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UPDATED @ 1:01 PM Six to Eight Dothan Police Units Were Out Of Service

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Apr 07 2014 8:57 AM


Sometimes in articles information has to be released in order to obtain information. That is the case in this article.

First, yes this was a power issue between the minors in the residence and the police. When the minors would not let the police inside the residence, the police worked to obtain entry.

There is multiple debate issues in this story. One, if the police had not pushed the envelope to obtain entry into the residence, then there could have been alcohol poisoning and other issues. Then there would be critical comments of the police.

If any had driven and was intoxicated, then lives could have been changed forever and not for the better.

I have had mixed results from this article. One was that I was saying I was for minors drinking. NO, that is not what I have said. However, there is debate you can be the Sheriff of a County at age 18 and arrested for minor in possession. And debates that you can be in the war but not drink a beer. However, those are debate issues and valid points on all sides of the debate.

Dothan Police did follow the policy and procedures in this issue.

And yes, children will tell parents what they want to hear and not always the facts.

*********************PARENTAL WARNING:***************************





I had rather make the children mad, then for a life to be destroyed. It only takes once in the area of drugs to destroy a life.

And the information given to me in this case is not necessarily the true and accurate information parents. Make sure you find out the answer and be sure.


Original Article

DOTHAN:   On Saturday night some six to eight Dothan Police units were out of service in order to transport juveniles for Minor In Possession of Alcohol. And the arrests were to prove a point.

Dothan Police responded to a Dothan neighborhood, from what we understand, was a noise complaint. When the young people refused to allow the police to enter the house, the power play by Dothan Police started.

Dothan Police started running tag numbers. They advised the communications division to call the registered owner of the vehicles and have them respond to the residence. The officers had the home owner called which in turn called the rentor.  And she responded.

Law Enforcement Officers could not legally enter the residence without consent or a search warrant. In order to obtain a search warrant the officers would be required to have probable cause to get a search warrant. However, through lack of knowledge on the part of the rentor, the officers were able to talk their way into entering the residence.

The rentor, at the time did not have the knowledge of her legal rights, allowed the officers to enter the residence. Because the young people did not allow the officers to enter initially, the primary officer(s) arrested everyone for Minor In Possession of Alcohol.

Some of the young people sit in the police cars for over two hours in handcuffs. Parent were called for those under the age of 18. Even a Houston County Sheriff Deputy had to respond to a Wicksburg residence to get the parents and have them report to the Dothan Police Department.

The chain of events took place before midnight. The release from jail on some was after lunch on Sunday.

Reports are the officers told some if they had opened the door they would have called the parents to come get the minors.

Minor In Possession Of Alcohol

You can be the elected Sheriff of a county. In other words, you could be the Andy Hughes of Houston County. Manage a department with almost 100 deputies, a county jail with almost 100 staff members and a population of over 300 inmates.

But as the Sheriff, if you had a beer in your possession, you could be arrested for Minor In Possession of Alcohol.

You can go the foreign soil and give your life for the freedom of the legislators and citizens, but arrested for Minor in Possession of Alcohol.

Not a statement of how it should be or an endorsement of alcohol, just a statement of fact.

Lesson Learned

The lesson learned by those minors and parents. That lesson was, they will know what the officers can and can not legally do.

The lesson learned by those minors and parents, when they hear complaints "we do not have enough officers", they will go " yes you do and you have to many".

The reason being, if 6 to 8 police officers in cars, and others who stopped, ,looked and left, have that much time to spend all of the resources to prove a point, they have nothing to do.

That Dothan does not have the burglaries, robberies and major cases in order to put that many officers on the call. And on a Saturday night.

The young people were not drunk or in the streets. The young people were inside and having a get together.

The lesson learned, well perhaps not one the officers thought they were teaching.


Dothan Police booked 10 young people into the Dothan City Jail for Minor In Possession of Alcohol. That does not include the juveniles they could not book into the adult jail. Those under the age of 18 they had to call the parents to come get them from Dothan Police Headquarters.

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