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BRANDON - Where doo you go and how do you qualify to seek election

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Jan 06 2022 11:06 AM

ALABAMA:   Election 2022 in Alabama. All state offices and most county offices up for election.

There are three ways to get elected:

(1) Primary election as (A) Democrat (B) Republican.

(2) Independent Candidate - a certain number of signatures are required in order to seek election as a Independent Candidate

(3) Write In - people can write your name in on Election Day. While some have been successful, most of the time no one is successful as a write in candidate.

To seek election as a Republican or Democrat, locally, you are required to qualify with the local Democratic Party Chairman or local Republican Party Chairman.

The Democratic Party set qualifying to begin on December 6. The Republicans set qualifying to begin on January 4.

The only problems are, where do you go? I have no clue who the Chairman of the local Democratic Party is much less where their office is located.

RSN does know who the Chairman of the local Republican Party is and that is Brandon Shoupe. No one knows if he has a office or where it is located. Shoupe has done zero notices of local offices up for election, where Shoupe’s office is located to qualify or how to contact him to qualify. And that is probably because he is seeking election as Chairman of the Houston County Commission and does not want anyone to qualify against him. So I assume that he is thinking the quieter he is the less competition he might have.

Deadline to qualify as a Democrat or Republican is January 28. So Brandon Shoupe has been silent and killed 4 of the 28 days someone would have to qualify.


LOCALLY - all Houston County Commission Seats are up for election. Chairman.       ( incumbent not seeking re-election )

Incumbent D-2 Commissioner Doug Sinquefield and D-4 Incumbent Commissioner Brandon Shoupe seeking election as Republicans for Chairman:  

District 1 - Incumbent Curtis Harvey seeking re-election;

 D-2 Commissioner - Incumbent Doug Sinquefield not seeking re-election to this post but seeking election as Chairman of the County Commission, Chris Love and Tracy Adams have announced; 

D-3 Commissioner - Incumbent Ricky Herring, a Sergeant with Houston County Sheriff Department,  is announcing tonight that he is seeking re-election, Priscilla Andrews has announced seeking election as a Republican this race, Brandon Bagwell has announced he is seeking election in this race.

D-4 Commissioner - Incumbent Brandon Shoupe is not seeking re-election as D-4 Commissioner but as Chairman, James Ivey, Captain with Houston County Sheriff Department, has announced his intentions to seek election, John Gormley has announced his intentions to seek election, Vanita McLain, a Dothan Realtor, has signs out and has told me she is seeking election.

SHERIFF - incumbent Sheriff Donald Valenza has announced and seeking re-election. Former Houston County Sheriff Deputy Randy Anderson has announced his intentions to seek election.

CORONER - no word on incumbent or anyone at this time. The incumbent, Robert Byrd, is expected to seek re-election.

JUDGE PLACE ONE - After 25 plus years Incumbent Larry Anderson is not seeking re-election as 20th Judicial Circuit Court Judge for Houston and Henry County. Announced and seeking election are Seth Brooks, Chris Richardson and Holly Sawyer

DISTRICT ATTORNEY - Incumbent District Attorney Pat Jones has announced his intentions to seek re-election. Russ Goodman has announced that he is seeking election as District Attorney for the 20th Judicial Circuit of Houston and Henry County.

Not sure off the top of my head any other local offices up.

NOTICE:    Anyone wishing to seek election as Alabama Attorney General, the qualifications listed on the Alabama Secretary of State web site. NO LAW DEGREE IS REQUIRED. A candidate has to be at least 25 years of age, but no law degree required.

All Senator and State Representative Offices, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Alabama AG Commissioner, Secretary of State, State Auditor, etc.

Except for Incumbent Senator Jimmy Holley, to my knowledge all incumbent Senators and Alabama State Representatives are seeking re-election. I know our local delegation, Paul Lee, Donnie Chesteen, Jeff Sorrells, Steve Clouse, Dexter Grimsley are seeking re-election. Only know one who has announced challenging any State Representatives, and Eric Johnson has announced intentions to seek office as State Representative.


Candidates seeking nomination by a party primary must file declaration of candidacy with state party chairman (if seeking federal, state, circuit, district, or legislative office) or county party chairman (if seeking county office) no later than this day by 5 PM; 116 days before the election. [§ 17-13-5(a)]
Friday, January 28, 2022


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