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5:58 PM PUKE - To Dothan Commissioners D4 John Ferguson and D5 Gnatt Pierce

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: May 07 2024 6:01 PM

DOTHAN:     On January 30, 2020 Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper made a presentation at the Dothan Civic Center where he unveiled LOVE DOTHAN.

Cowper said that LOVE DOTHAN was about loving your neighborhood, loving your neighbor, loving your local businesses, loving your downtown, loving your orange barrells, loving your work, loving your schools and loving your city employees.

Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper said on January 30, 2020, LOVE DOTHAN is about building a city for the future, bettering the future, and bettering the quality of life. It is about creating a community that can compete in the future economy and attract talent and creativity, innovation, and technology. Creating a place where those creative people will want to come.

Kevin Cowper said there is such a sense of hope and optimism for the future of Dothan and people are kind of aching for something great. If we do things the same way we've always done them then we will get the same results. LOVE DOTHAN is about rethinking the way that we do things so that we can get higher and better results.

Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba said, on January 30, 2020 they wanted to get everyone involved and come be a part of LOVE DOTHAN.  Saliba said that Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper was able to take what he heard from city officials and apply it to opportunities and solutions that the city can use to get something done.

On April 6, 2024 Alabama Governor Kay Ivey was in Dothan for the ground breaking of Hudson - Alfa and the Innovation Center. Today, April 7, 2024 Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba said this was the largest award of funding from the State of Alabama. This is a $ 35 million dollar project.

Today, April 7, 2024 D5 Dothan Commissioner Gnatt Pierce stated that "he was riding the wave of yesterday regarding Hudson Alfa and the exciting news going on in this city". D6 Dothan Commissioner David Crutchfield said LOVE DOTHAN. ( April 7, 2024 Dothan Commission Meeting you tube @ 19:13 time ). Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba said "record funding from the state" ( Dothan Commission Meeting You Tube @ 19:48 time.

Today, April 7, 2024, Dothan City Commission Meeting You Tube @ 40:12 D5 Dothan Commissioner Gnatt Pierce thats Interiem Dothan City Manager Randy Morris on the State Funding. Morris said it was a "team effort".

And Interiem City Manager Randy Morris was right. A team effort kicked off and lead by then Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper. We have checked who was in those meetings, and Pierce and Ferguson thanked the wrong person, which should have been former Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper and Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba.

But what did D4 John Ferguson, D5 Gnatt Pierce, D1 Kevin Dorsey and D2 Aristotle Kirkland do to Kevin Cowper. Kicked him right in the teeth when they did not renew his contract.

It was Kevin Cowper who kicked the LOVE DOTHAN project off. That presented the LOVE DOTHAN project off. D4 John Ferguson has been a commissioner for about 12 years, he has not kicked the project off. 

Since LOVE DOTHAN was kicked off, I have seen more unity, more cooperation, more positive movements in Dothan than I have seen in a long time.

But these four Dothan Commissioners, for no good reason they can explain, kicked Kevin Cowper and stuck a knife right threw the heart of LOVE DOTHAN and the movements forward. And they want to stick their chests out and take credit for what the man did they kicked right in the mouth.




5:58 PM     PUKE - To Dothan Commissioners D4 John Ferguson and D5 Gnatt Pierce

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