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Stokes Chains Two To Dothan Courtroom Door

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Jun 04 2014 6:49 PM

DOTHAN:     Today my staff came to me that two men were at the office who failed to appear in Dothan Municipal Court on Monday. I explained  to the two men that I would carry them to the court and attempt to get the matter resolved.

However, I informed the two men that we would hit resistance and excuses and that I might have to take some steps, such as handcuffing them to the courtroom or Police Chief vehicle.

We went to the lobby of the police department. I explained to the officer the circumstances. I left the two men in the lobby of the police department and told them to let me know what happened.

In a few minutes the officer called me that court was not in session and no warrants existed.

The gentleman returned to my office.


On Monday when the gentleman were not present in court, the Judge ordered alias arrest warrants issued for the two gentleman. However as of Wednesday no arrest warrants were prepared.


I explained to the gentleman the chain of events that were to follow.  That  if the court or police refused to (1) give them a new court date, (2) take them in custody, (3) allow them to enter a guilty plea, then I was going to handcuff them to (1) the axle of Dothan Police Chief Greg Benton’s vehicle, or (2) the doors to the courtroom.

It was explained that I have spent 1 ½ years attempting to get the issues resolved for people. Both persons understood and agreed.

So we went to the Dothan Courtroom. I wrapped a chain around the doors of the courtroom and handcuffed the defendants to the chains of the doors.

I then left forcing the court to deal with the two people.

The court gave them both new court dates. They remained handcuffed for about ten minutes.


The City of Dothan is famous for ordering warrants and taking weeks before the warrants are issued. Several times people come to our office to resolve the issue. They come multiple times. Then after a month finally the warrants are issued.

The person is driving down the road and gets pulled over. The warrant shows up. Their vehicle is towed. If their children are in the car, family has to come or DHR has to come and take custody of their children.

When the people have come multiple times in an effort to resolve the issue.


Houston County Circuit Court Clerk Carla Woodall serves 7 Judges and courts. Her office handles civil, criminal, traffic, domestic, small claims and other issues.

We are able to resolve the issues and things run smooth.

I have worked for years trying to resolve the issues. The problems cost A – Advantage Bonding $ 22,000.00 because Dothan Municipal Court refused to do their job.

Months and months ago I have met with Dothan City Manage Mike West over the issues. Still not resolved.

I have had enough. The problem is going to be resolved.


While the Magistrate office of the City of Dothan works hard, there are issues to resolve. Judge Gordon can not sit on the court bench and hear the cases and things she has to hear and resolve all of the issues.

There is a reason on the county level the Clerk’s Office is a separate department.

The court system is dealing with people’s lives. Often times their actions can cost people their jobs.

Dothan Municipal Court does not handle major crimes. They handle misdemeanor offenses. The people are often times not harden criminals.  The problems are easily resolved, if the system realizes they are dealing with people.

Regardless what the two people say, I treated them with dignity and respect. And had I not took the drastic actions then their issues would not have been resolved.


And after all of the turmoil, the issue was resolved the way it should have been. The two gentleman were given new court dates.


Someone called the biggest racist in the history of the City of Dothan to the Dothan Municipal Court. His name  is Kenny Glasgow.

The first time it ever crossed my mind the race of these two gentleman was when the media said someone made the comments, Rickey Stokes handcuffed two black men to the courtroom door.

I will not say Glassgow was the one that said it. But I will say, however has attempted to make this a racial issue, is a liar and a thug. This was not done about color, it was done to resolve two gentleman’s issue that was not getting resolved.

And if it was Glassgow, there has not been another man in the City of Dothan that has exhibited more racial tension, turmoil and lies than that of Kenny Glassgow.

ANYONE that knows me, they know I work to help people of any color and social status. My calling in life is to help people, most important those who are less fortunate than others.


There is an issue that has to be resolved. I have hit my head against the wall over and over.


Dothan City Attorney Freddie Len White came to the Dothan Police Department. White acted like he was the Chief of Police giving commands to the Captain of the Dothan Police Department.

White then told a Dothan Police Captain that the City of Dothan would start referring bonds to a competitor bonding company. White was critical of me saying that I did not know what to name my bonding company and the others were smarter than I was.

Later when I was attempting to talk to the Judge, White kept harassing, annoying and alarming me and attempting to provoke me.

White can get away with what he wants. Apparently he has dirt on the City Manager and some city officials . White has broke traffic laws, made racial slurs to people at U-Haul, talked to Dothan Commissioners like dirt, hollered things going down the road on a city car. So far, not one city official has done anything to White.

Today, White was involved in this issue. He made comments about Dothan referring business to other bonding companies. AND I HAVE IT ON TAPE.

But no Dothan City Manager or Dothan City Official will take White to task. A complaint is forthcoming about White.


This incident was not about Rickey Stokes. It is about the mistreatment of those less fortunate, caught in the system, and working to resolve their issues.

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