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A One Month Old Child Is Alive

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Jan 02 2021 2:57 AM

WICKSBURG - DOTHAN:    On Friday evening the EMS crew at Wicksburg did an outstanding job.

The EMS crew were presented with a one month old child. The EMS crew notified Houston County Sheriff 911 via radio they were enroute to Flowers Hospital, emergency response, with CPR in progress on a one month old child.

The Wicksburg EMS crew, Hunter Trawick and Aaron ( do not know last name, and if anyone else on ambulance I do not know ) requested Dothan Fire Engine 8 ( Highlands ) intercept for advanced life support assistance.

Hunter began communicating directly with Dothan Fire Engine 8 as they were traveling east on Highway 84 from Highway 123.

Wicksburg EMS and Dothan Fire intercepted and as I understand, as Dothan Fire were boarding the ambulance the baby let out a cry. Within seconds of meeting, Dothan Fire was on board with Wicksburg EMS and traveled emergency response to Flowers Hospital. The last report was child was breathing and doing well.

Aaron - sorry do not know his last name, does not live in Wicksburg. He travels to Wicksburg each Friday and stays at the station donating his time working as a medical provider on the ambulance. Understand he is a good cook.

But a GREAT SALUTE to the Wicksburg EMS Team and Dothan Fire Engine 8 ( Highlands ). A job well done.


FOLKS - this is what makes me excited and what I love in working with the Fire and EMS and fighting for improvements. I am not taking any credit for what happened tonight or any credit what so ever in the EMS. But I have fought for the EMS. After serving as Coroner and walking with 1154 families in the four years I served as Houston County Coroner, I realize the importance of EMS, the importance of early intervention and pre-hospital intervention.

Tonight, when I heard that a one month old was not breathing and CPR in progress, my heart dropped. I was at Things-N-Wings eating dinner.

When I heard the update the child was breathing and later another update the child was doing good, I rejoiced.

I have no clue who the child is, the parents, or all the medics on the ambulance and fire truck.

But what I do know is, THANK YOU to each of you for your time spent training, learning, being paid pennies.

THANK YOU for placing yourself in the COVID battle. For being in the back of the ambulance transporting COVID positive patients.

Hearing a one month old cry had to be music to your ears.

TONIGHT, what Wicksburg EMS TEAM and Dothan Fire TEAM accomplished, with the talents that GOD provided to them, is what it is all about. 

PRAISES TO GOD... Again, to those involved and those willing to work in the field, THANKS.

A One Month Old Child Is Alive

A One Month Old Child Is Alive

First Funeral

A One Month Old Child Is Alive

A One Month Old Child Is Alive

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