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A Lot Of Thought Has Gone Into January 10, 2021 - What Will It Be

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Jan 11 2021 2:03 AM

DOTHAN - HOUSTON COUNTY:   For an extended period of time I have not looked forward to January 10, 2021. It has now arrived and passed.

On January 10, 1961 a child was born to Curtis and Sara Stokes. They named their new baby boy Rickey.

Curtis and Sara Stokes were great parents. They provided a loving home, they provided love, and provided me with more opportunities then most children get.

On January 10, 1983 Circuit Court Judge Jerry White administered to Rickey Stokes the oath of office as I was taking the Office of Coroner for Houston County. I was 22 years old when the oath of office was taken, but 21 years of age when the registered voters of Houston County elected me as Coroner.

The people of Houston County were great to me. There were four people in the race for Coroner, and 10,000 votes difference between myself and the nearest of the four candidates. But the registered voters went further. While Coroner was a county only election, the election cycle was one for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Senators, State Representatives, County Commissioners, Judges, Sheriff's and other offices. It was the last time George Wallace was elected.

The registered voters of Houston County gave me more votes then anyone for any office, to include Governor.

During the four years I served as Coroner, my daddy, Curtis Stokes, sold the business, Stokes Floor Covering. He asked was I interested and I was not. My goal was set to be the Sheriff of Houston County. A goal never reached.

During the four years I served as Coroner, my daddy was struck with lung cancer and passed away. At the request of the family daddy remained in the hospital when he was in his last days. The last thing I wanted to do as Coroner was to pronounce my daddy dead.

That was October 22, 1985. Daddy was age 60.

Sometime in 1992 my daddy's brother, Max Stokes, died with a brain tumor. My Uncle Max was 60 years old.

Daddy never met my wife, my three children or my grandson.

As I began thinking of January 10, 2021, I have often thought of the fact, "what if" I am like my daddy and uncle. Could January 10, 2021 be the beginning of the end.


I have had the fortunate chance to meet my daughter's husband, Josh. He is good to Emily and I am honored to say Josh is my son in law. And Josh is great with my grandson, Brantley. Now he is my buddy. 

Brantley and I did spend every Sunday together and attended Memphis Baptist Church together. Most every Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday we were at church. And it did not matter what Brother Jim was doing, Brantley was going to see him before we left church.

Sunday was our time, me and Brantley. And we were in church almost every Sunday.

My son, John Curtis. I am proud to say that he is my son. His wife, Lindsey, well she is awesome. JC made a terrific choice when he met Lindsey and they got married. I am proud of them and honored that she is my daughter in law.

Our youngest son, Spencer. I am very proud of the young man Spencer has become. He is honest, a true friend to others, and it is with great pride that I say, Spencer is my son. He took the Emergency Medical Course through Dothan Fire Department and has become a EMT. Slocomb Fire sponsored him in Dothan Fire rookie school and he is a certified fireman.

Love his girlfriend. Do not know his future plans but hope that I am around to see who Spencer settles down with. Hope I am still around to see John Curtis and Lindsey's children and Spencer and ( to be named ) children.

Was lucky in 1988 that God placed me with Marsha. She has been a great mother to the children and provided for them throughout all of these years.


I do not know what God has in mind for me. Some major obstacles have been placed in my life in 2020 that will continue in 2021.  But these obstacles are designed to make me a better person. It might be through the fights that are upcoming and the battles I will be going through.  

One of my callings in life is to fight for those who can not. And to fight the wicked in power who lie and are corrupt themselves. I do my homework. That is the precise reason it is 1:47 AM on Monday morning and I am still out working.

But I have thought many times as January 10, 2021 was approaching, I am now the age my daddy and uncle passed away. IF I follow their footsteps, is this the year?

How do I want to be remembered and what do I want to accomplish.


That no matter who you are, I am willing to help you. Whether it is to help you in drug rehab, fight the wicked powers that abuse the trust placed in them for someone to be run over just because someone has power. That I will stand in the gap, and call it like it is. And will fight for those who can not. And there is NO ONE in power that intimidates me.

That I am not concerned if people in power like me, but concerned on how they treat others.


Anyone who knows me, personally and not just from what you see in the public, knows that I am a full supporter of emergency services and responders. That I do not only expect but I demand when someone has emergencies the nearest emergency provider rolls. That service is prompt, professional and responsive. And I will stand for no less than that.

Normally, when there is a issue I try the nice approach to fix the problem. But when it fails, I do not care for one second who I make mad over getting the problem fixed. Fixed for the 911 call that has not happened yet.

And there are those who do not want me in the position of service there. But outside, I can fix it better because no one has any control over me.

One official thought it bothered me recently when he attempted to show me he was powerful. All he showed me was he was stupid as ever.

So I want to be remembered as someone who truly cared about people, the emergency system and worked to make it better.


As someone who believes in Jesus Christ. That HE was born of a virgin, walked this life on earth. Was sin free. Was condemned to death, while it was God's plan but he died because of wicked people in power. But he died for my sins, so that through faith, anyone can have everlasting life.

That my faith is not in man, but in Jesus Christ. Man has failed me. People who I thought were my friends, they have failed me. But Christ never fails me.

So while I wonder if I am going to be like my dad and uncle, I will not stop life.

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