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Pat Thomas/John Powell ERA Still Haunts Me As Of This Week

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Mar 13 2014 8:38 AM

DOTHAN:    As with more than 70 other people, I was victim to the Mayor Pat Thomas/John Powell days.

The Mayor Pat Thomas/Police Chief John Powell attempted to or destroyed more than 70 people in the City of Dothan. I was one of those when the Thomas/Powell abuse of power was orchestrated and I was arrested for perjury.

This week I applied for a new pistol permit with Houston County Sheriff Department. When the criminal history was run it reflected I was convicted of perjury. That was the charge lodged against me by the Pat Thomas/John Powell administration. Charges lodged in an effort to shut me up and destroy me.

Fortunately the Houston County Sheriff and two of the Houston County Sheriff Captains had also been victim to the Pat Thomas/John Powell administration. Our own Sheriff was victim to their efforts to destroy people of Dothan.

The perjury charges were brought against me and a Circuit Court Judge from Escambia County Alabama was brought into Houston County to preside over my trial. After the Thomas/Powell prosecution team presented the case against me, the Judge threw the case out and it never made it to the jury. The judge said the Thomas/Powell prosecution team never proved a case.

The Thomas/Powell administration was quick to notify the Alabama Criminal Justice Information System (ACJIS ) and National Criminal Justice Information System ( NCIC ) that I was arrested. In fact, they made sure they were notified the Dothan Municipal Kangaroo Court did convict me. But when the case was presented before a real judge and not some stupid idiot like Will Matthews, the case was thrown out of court. But the Thomas/Powell administration has never notified ACJIS and NCIC the cases were thrown out.

My arrest was a huge demonstration of corruption. Thomas has told me that he nor West knew of the arrest. While they might not have, they did not hold John Powell responsible when he could not walk the walk and get the case to the jury much less a conviction. And I told Thomas, West, Paul Lee and Taylor Barbaree. Not one single one held Powell to a level of responsibility for his actions.

And today, that corruptive attempt to silence me is still haunting me.


High ranking officials told Pat Thomas to get rid of John Powell. Thomas refused to. With that refusal, Powell being allowed to destroy more than 70 lives and the Dothan Police Department was done with a stamp of approval by Pat Thomas as Dothan's Mayor. His actions were done with Thomas blessings.

During the Thomas/Powell era of abuse they bragged on the fair and honesty in the promotional system within the Dothan Police Department. Well folks, John Powell recently, and I mean within the past couple of months, attempted to influence the promotional process.

Powell went to people within the Dothan Municipal Government attempting to influence who Chief Greg Benton would promote to the rank of Captain. Powell made calls to elected officials who he controlled attempting to influence the selection.

Not reflecting the captain candidate because he is a good police supervisor, but Chief Benton followed the test scores and ignored the influence attempt of John Powell. But his efforts speak volumes to his tenure and the dirty tenure.

Kudos to Chief Benton for ignoring the attempted influence.


You would think I hate Pat. I do not. However he allowed Powell to operate as did Paul Lee, Taylor Barbaree, Mike West and the other losers who were Dothan Commissioners. But Thomas was captain of the ship and allowed the abuse of power and corruptive behavior to use their power and authority in efforts to intimidate and destroy.

Thomas, Lee, Barbaree and West allowance of the corruptive practices has affected my life. And today their actions do still haunt me as did the criminal history.

But thankfully Sheriff Hughes, Captain Gonazalez and Captain Reed of the Houston County Sheriff Department were also victims to the Pat Thomas/John Powell era.

And now Thomas wants to be co-conspirators with his good friend and buddy Mark Culver and be a county commissioner.

FOLKS...Mark Culver and Pat Thomas have already been involved in Culver secretly tape recording people for Pat. Secret tape recording in an effort to get things to hold over people's heads.

For Pat Thomas and Mark Culver to be together in power as County Commissioners, you talking DANGEROUS.

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