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President Obama And The United States Congress Are Full Blown Idiots

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Jan 24 2014 9:23 AM

The President of the United States of America and the members of the United States Congress are full blown LIARS.

They have termed the Affordable Health Care Act. That is an outright lie. It is really the UNAFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT.

It affects EVERY WORKING AMERICAN, except folks like Obama and members of congress who are only government suckers who suck paychecks from the government for nothing.

President Obama and the United States Congress are like the mafia. The strong arm and force this bull manure on the working men and women of America.

My personal story...my family health insurance overage went from $ 541.00 a month, to $ 1211.75 a month, plus $ 75.00 a month for dental. But then dental did not cover my sons braces which cost me an additional $ 5,000.00 to the dentist.

Folks, how in the world can any honest person call a 42% increase AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE? My deductible is now $ 12,000.00 a year before my AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE KICKS IN.

When a politician tells you, I am being honest with the people. RUN FOR COVER because he is about to stick it to you.

Kinda reminds me of Mark Culver and Melinda McClendon. I am your friend and ready to help you!

Just don't jump when the government officials, like Obama, Roby, Sessions, Shelby, Culver, McClendon, Strange and honest "let the people vote" Robert Bentley say, oh we are here to help you.


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jmclean - Jan 24 2014 12: AM 21:17
Ricky, Please be advised that NOT ONE Republican voted for Obama Care, and certaintly none of the ones you named, Yet you did not see fit to print even one name of a Democrat Congress person.. The Republicans have been telling us for 3 or 4 years Obama Care was destructive to this Country and exactly how it was going to raise health care cost, cause loss of jobs and the whole nine yards. Seems you been watching and hearing too much MSNBc, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBc feeding we the people the usual Democrat lies. Obama Care is totally a Democrat law forced upon us by Obama and the Democrats both national and local and some Democrats who call themselves Independent.. So, Jump on the real source of the problem and please quit turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the truth.
L19driver - Jan 24 2014 12: AM 16:20
Don't forget that OBAMA care was a DEMOCRATIC ONLY, voted on without reading it bill and signed into law,that failed and they, the democrats, now blane the republicians for it's demise. " If you like your democrat, you can keep your democrat..period!" Everything that had been bad for theis country has come by the way of the democrats..
Kbee - Jan 24 2014 12: AM 14:02
Totally agree. Once I lose Cobra benefits next month, my premiums go from $424 to $900 a month with a $4000.00 deductible. Who can afford this?? I've done the calling, letter-writing, etc. To no avail.
Kbee - Jan 24 2014 12: AM 14:02
Totally agree. Once I lose Cobra benefits next month, my premiums go from $424 to $900 a month with a $4000.00 deductible. Who can afford this?? I've done the calling, letter-writing, etc. To no avail.
Ramseyfan - Jan 24 2014 12: AM 10:43
Call Sessions at 202-224-4124, Shelby at 202-224-5744 or Roby at 202-225-2901. We lost ours when the premiums hit 900 a month. Replacement insurance is the same, PLUS a $5K per person deductible. I don't think it was about healthcare, ever. It IS about relieving the middle class of their earnings, denying care as much as possible, rewarding a few with totally free healthcare. NOTHING is ever free, the rest of us have to work to pay that expense for others.

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