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BECAUSE He LOVES DOTHAN - He Endured H..L For Four Years To Make It Better

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: May 31 2021 10:34 PM

DOTHAN:    LOVE DOTHAN ... not many people can match Mike Schmitz on the LOVE FOR DOTHAN and THE WIREGRASS.

This video was four years ago when then Incumbent Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz announced he was not seeking a third term as Mayor for the City of Dothan. 

Mike Schmitz talked from his heart and is sincere about his feelings for the Great City of Dothan and the wiregrass.

In business and as Mayor, Mike Schmitz always has a incredible energetic positive attitude. Nothing is impossible and a motto of GO! GO! GO!

After Mike Schmitz announced he was not seeking a third term as Mayor, in a surprise announcement Mike Schmitz announced he was seeking election as Chairman of the City of Dothan School Board. He easily won this office.

SCHOOL BOARD - even though you win as Chairman of the School Board it is like going from Governor to, well, ... the School Board can never, ever, ever make the parents, faculty and students happy. No matter what.

Mike Schmitz had zero - zero - zero reasons for seeking election as Chairman of the School Board. He had no children in the schools, at the time no grandchildren that would possibly grow up and attend the City of Dothan Schools.

While he has not said this specifically to me, I can only say ... Mike Schmitz was a orphan. He could not read. And he had a teacher spend the quality time with him and teach him to read. The teacher took the time to teach a small kid how to read.

ORPHAN ... Mike and Sandy Schmitz were not given anything. The had opportunities of which they worked for. And through hard work, rolling up their sleeves, sweating, and working ... working ... working ... they have been successful in life.

Everything the Schmitz have today they worked for. They own several businesses to include Mercedes of Dothan and Hyundai of Dothan.

So why did Mike Schmitz seek election as Chairman of the Dothan City Schools. In my opinion he saw the needs of quality education as he traveled all over the country in seeking jobs in Dothan. He saw what the schools lacked and what changes needed to be made to provide a quality education. 

In my opinion he saw that people had talked for decades about what needed to be done to provide a quality education for the boys and girls who would attend the Dothan City Schools.

And he wanted to stop the 40 years of talks with no action and get some changes made.

This has cost Mike Schmitz. People Mike Schmitz "thought" were his friends shunned him or would not even speak ( Rickey Stokes words ). But those are not really true friends.

They were hostile towards Mike Schmitz for making changes. Some of the changes worked and some did not.

In my opinion to achieve change the basket had to be flipped and those making the changes had to brace themselves for major impact.

After the changes and the former School Superintendent left and Chairman Schmitz and the School Board accepted her resignation, they brought in Dennis Coe as Superintendent. And now Dennis Coe is meeting the challenges of those changes and bringing them all together to make the education in Dothan better. Something the citizens can be proud of.

Mike Schmitz and the members of the Dothan City School Board are owed apologies. In my opinion, ( Rickey Stokes ) those who shunned Mike Schmitz, or once pretended to be his friend and were rude and hostile towards him, owe the man an apology and words of thanks.

Because Mike Schmitz LOVES DOTHAN more than you do. Because he had zero reasons to go from Mayor to School Board Chairman. 

Because Mike Schmitz LOVE DOTHAN more than you do. Because he had zero reasons to put himself through hell to make education better for the boys and girls of the future.

Because Mike Schmitz LOVES DOTHAN more than you do. Because "you" would have caved and not worked to try and make things better for no self serving reason, for no benefit, not for self interest, not for the benefit of anyone one person he knows.

Because Mike Schmitz LOVES DOTHAN he has tried to make the education system better. WHY? Because he knows first hand how a education from a teacher who took the time to teach a orphan child to read helped that orphan child become a success in life.

Because Mike Schmitz LOVES DOTHAN he knows because that child could read, and with hard work and sweat, that child could do and be anything he wanted to be.

Because Mike Schmitz LOVES DOTHAN he wanted to make the ship better for education.

You can see that Mike Schmitz LOVES DOTHAN in his speech four years ago announcing he was not seeking re-election as Mayor. Little did he know what the next fours years would be like.

THANK YOU MIKE SCHMITZ for loving Dothan Alabama and the wiregrass area.

To those who do not agree, your opinion is valued but in my opinion you can not see the bigger picture ...

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