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Yes, I Call Kenny Sharpton Glassgow A Liar

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Jun 20 2014 11:44 AM

DOTHAN:    In the bottom of this article, the "pastor" Kenny Sharpton Glasgow alleges that I, Rickey Stokes, placed race in this issue.

So I respond to that allegation. "Pastor" Kenny Sharpton Glasgow is a liar.

When the media asked me to step over to the Dothan Municipal Court, it was the media that said the allegations had been made. That was the first that it ever crossed my mind as to the race.

Next, Glasgow ask the question if I had ever chained a white man. And the response to the question is, YES.

In fact, then Sheriff Lamar Glover and his commander had me arrested for chaining a white man to the safe in my office until the paperwork was received in order to surrender to the Houston County Jail. At that time, Sheriff Glover and Commander Land did not like me and were after me for any reason.

I was arrested for Unlawful Imprisonment made bond and appeared for trial in Houston County District Court. I was found NOT GUILTY.

As to my reference that "Pastor" Kenny Sharpton Glasgow is a racial activist. My question, is how many white people or Hispanics have you seen Kenny Sharpton Glasgow been in the battle for?


The first statement I would like to make addresses Mr. Rickey Stokes's comment that I am a Racial Activist and that I infused the situation of him chaining two black men to a court room door with race.

Foremost, Mr. Stokes was arrested by the police. That means, I, Kenneth Glasgow, did not arrest him. Mr. Stokes was not arrested on any grounds pertaining to race. Instead, he was arrested for unla...wful imprisonment of the two men he chained to a court house door. All that said, I have 100% certainty that the officers that arrested Mr. Stokes are not racist and did not arrest him for any reason dealing with racism. Stokes broke the law, in the eyes of the law, to a degree that warranted his arrest. Whether the charges stick remains to be seen.

Now, as far as Mr. Stokes multiple accusations about me being a racist, I'd like to use his comments to make a few points.

Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another race. Said differently, Racism is the belief that one race is inferior to another race.

At no time have I ever advocated that any race is superior or inferior to another race. So to the extent that Mr. Stokes calls me a racist, he is absolutely wrong, and I challenge him to produce evidence of me ever advocating that a race is superior/inferior to another race.

What Mr. Stokes may be referring to, and I think he needs to articulate this better in those long winded articles he writes, is the term prejudice. Now, we have all experienced prejudice, whether because of our weight, skin color, speech, preferences, and so forth--we have all experienced prejudice. Studies have even shown prejudice within our judicial system. Prejudice pervades our society on large and small scale. And, not all prejudice is bad.

That said, I have never accused Rickey Stokes of chaining those two black men to the door because those men were black. Stokes claimed he did not even think of their color. I simply stated that it is irrational as a grown adult to state that you did not even think of the fact, or know, that the two men you were chaining to a door were black. And I also stated that admitting that the two men chained to the door were black does not mean Stokes did it because of their race--so why is Stokes so adamant about denying that he even realized they were black?

Stokes, however, should know that journalism and advocacy require answering tough questions, like: has Stokes ever chain a white person, who missed a court date, to a court room door in all his years as a bondsman?

Stokes is now attacking everyone. He attacked City attorney Len White, the judge, and me. He's laying blame on everyone and everywhere except where it should be: On Stokes, himself. Mr. Rickey, I told you once and now I will tell you again, take accountability for your actions, admit your wrong, then move on with your life.

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