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10:22 PM Shots Fired On Johnny Murphy Road

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Jun 02 2024 5:55 PM

ABBEVILLE - HENRY COUNTY:    5:29 PM    Abbeville Police Department went to make a traffic stop on a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was apparently in a disagreement with what the blue lights flashing behind him meant. So the driver pressed the wrong pedal, the gas pedal rather than the brake.

Abbeville Police realizing the driver's mistaking the gas pedal for the brakes activated his siren and called for additional support.

The driver of the car finally stopped. That was good. However the driver apparently failed his education on what it meant on traffic stops. Apparently he thought once you stop you open the car door and your feet tells what little bit of brains to RUN. So you RUN.

Henry County Sheriff Eric Blankenship, less than one month into his marriage, does what he recently did to his wife when he was going to take her to dinner. Took off and left his bridge of one month home and responded to the Abbeville Police Officer. Other Henry County Sheriff Deputies also responded.

Sorry Mrs. Sheriff that your husband of one month keeps running off and leaving you home!

Sheriff Blankenship and the combined Abbeville Police Department and Henry County Sheriff Deputies established a perimeter. They called for Ventress Prison track dogs.

Now the Alabama Department of Corrections is known for two things. One, kind of like former Alabama Head Coach Nick Saben, they have made Alabama number one. Coach Saben in a great way, number one in football. 

The Alabama Department of Corrections, well one of their two accomplishments, is making the Alabama Department of Corrections number one in the murder rate of the prisons in Alabama. The have been very succesful there. Guess got to get the over population down somehow.

The second accomplishment of the Alabama Department of Corrections is a much better one. They have an outstanding K-9 team. So Sheriff Blankenship called and they responded.

The Alabama Department of Corrections K-9 team hit the ground and tracked the suspect(s) to an abandoned building near the intersection of Highway 431 and Highway 10. The suspect(s) were taken into custody.

The driver of the car had very good and legitimate reasons for mistaking the has pedal for the brakes. You see the car was HOT!!! 

Not HOT in temperature but HOT as in stolen. The car is reported stolen from Dothan. And they know if they steal a car in Dothan do not stay in Dothan. Because Dothan Police Chief Will Benny has ruled with a iron hand and they know his team will find them quickly. So they thought Henry County and Abbeville would be a safer place to hide. But they forgot that Eric Blankenship was Sheriff, Marlos Walker was Abbeville Police Chief, and Mark Jones was Headland Police Chief.

And that Marlos Walker, as Ozark Police Chief, took a 20 plus year old double murder and worked it until an arrest was made. And that as Ozark Police Chief Marlos Walker with the help of the 33rd Judicial Circuit District Attorney Kirke Adams and his great assistant, solved another old murder case.

The Ozark Mayor, Mark Blankenship was to stupid to realize that Marlos Walker was pretty good at what he does. So the Abbeville Officers, along with the Eric Blankenship officers ( no relationship to Mark Blankenship ) and the Jones officers, well they are pretty sharp.

All of that to say, a successful ending. The suspects will get to appear before Henry County District Court Judge Derek Peterson within 72 hours. They have already established one element of a no bond, and that is they will run. So we will see how their visit with Judge Peterson will go.

Now they will enjoy their visit with Judge Peterson. He is a Judge that could sentence you to death by lethel injection and you would be shaking his hand and telling him THANK YOU. He just has that calming personality on people.

So good job guys. And to the people of Abbeville - Headland - Newville - Haleburg and Henry County, ya'll are in good hands!!!

Family First Funeral Home

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