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6:06 Structure Fire Dispatched KFC Ross Clark Circle and Third Avenue

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
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Date: May 13 2024 6:22 PM

DOTHAN:      6:02 PM    Dothan 911 dispatched a structure fire at 1801 Ross Clark Circle, KFC.

Dothan Fire Engine Company 4 ( Southside ) responded and was on the scene within a couple of minutes of call dispatched. On arrival Engine 4 reported a single story commercial structure, nothing visible, investigating.

Persons reporting to Dothan 911 reported heavy smoke in the kitchen.

Shortly after arrival Engine 4 instructed all incoming fire engine companies to go to Level 1 staging. That means stand by fire hydrant but do not connect, be prepared for an offensive attack, but do not execute at this time.

By 6:09 PM Dothan Fire Engine 4 reported no fire, all units could return to service.

When a structure fire is reported to 911 the necessary units to handle the structure fire are dispatched. For this fire, Dothan Fire Engine 4 ( Southside ), Dothan Fire Engine 1 ( Central ), Dothan Fire Ladder Truck from Station 1, Dothan Fire Engine 5 ( Eastside ), Dothan Fire Battalion Chief ( Central - Battalion One ), Dothan Fire Rehab Unit, Dothan Police and Pilcher Ambulance.

You DO NOT wait until someone arrives to respond equipment. You respond the equipment and staff to handle what is reported to 911. On arrival, the first fire engine company gives what is called a BIR ( Brief Incident Report ).

That fire engine company takes Command and gives instructions to incoming units. In this structure fire, on arrival the engine described the structure, what they see ( no flames or smoke visible ) and instructions do not come laying those 5 inch fire hoses, stand by.

Within short minutes, after using the heat detection unit in area of concern, Engine 4 reported no fire and all units could return to service.

Had this been a working fire the Battalion Chief would have assumed Command. Engine 4 would have become interrior. Probably Engine 5 or Engine 1 would have connected a fire hydrant for water supply and connected to engine 4, the primary engine.

Dothan Fire Ladder Truck also responded. This is the aerial truck which would flow water from above if needed.

The primary fire engine carries about 750 gallons of water. That can be emptied in three minutes. The person managing the pump on the truck closely monitors the water levels should that be required.

When Dothan Fire is fighting a fire they have a team called a RIK ( sp? ) team. That is a crew of fireman dressed out, staged near where the fireman entered, with a water line, ready to make an emergency entrance in the event of a fireman getting into trouble while inside fighting the fire.

A structure can always be replaced, lives can not. And Dothan Fire Department, as all fire departments, work to be safe and everyone in the fire is saved and all fireman who arrive, leave safe and uninjured.

Just a little inside.

By 6:16 PM, Dothan Fire Engine 4 had checked the structure, gone on the roof checking the structure. Determined no fire and returned to service.

6:06    Structure Fire Dispatched KFC Ross Clark Circle and Third Avenue

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