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Ashford Rescue Receives Requests From Gordon Council Members

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Sep 06 2019 12:01 AM

ASHFORD - GORDON:   Ashford EMS has been making runs to the Gordon area for decades.

Along comes Shana Ray and she gets bolted into the Mayor's Seat.

Ashford EMS was on hand at Gordon's Town Council Meeting with a request to address the Mayor and Town Council. The Mayor denied the request for Ashford Rescue to speak According The the City Attorney.

The City Attorney for Ashford was given the letter. 

Gordon Mayor Shana Ray refused to allow Ashford Rescue the opportunity to read the letter to the members of the Gordon City Council.

The Mayor of Gordon has a 2018 and 2019 pending criminal charges in Houston County District Court.

The following letter was to be given to all members of the Gordon City Council.

Ashford Ambulance & Rescue Squad

305 Midland St.

P.O. Box 368

Ashford, AL. 36312


Dear sirs,

We at Ashford Ambulance and Rescue Squad, known as Ashford Rescue Squad (ARS) would like to address some concerns, we have regarding responding to the Town of Gordon.  ARS has been in operation since 1974, gladly serving Ashford and the surrounding communities including the Town of Gordon.  ARS does not charge any of the municipalities we serve, however we have received donations from the City of Ashford and the Town of Cowarts.  As you can tell by my last sentence most areas, we cover appreciate the service we provide.  However, if I take in to account the communication that I and my fellow crew members have received from the Mayor of Gordon, ARS does not feel appreciated or wanted in the Town of Gordon.  Let me explain further, ARS like I stated previously gladly services the Town of Gordon and we do not wish at this time to change our services.  ARS on multiple occasions has responded to medical calls, where the Mayor of Gordon happened to be on scene.   ARS has been subject to intimidation, false claims and threats by the Mayor of Gordon. Most recently we were trying to load a patient in our ambulance, and the Mayor decided that she was going to start a lawn mower feet from our ambulance.  One of the ARS crew members politely asked the mayor “could you please wait for us to load our patient before you start that mower?”.  The Mayor began to yell and make threats at the crew.  She even yelled at the family who were trying to get their mother seen about by ARS to take pictures of the ambulance and the crew members.  This behavior is not acceptable during an emergency.  We have a service to provide and sometimes that could make the difference between life and death.  In situations like these we consider the scene unsafe and at times would have to leave until police arrive and make it safe to be on scene, the conclusion you could draw from that is patient care would be delayed.  I would highly suggest that you the representatives of the Town of Gordon consult your attorney on the liabilities that would open you and the Town of Gordon to.   

With that being said, we at ARS commit to the citizens of Gordon that when you call 911 we will be here as quick as possible and provide the care you need during your emergency.  To the representatives of the Town of Gordon we will provide the same to you, because that’s what we do.   It is our job to save lives and that can be done through medical intervention and/or education.  Anytime ARS is dispatched, we respond with a crew that is fully certified and trained in emergency medical services.  While we appreciate any offer of help, there are strict protocols as to whom can aid in assistance.  If the situation arises that help is needed, our protocols will be followed as necessary.  Thank you for your time.


Jarrod Whitten

Chief of Operations, ARS


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