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BUDGET WORK SESSION - Dale County Commissioners - SLAMS Houston County On Striping Partnership

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Sep 08 2021 10:11 AM

DALE COUNTY:     Dale County Commissioners met this morning at 9:00 AM for a work session.

In an open public meeting ( Houston County Commission - take notice ) where the public was invited and the news media to discuss budget items ( Houston County Commission - take notice ).

The commission discussed the budget with the Dale County Commission Administrator ( Houston County Commission Administrator - take notice ) about the funding and funding requests.

The Administrator told the Dale County Commission included in the budget was a 5% cost of living increase to the employees of Dale County. Also there is a longevity bonus when an employee has reached five ( 5 ) years of service, in the past they received a ten cent increase in pay. The County Administrator has budget a $ 1.00 per hour increase in pay the October 1 after their anniversary.

There were request for the Carroll High School Band Boosters funding. The Attorney that represents Dale County Commission, Henry Stegall, told the commission they funding need to go to Carroll High School for band boosters and not directly to the Band Boosters.

There was discussion about funding for the library. The Commissioners asked and seeking a answer if that funding, which included a $ 10,000.00 increase, was for all Dale County Libraries. Commissioner Gary wants to make sure that all libraries are included.

The County Administrator told the Commissioners that juvenile will increase 20%. The cost for placing juveniles in centers is the responsibility of the County Commission for the costs.

The County Attorney cautioned the Commission they can not give a “gift” to charities without their providing a service to the county. Stegal said the commission needs a documented agreement as to what the services are they will be proving to the county and it’s citizens. They must provide a service.

Commissioner Gary said the commission needs justification as to the increases requested. Why the increase is needed.

Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson requested to change one School Resource Officer from part time to full time. Sheriff Olson said Hal Cox was in the part time position and he recently retired. Sheriff Olson would like to change the position to full time.

The County Engineer presented to the Commission about four re-surfacing projects that need to be closed out. Their is a contract with a engineering firm in order to complete the project which has to be closed out. The cost estimate is $ 25,000.00 which the Engineer feels is high and probably will only be $ 15,000.00. Commissioner Carroll asked why they could not do this in house. The County Engineer said the current work load in house will not allow it. Some of the costs are reimbursed.

Commissioner Wilson asked about trucks. The County Engineer said three dump trucks to be swapped out and some service trucks. The Engineer said some will be sold in order to off set the costs.

Counties in the past had the vehicles until the wheels run off. They have found trading the sell of the used equipment off sets a lot of the costs and provided more efficient spending then driving to the wheels run off.


Commissioner Wilson asked about road striping. The agreement was a disaster. The County Engineer said the striping was started by Houston County and had a dedicated crew. Now Houston County does not have a dedicated crew claiming Houston County has feel on “hard times” and can not afford.

Commissioner Wilson stated the agreement with Houston County is a disaster. The Dale County Commission recently gave Houston County $ 42,000.00. The Coffee County Commission got some striping done but Dale County has not gotten any striping. The County Engineer said the agreement has no end and they need to ask for their $ 42,000.00 back.

The Commission Chairman said would like to get some work from the striping crew and has not gotten any in years.


The last few Solid Waste Officers have not spent time on business license. At one time it was three positions that was combined into One. The County Engineer is asking for an additional employee because there is to much work load for one person. 

Commission Chairman McKinnon said this is very much needed.

The County Engineer said the business license compliance officer is needed and should off set the cost.

Commissioner Gary said that he is not in the Solid Waste business and he is tired of hearing the talk.


Commissioner Gary was at one time invested in the solid waste and sold his interest. Commissioner Gary wanted it clear he is not in the solid waste business.

Commissioner McKinnon said he opposes Dale County re-opening the landfill. When Ozark Mayor Mark Blakenship was Dale County Commission Chairman he and the commission closed the landfill. Now as Ozark Mayor Mark Blakenship he wants the Dale County Commission to re-open the landfill.

The Dale County Commission said they have zero interest  no interest - it is a dead issue, there is no support for opening the landfill. The commission said there is not enough need for the costs.

The garbage rates have not been raised in a decade. The commission asked if they were increased when would it go into affect. The commission said January 1.

MDI has the contract on solid waste. MDI can not raise the fees to Dale County Commission for at least two years.

Commissioner Gary said this will allow the commission to break even. 

Commissioner Gary said he is not interested in raising the rates. It has been tough on citizens and with COVID people are having a hard time. Commissioner Gary said with $ 600,000.00 in reserves and they will be required $ 250,000.00 he can not seeing raising the rates at this time.


The retirement has had a increase. Also some changes in health insurance but at this time they have not been notified of rate increase. Normally they get a notice in September of increase in January.

Commissioner Wilson if a increase in Dale County Emergency Management. It has been running around $ 77,730.00. The increase is $ 6,000.00 for next year. They will purchase some web stations for weather. The airport and Ft. Rucker helps. The goal is to get 12 throughout the county.

This allows watching the weather.

Commissioner Wilson said they want to the citizens they very best of service. Wilson said can not do everything and can not make everyone happy. Wilson thanked everyone for the participation.

Chairman McKinnon said he told the Administrator he wanted to at least give a 4% COLA and she worked and was able to come up with a 5% COLA and the $ 1.00 increase for longevity of employees.

The Commission will vote later on the budget.

BUDGET WORK SESSION - Dale County Commissioners - SLAMS Houston County On Striping Partnership

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