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8:48 PM. Not In His Lane - Not His Job - It Is His Off Day - He Does Not Get Overtime - BUT HE IS DEDICATED

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Oct 09 2021 9:07 PM

DOTHAN-HOUSTON COUNTY:     Today Dothan 911 received complaints of a outdoor Weather Siren sounding several times on Carroll Street.

A little after 2 PM Dothan-Houston County Emergency Management Director Chris Judah was notified and responded to the Dothan-Houston County Emergency Management Office To retrieve a ladder.

Houston County works only four days per week. This coming Monday is a holiday so next week they will only work three days because Monday is a ”government” holiday but not a holiday for people who do not work for the government.

Now the Houston County Commissioners “tell us” they save money by the workforce only working four days per week. That has never been proven and you know none of them would lie, don’t you?

So Dothan-Houston County Emergency Management Director Chris Judah, who does not get overtime, took a ladder and went to the Carroll Street outdoor weather siren. 

Since I do not cost the county money and when I did work with Dothan-Houston County Emergency Management never turned in for overtime or comp time, I volunteered and went to make sure Director Judah did not bust his buttocks and fall of the ladder. By The Way - I do not work for Dothan-Houston County Emergency Management and do not draw any income from Houston County. Some do like D-3 Houston County Commissioner Ricky Herring who also makes overtime. 

But you do not bother Commissioner Herring on his off time,

This siren is in D-3 Commissioner Ricky Herring’s district, Herring is paid $ 250,00 a month to furnish his own truck but is furnished a truck in his second paycheck received from Houston County, but, do not expect him to respond.

Any way I held the ladder for EMA Director Judah. He climbed the ladder and disconnected the siren until the company who maintains it can be in Dothan long enough to repair it.

It is not in the job description of Dothan-Houston County Emergency Management Director Chris Judah to physically work on the weather sirens. 

But Chris Judah, who only draws ONE paycheck from Houston County with zero overtime, believes in service to the public. The weather siren had a mind of it’s own and was aggravating to the community, so he fixed it.

DO NOT DARE ask any of those who draw TWO HOUSTON COUNTY PAYCHECKS, give themselves raises, paid to furnish their own vehicle but drives their county vehicle everywhere to do anything for his district.

IN 2023 if re-elected Herring will, my speculation, well no, people have said Herring has said that he will attempt another power grab and get rid of Chris Judah as Dothan-Houston County Emergency Management Director. And if Houston County Sheriff Captain James Ivey is elected in District 4, that will give 2 votes from the Houston County Sheriff Department on the Commission. Three votes is a majority vote.

8:48 PM. Not In His Lane - Not His Job - It Is His Off Day - He Does Not Get Overtime - BUT HE IS DEDICATED

8:48 PM. Not In His Lane - Not His Job - It Is His Off Day - He Does Not Get Overtime - BUT HE IS DEDICATED

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