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Allegations On Legal Schnauzer Concerning Luther Strange and Jessica Garrison Highly Questionable

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Aug 17 2013 4:22 PM

MONTGOMERY AL:         Recently a reader called to my attention an article printed on the web site Legal Schnauzer. The article was apparently written by Robert Shuler.

The article contained allegations of an extra marital affair with Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange and one who was his campaign manager, Jennifer Medeiros Garrison. There were some serious allegations in the article and some of the articles we have seen contained legal filings of Garrison’s divorce. Those filings were in the Circuit Court of Tuscaloosa Alabama.

We had no proof in either direction, just what was written on Legal Schnauzer. When Strange came to Dothan recently and avoided any interviews with me, I ran into his security at Firehouse Subs. I  told his security that when Luther runs from me, he makes me want to put a camera in his face and ask him questions about Jessica. The next day I put the camera in his face at Dothan Country Club. That is when Luther had sit down in the black Ford Expedition used to haul him around and got back out. Luther said he told me  in Montgomery he does not interview with someone that does not tell the truth, and took digs at my parents.

The truth was, I had no intentions of asking him about any relationship, my questions were to do with his professional conduct and factual questions about his handling of matters concerning the Attorney General’s Office. My comment to his security detail was just sending a message to Luther.

Knowing what message I sent to Luther the night before, and the manner in which he handled me the next day, saying what he did and jumping back in the black Ford Expedition and Executive Security slamming the door closed to prevent my asking him questions, made me wonder.

Up until that point, I did not really care about a Strange relationship. What concerned me and the questions I have had for Luther, concern his job as Attorney General.

But since Luther took personal attacks on my deceased dad and mother with Alzheimer’s, Luther really…well let’s just say… I would travel anywhere in this state to ambush ( ambush =  catch without warning in a situation with many media cameras and ask him some very direct and pointed questions, not anything physical ) Luther Strange. Never anything physical or threats. UNDERSTAND!!!


The articles in the Legal Schnauzer we have come to learn are very questionable as to the truthfulness and accuracy.

The statement concerning no evidence that any extra marital relationship between Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange and his former campaign manager Jessica Mederios Garrison comes from two sources, not related to each other, who I trust. One of those sources I would trust with my life in his hands. We talked this afternoon and there is no evidence what so ever that the article in the Legal Schnauzer was anything other than questionable. No evidence any truth to the allegations.


Anyone who reads this web site is aware that I have no reservations about challenging those in authority. I have no reservations in asking them tough questions, and I have no problems with a ambush style questioning when they refuse to talk.

Anyone of the political operatives around here know, especially when I appear with camera to ask you questions, I am just waiting on you to lie about it. I already know my answer.

Many will attempt to tell you that I do not know what I am talking about. However, that is their attempt to divert the real truth. The answer is, I normally know the  answer before I ask, and have the proof to back it up.

I have no reservations in confronting Luther Strange and asking him questions. He wants to run from interviews with me, and that leads me to think that he is hiding from the truth.

With that said, my research and conversations, appear that Jessica Medeiros Garrison is a victim of someone wanting to use her to discredit Luther Strange.

Never do you have to use a tactic like that to discredit a politician. They do it enough themselves without involving people on something that all evidence appears to be as false and untrue.


My statement is, the one person I run from is Game Warden. That is because I am always hunting on a baited field with politicians.

With Luther and most all of the other politicians, you do not have to make things up about them. They do enough stupid things on their own.

EXAMPLE:   In the Greene County case of the search warrant on Greene Track. I did not have to make up the court’s ruling that facts were misrepresented to the court. The Judge found that out on his own and ruled accordingly and reported such in the findings of the court.

EXAMPLE:  In the Houston County forfeiture case, we now have 3 different figures of the money seized by Strange operatives from Center Stage. I had no part of that, never saw the money, had no part in the counting of the money and getting three different figures. Strange operatives did that themselves.

Those are two minor examples. I could connect the dots all day of the games played by the politicians and you would be amazed. That is again why I run when I see a Game Warden ( not literally speaking ). It is so easy with politicians.


I do not know Jessica Mederios Garrison and if I have ever met or spoke with her, I do not know it. She was married to a Tuscaloosa City Councilman and divorced him. She is from Dale County.

She worked in the Strange campaign. And from what I have learned as I have spoke to people who do know her, she is a hard worker that is aggressive and attempts to succeed at what she takes on.

When the evidence points otherwise, it is unfair to her, her son and family or Luther Strange, and Luther Strange’s wife and family, to make up something that is not true.


The truth is the truth, and there is no reason or need to lie about the truth.

Allegations On Legal Schnauzer Concerning Luther Strange and Jessica Garrison Highly Questionable

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