passed has really helped make this happen today. Governor Bentley then thanked the members of the local legislature for their efforts.  He also said that we have the best workers of any state in the country.  No company can be any better that their workers.  If you are going to make a good profit then you have to have great workers.  The workers we have help me sell Alabama more than anything else.  The 500 workers that will be here working for Community Jet will help you make a profit, they will take pride in their work and be dedicatied to what they do.  We welcome Commercial Jet to the State of Alabama

Next is Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard.  You know it is hard to follow the Governor.  Wiregrass is very important to me because my wife is from the Wiregrass.  Because we have a dedicated and skilled work force it set us up above others.  The workers in Alabama appreciates having a job, they want to work for a living and they want their company to make a profit.  We do have the best and most committed workers in the country.  We have a legislature who is pro-working and pro private sector.  Hubbard is recognizing the representatives..  Paul Lee is the one that presented the legislation before we even knew about Commercial Jet that made this possible.  We are going to remain a right to work state and we are going to continue to seek high paying jobs for our state..  When Commercial Jet first came to Alabama they met with the Governor, State Officials, the Mayor and others and he has yet to meet the Mayor of Miami..

Mayor Schmitz said with this many politicians we have done a great job keeping this under 30 minutes.. Matt Parker is making his way to the stage... Mayor is thanking the Dothan City Commission.  We signed a document this morning that says no matter what the Federeal Government does we are going to keep this tower open.  We are able to do this because due to our citizens the City of Dothan is fianancally strong.

Matt Parker the best Economic Developement person in the State of Alabama.  Matt is thanking all of the key people that were involved.  All of these people make it easier for this to happen.. All of the Utilities companies, our education groups, all of the people on this stage.  WE are just so excited , thank  you for your great support this is what it takes to make this happen.. Governor Bentley, Speaker Hubbard and our legislative group, thank you for your support...

Governor Bentley is now going to sign the deal...everyone is standing up to surrond the governor as he signs the bill.  Paul Lee suggests everyone hand them their pen so they will have one that has signed paperwork...  WOOHOO goes up from audience.. Lots of paperwork to be signed..Mayor Schmitz is handing the paper work to Governor Bentley and then to David Sandri to sign.  

I have typed this as it happened.. I hope there are not too many errors.... No time for corrections!


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