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1:33 PM. Dothan Police Officers Fight Hard To Save Life Pre Arrival Fire and EMS,

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
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Date: May 01 2021 3:00 PM

DOTHAN:    This morning Dothan 911 dispatched Dothan Police - Dothan Fire - Pilcher Ambulance to a gunshot wound to a 14 year old.

About one year ago Dothan Fireman Sgt. Kyle McDaniel left the fire service and joined police service with Dothan Police Department. McDaniel was a SWAT Medic of Dothan Fire Department assigned to respond with law enforcement SWAT Team. That made McDaniel interested in getting into law enforcement and he transferred to the police department.

This morning Dothan Police Officer Kyle McDaniel was among the first on the scene of the gunshot of the 14 year old.

Dothan Police Officer Parker Cook who came to the police department via the Army, Police Officer McDaniel a medic, Dothan Police Officer Kimberly Runge and Dothan Police Officer Desiree Puertos immediately initiated medical aid on the young man.

Officer McDaniel applied a chest seal over the wound.  Officer McDaniel keeps chest seals in his patrol vehicle. A total of four Dothan Police Officer’s were working with the young man as fireman arrived. A call where every second counted, a team effort working for what is important - saving lives.

Dothan Fire Engine 2 ( Lakewood ) and Pilcher Ambulance were quick on the scene. Engine 2 had six minute response time from dispatched until on the scene. The fire engine of territory for Hill Street is Dothan Fire Engine 4 ( Southside ) which was on a call when the gunshot call hit 911.  The difference in response is police officers are already in their police vehicle rolling when the call is dispatched. The fireman have to get into the fire engine, raise the doors of the station, and the fire engine does not move as fast as a police cruiser. With that, again, their response time was only six ( 6 ) minutes. But hey, the fire engine can smash a police cruiser once they catch up.

VERY PROUD of all three agencies working together. While he was not on shift, Dr. Fred Pich, Southeast Health Chief Emergency Room Physician, was notified. Even though off duty Dr. Pich alerted the Emergency Department before the patient was every removed from the house and placed in the Pilcher Ambulance. That allowed the hospital a brief time to get measures into place before the patient entered the doors.

These officers supervisors were proud of the officers and their quick reactions to working to save a life. The supervisors are Dothan Police Patrol Lieutenant Pepper Mock and Sgt. Rebecca Jewell.

The 911 Dispatchers are trained EMERGENCY MEDICAL DISPATCH which authorizes the dispatch center to give the person calling 911 instructions on how to initiate medical treatment prior to the arrival of emergency units.

TODAY, from the time the 911 Dispatchers had the 911 gunshot call until the 14 year old was being wheeled on the stretcher into Southeast Health, this included call created in the computer - dispatched - units respond - access the patient - place the patient on the stretcher, out the door and into the ambulance - rolled emergency from Hill Street of South Saint Andrews Street - travel around Ross Clark Circle - arrive at Southeast Health and into the emergency department - a total of 19 minutes.

UNDERSTAND - 19 minutes from call hitting 911 and dispatched until the young man arriving in the Emergency Department.

Dothan Police Chief Will Benny praised Dothan Police Officer Kyle McDaniel, Officer Kimberly Runge, Officer Desiree Puertos,  and Officer Parker Cook. Chief Benny said the circumstances are extremely sad,  but Chief Benny praised the Dothan Police Officers, and included Dothan Fire, Pilcher Ambulance and Southeast Health for their work today. Chief Benny said each entity works extremely hard in response times, training and professionalism to serve emergency needs.

Chief Benny prays and asks the community to pray for this young man.

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