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8:35 PM Not A Coincidence The School Controversy At Rehobeth Is Involved In Election

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Dec 18 2019 9:05 PM

HOUSTON COUNTY:   This is article number 2. Somehow the first one was deleted. This one will be more direct, but is saved in a word document this time!

Six teachers from Rehobeth Elementary School “asked” to be interviewed concerning a hostile work environment. 


The Principal at Rehobeth Elementary School is Greg Yance. At the WTVY news event exclusive Yance was standing there with the teachers.

When Brandy White announced for Houston County School Superintendent the person introducing him was non other than Rehobeth Elementary Principal Greg Yance.

In subdivisions Greg Yance has been walking door to door campaigning for Brandy White.

The person responsible for the management of the school and staff at Rehobeth Elementary is the Principal, Greg Yance.

If the teachers are having issues, Greg Yance is the management of the particular school. But the teachers sound like kindergarten children.

SCRATCH THAT…kindergarten children have wayyyy to much class than to act like these teachers. I would have been embarrassed to express their childish issues like that. And they are teaching the students!

Dothan City Schools fired Greg Yance as Principal of Girard Middle School. The school was out of control.


 Yance, a friend of mine ( not sure if he will be after this article but that is his decision ) was butt hurt and filed in Houston County Circuit Court attempting to get his job back. The court did not rule in Yance favor and that decision was appealed to the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals.

A reason given for not renewing Yance as Principal was the number of aggressive acts by students and a lack of effective student control causing a disruption in the learning environment as reasons.


Girard Middle School principal committed to getting off failing schools list


Yance was hired as Principal by then Houston County School Superintendent Tim Pitchford. Brandy White was promoted to Assistant Principal of Webb Elementary by former Houston County School Superintendent Tim Pitchford.

The “chosen” one as heir to the School Superintendent position when Pitchford retired was Matt Swann. Some teacher’s told Swann if he advertised on they would not vote for him. Sewell advertised on

Sewell defeated Swann.


The throne ( Tim Pitchford and company ) was mad. And in my opinion the throne at that time, Tim Pitchford, is a very revengeful person. And he and I did not get along.

Then Houston County School Superintendent Tim Pitchford was going to retire. But when his "chosen" did not win you could not eject him with a fighter jet ejection seat.


Tim Pitchford to remain Houston County Superintendent through December


NOTE:   March 1, 2016 Sewell article above wins election. March 21, 2016 Pitchford to remain on as Superintendent until December 31, 2016. In January Pitchford was forced to leave because "the people" made decisions. Oh...did I ever mention Tim Pitchford is not a Houston County resident?

Brandy White, an Assistant Principal of the Houston County Schools, is the “chosen’ one by the throne holders.

Sewell was elected because the “chosen” one is really the people’s choice, not those who think they control the throne.

With Brandy White running it has divided the entire Houston County School system.

The Rehobeth Elementary School issue, just like Girard Middle School, the common denominator is – you guessed it – Greg Yance. It is a campaign orchestrated event in an effort and attempt to make David Sewell look bad.

If there is a problem you have to look at the leader of that particular school. And that is the principal. So Greg Yance, while you were attempting to place the blame elsewhere, sir, look in the mirror.

Brandy White, don’t know him enough to say. Other than there is an odor there. And this odor did not exist until you decided to seek election and split the system.

And manure like this Rehobeth Elementary where the teachers “asked” to be interviewed. Just so happens they are in the school where the person who introduced you at the campaign announcement is in charge.

A great law enforcement officer and investigator once told me, coincidences do not just happen.

What was miscalculated was someone would point it out.

Long ago my predictions were the Houston County School Superintendent race was going to be the dirtiest election ever in this county. And some political people agree with me. I tried to send a message once that it was the baggage                       ( supporters ) and not candidates.

Not just a coincidence the childish immaturity reflected by these six teachers was from non other than Greg Yance school and he just happen to be the one who introduced Brandy White at his campaign announcement.

If you believe this is a coincidence, I have some desert land for you that has a huge pond on it for sale. Might even let you get the building permit on school time if you buy it.

Yance Appeal by Rickey Stokes on Scribd

Yance Appeal by Rickey Stokes on Scribd

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