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Dale County Commission Meets In Daleville - Solid Waste Presentation and Also Heated Exchange Between Sheriff and Comimission Chairman

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Feb 28 2017 7:46 PM

DALE COUNTY:     Today the Dale County Commission carried their meeting on the road and held it at Daleville City Hall.

The first part of the meeting, which began at 9 AM, was a public hearing concerning the ATRIP legislation. This legislation is being pushed by the Alabama Association of County Commissioners and would increase the cost of gas an fuel by (3) three cents per gallon. This would generate about $ 1.2 billion dollars state wide.

The purpose of the ATRIP money would be for "off road" non federal roads to be repaved and paved across local municipalities and counties across the state. Legislators want some for state roads. But this program is geared for local.

What the State Senators and State Representatives have forgotten, they are voted on "locally" and not "statewide". While there might be needs for state roads, the locals are attempting to address roads which have to be maintained locally.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH;  Legislators, if each county and senate district does not elect you, you stay home. If you live here, the people up north did not elect you. So you might want to consider taking care of the local people.

Do not take the above statement as one that I do support the tax. But take it as, legislators you do not have to add to it. Look locally to the people that put you in office.


Dale County Commission Chairman Mark Blakenship made a presentation to the fellow commissioners and guests at the meeting concerning the Solid Waste Authority. This proved to be a hot topic.

Blakenship does not believe the current agreements with the Solid Waste Authority is good for Dale County. Blakenship believes that changing it to a private company would put about $ 100,000.00 back into the Dale County coffers.

RSN's Matt Boster is working on the video and will hopefully have it posted by tomorrow. You will be able to see the entire proposal and discussion.

On hand for the meeting today, Wes Etheredge, former Daleville Police Chief ( Retired ) and Daleville Mayor ( Retired ), but a member of the Solid Waste Authority, and Billy Blackwell, former Mayor of Ozark ( retired ) but a member of the Solid Waste Authority.

Etheridge and Blackwell took issue with Blakenship on his figures and information presented. Blakenship took issue with their statements that his figures and information were wrong.

Former Dalevile Mayor Mrs. Wigglesworth said he had heard more concerning the Solid Waste Authority than she did her four year term as Mayor. Wigglesworth and a Daleville resident challenged all present to put the issue on the table to discuss and kick around. That what worked in 1992 might not be the best choice for today.

The Chairman of the County Commission can not make a motion and can only vote in the event of a tie. When the issue came up the Dale County Commission voted 4-0 to renew the Solid Waste Authority for 5 years.

The resident ( non elected official ) who suggested discussion of the issue, when he heard the vote acted in shock and disbelief the commission would not take the issue to discuss and kick more ideas around.

The vote of the commission was to have Chairman Blakenship approve the Solid Waste Authority contracts. Chairman Blakenship said while he is instructed to sign the contracts he wanted it "on the record" of his position and how he stood on this issue.



Dale County Commission Chairman Mark Blakenship presented the hiring of a compliance officer at a pay rate of $ 14.50 per hour.

The Compliance Officer would make sure all pay their garbage bills and all mobile homes were tagged or stickers on them.

When Chairman Blakenship brought the issue up, Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson spoke up. Sheriff Olson told the commission he had a Deputy Sheriff that had (4) years as a law enforcement officer and (8) eight years in the military. That his pay rate was $ 12.98 per hour.

Sheriff Olson said this deputy has turned in his notice and going to work with Houston County Sheriff Department at a pay rate of $ 16.20 per hour. Sheriff Olson said the pay of all county employees needs to be studied and adjusted.

This brought the wrath of Chairman Blakenship. He was already ill with the fellow county commissioners for not wanting to approve the Complaince Officer, but challenged the Sheriff why every time the commission went to employ someone at more pay than Sheriff Deputies he had something to say.

Sheriff Olson said because tag clerks who have worked with the county for 10 years were still making $ 9.00 a hour. And then the commission wanted to hire a Compliance Officer, with no experience, at $ 14.50 per hour.

Sheriff Olson said if the Compliance Officer had a issue, guess what? He would have to call the $ 12.98 per hour Deputy to come handle it.

That then drew a lot of personal back and forth between the Sheriff and Commission Chairman. Finally one of the County Commissioners halted the discussion and said get back to the topic. Tempers were hot.

The Commission did not approve the Compliance Officer. The commission did discuss the possibility of hiring a Compliance Officer and placing them under the Sheriff.

Sheriff Olson said his arguements today were for the entire county workforce and not just the Sheriff Department. That all wages needed to be studied and adjusted.

Other items were approved. These were the two that stirred the controversy the most.

Matt Boster will post the Solid Waste video in the morning, unedited.

Dale County Commission Meets In Daleville - Solid Waste Presentation and Also Heated Exchange Between Sheriff and Comimission Chairman

Dale County Commission Meets In Daleville - Solid Waste Presentation and Also Heated Exchange Between Sheriff and Comimission Chairman

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