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CAUTION - Nothing In This Article Is My Opinion And Simple Facts - Majority of Dothan Commission DOES NOT APPROVE Of Police Salary Increase

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Aug 16 2019 7:55 PM

DOTHAN:    A DOTHAN POLICE OFFICER starts at a salary of $ 36,500.00 a year. 

Closing date for applications for "COMMUNITY RELATIONS OFFICER" is August 28, 2019. The salary range for this person who will work in the Mayor/City Manager's complex is $ 54,516.80 to $ 83,200.00 annually.

February 2019 Dothan Commissioners announced their 2019 Top 7 Priorities:  "addressing police staffing and compensation" was in the top 7.

This week at the Dothan Commission Meeting the compensation for Dothan Police Officers was not in the budget. Commissioners Ferguson and Kenward were the only two who expressed their frustrations it was not in the budget.


It takes four (4) commissioners and/or Mayor to make something happen or not happen. Because four (4) is the majority.

From their comments Ferguson and Kenward were "yes" votes for the police compensation to be in the budget.

That would mean at least four (4) or five (5) opposed the police getting a salary increase. Based on Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba's comments to WTVY-TV one would have to "assume" his vote was no. QUOTE: 

"Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba also appreciates the challenges police officers face. However, he points out the 950 other city workers are also important.

“We can't do anything that lifts one (position) up and brings down the spirit of others. So, we need to take into consideration all of our employees,” he said."

With that said we have to evaluate Commissioner Kevin Dorsey, Janesky Fleming, Albert Kirkland and David Crutchfield.

Two of these could have joined Commissioner John Ferguson and Beth Kenward and made it happen.

To make even a motion to adjourn the meeting pass, at least four (4) commissioners/mayor have to vote "yes". Since police pay was not in the budget it is the fault of: (1) Mayor Mark Saliba (2) Commissioner Kevin Dorsey (3) Commissioner Janesky Fleming (4) Commissioner Albert Kirkland (5) Commissioner David Crutchfield.

And a Community Relations Officer ( be clear this is in Mayor/City Manager's Office so do not let the word "officer" make you think police ) will start $ 18,016.80 a year more than a police officer starts at.



Two days of strategic planning meetings yielded the Dothan City Commission a definitive short list of priorities for 2019: jobs, traffic logistics and improved facilities.

The meetings with consultant Lyle Sumek concluded with the commission identifying seven “top” priorities and six “high” priorities for themselves. Commissioners also picked six top priority tasks and six high priority tasks for the city’s management.

The commission’s top priorities for 2019 address jobs (hiring an assistant city manager and addressing police staffing and compensation), facilities (a new animal shelter, a new track facility and Rip Hewes Stadium improvements) and traffic logistics (continued work on Honeysuckle Road improvement plans and the adaptive traffic signalization program). The city has been implementing an adaptive traffic system that will improve timing of stoplights, and commissioners discussed the potential of using cameras at intersections for stoplight enforcement moving forward.



Dothan, AL (WTVY)-- A new pay package for Dothan police is apparently dead. A preliminary budget proposal unveiled Tuesday did not include that plan.

Dothan officer salaries begin at $36,500 annually. In comparison, Tuscaloosa police start at $47,000.

Salaries for Northport and Pelham, Alabama officers is $45,000, though their populations are less than half of Dothan's.

Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba also appreciates the challenges police officers face. However, he points out the 950 other city workers are also important.

“We can't do anything that lifts one (position) up and brings down the spirit of others. So, we need to take into consideration all of our employees,” he said.




ANNUALLY $ 54,516.80 to $ 83,220.00

CLOSING DATE:       08/28/2019

This is highly responsible supervisory, administrative, creative and managerial work in planning, coordinating and administering a comprehensive marketing and public relations program for the City of Dothan.

The Community Relations Officer is responsible for organizing and supervising marketing and public relations programs for all Departments within the City of Dothan and its elected officials.  The required tasks involve supervision of a Community Relations Specialist.  The incumbent provides assistance to other City departments in marketing and/or promoting special facilities or events.  Work is performed under general supervision of the City Manager; and is reviewed through periodic meetings.  Work requires initiative and high degree of public contact and is performed with considerable independence.
(All duties may not be assigned to all employees in this position, nor does the list necessarily include all tasks which may be assigned to employees in this position.)

Essential Job Functions:

Manages City public information programs to include media relations, employee relations, marketing communications, special events, and publications using professional judgment to ensure consistency and accuracy of the overall message and following communication and public relations principles in order to gain media support, provide accurate information to the public, and increase public awareness/support of City projects, programs, and events.
Plans, initiates, creates, and administers a comprehensive marketing and public relations program for the City, to include social media, print media, radio, and television advertisements.
Supervises all internal and external publications produced by the City.
Prepares a marketing analysis and marketing plan for facilities and programs.  Discuss with department heads, elected officials, and other entities on plans and initiatives to be provided by the city.
Develop effective public involvement policies and help the City adapt to public expectations.
Effectively communicate City programs, policies, and events relating to the public welfare and public concern.
Carries out supervisory/managerial duties in accordance with policies, procedures and applicable laws, including: interviewing, hiring and training staff; planning, assigning and directing work; establishing deadlines; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; coordinating, developing and approving staff training; approving leave requests; and addressing complaints and resolving problems.
Recruit, plan, organize and manage the Dothan 101 program with direction from the City Manager.
Prepares and/or coordinates creative concepts to promote City functions, programs, and events.
Conducts media research, purchases and places advertising with newspaper, social media, radio, television, and other forms of advertising such as outdoor media, magazines, etc.
Monitor internal and external marketing trends and news coverage, assist with strategic responses; evaluate marketing reactions to marketing/advertising programs and formulate adjustments to meet changing marketing conditions.
Plans, directs, and assists with writing and editing content to include the tone of information on the City's website, departments' web page and distribution of fact sheets, news releases, photographs, scripts, and tape recordings to media representatives and other interested persons.
Develops a detailed media plan showing selected media, dates and frequency of placement advertising, and the projected total media plan cost.
Develop, design, manage, and oversees social media blogs, and the TV Channel for the City of Dothan.
Reconciles invoices against media purchases.
Plans, creates, and coordinates the development and distribution of information designed to inform citizens and employees of departmental programs, accomplishments, and events.

Plans, organizes, and promotes special events for various departments and/or facilities.
Conducts radio and television interviews to better educate citizens about City government to include policies and programs.
Promotes and executes advertising, public relations, and marketing plans for community celebrations and signature community events as defined by City departments, Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Dothan Business and Visitors Bureau, as directed by the City Manager.
Plans, creates, coordinates, supervises and directs advertising ads for newspaper and commercials for radio and television.
Serves as a liaison for the City at community activities, public, social, and business gatherings and events to include enhancing the City's image through public awareness programs, speeches, exhibits, films and tours.
Prepares publications such as flyers, brochures, tabloids and program guides.
Coordinates with public safety agencies and City department representatives during natural disasters and/or inclement weather to convey pertinent information to the public in matters concerning the safety of the general public.
Assist in communications with the City's Washington D.C and Montgomery representatives in order to promote the City's interest and position on various Federal and State legislation/issues.
Writes and creates audio-visual aids to provide presentations for City departments, City Manager, and elected officials.
Coordinates publicity with various managers and staff on assigned programs and special events.
Writes feature stories about City functions, programs, participants, and staff to include cooperation in the dissemination of such.
Provides consultation to the Mayor, City Commission, and City Manager on speech development and execution to various audiences, as directed by the City Manager.
Writes speeches, articles, and/or features stories for self, staff, and elected officials in order to disseminate information and/or promote the City's image as a public service employer.
Provides support to the Mayor and City Commission related to community meetings.
Regularly meets and interacts with media and other public relations or governmental officials concerning City public relation activities, programs, events, and other pertinent issues.
Speaks before a variety of school, civic, church, and business organizations to promote city-wide services.
May represent various departments at conferences and public meetings.
Collaborate with the DDRA regarding promoting downtown events and activities in the Central Business District, as directed by the City Manager.
Works with City officials, department heads, service agencies, civic clubs, schools and the general public in promoting City functions, events, and/or programs as directed.
Assists in planning and organizing city-wide special events.
Serves as a liaison with corporate and community leaders and the media in order to promote harmony with city government.
Regularly meet and maintain contact with local media.
Keeps public and media up to date on the status of City Services during emergencies/natural disasters.
Develops policies and procedures for administering a marketing and public relations program.
Performs related work as required.

Knowledge of:

Principles of marketing and public relations.
Alabama Open Records Act.
Various media resources and placement of advertising with the media.
Crisis management and the use of communication to manage and monitor conflict.
City of Dothan organizational structure and department functions.
The English language; to include correct usage, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.
Internal departmental policies and procedures.
Standard business arithmetic, including percentages and decimals.
Methods and techniques of research, statistical analysis, and report presentation.
Initiative and resourcefulness in solution of difficult marketing and public relations problems.
Skill in:

Computer and software usage, with specific skill utilizing specialized software for publishing, presentations, graphics, and other related software.
Photography, utilizing various camera format types, including digital photography.
Researching, compiling, and summarizing a variety of informational and statistical data and materials.
Organizing work, setting priorities, meeting critical deadlines, and following up on assignments with a minimum of direction.
Interpreting applicable laws as they relate to City practices and procedures.
Applying logical thinking to solve problems or accomplish tasks; to understand, interpret, and communicate complicated policies, procedures, and protocols.
Using a computer to accurately and rapidly enter and retrieve data and information.
Communicating orally with internal staff, citizens, and other departmental staff in order to give and receive information in a courteous manner.
Operating and routine maintenance of general office machines such as copiers, facsimile machines and telephone systems.
Mental and Physical Ability to:

Speak and write clearly.
Plan and organize an advertising program for special facilities, events, and programs.
Communicate effectively orally and in writing with media, staff and the public.
Effectively present ideas and information to large groups.
Read and interpret documents such as operation and maintenance instructions, procedure manuals, and so forth.
Understand and carry out written and oral instructions, giving close attention to detail and accuracy.
Analyze and resolve complex problems involving several variables.
Operate a motor vehicle.
Work without posing a direct threat or significant risk of substantial harm to the safety or health of himself/herself or others.

Maintain regular and acceptable attendance at such level as is determined by the City of Dothan.
Be committed to a high standard of safety and be willing and able to comply with all safety laws and all of the City's safety policies and rules and must be willing to report safety violations and potential safety violations to appropriate supervisory or management personnel.
While performing the essential functions of this job, the incumbent is regularly required to sit, read and write; stand; walk; speak; see clearly; hear; grasp and hold objects; keyboard; and occasionally lift light objects up to 10 pounds.
Graduation from a four-year college or university accredited through the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Public Relations, Mass Communications, or closely related field; and
Five (5) years of recent experience in a marketing, communications, or public relations position, to include two (2) years in a senior level position.
A Master's degree in Marketing, Public Relations, Mass Communications or closely related field is preferred.
A completed employment or in-house application to include, but not limited to, detailed description of duties, month and year, and complete address of each job listed.
Possession of a valid operator driver's license and an acceptable driving record. (PBA09/10/01)
Must meet the City of Dothan's employment physical standard, which includes drug/alcohol testing.
Must be available and willing to work such hours per day or per week as the City determines is necessary or desirable to meet its operational needs
Must be regularly available and willing to work at least 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week, or such other hours per day or hours per week as the City determines are necessary or desirable to meet its operational needs (24 hours during emergencies/natural disasters).
Must be available and willing to work afterhours, weekends, and holidays as the City determines are necessary or desirable to meet its operational needs and/or situations dictate.
Must be available and willing to travel to such locations and with such frequency as the City determines is necessary or desirable to meet its operational needs.
Must perform duties onsite, except those job duties which are customarily or by their nature performed offsite (such as offsite work meetings with City customers, clients or citizens, making deliveries to designated destinations, traveling to field offices to meet with subordinates or conduct training, etc.)
An applicant for this position is subject to various background investigations up to and including a criminal, credit, past employment, and reference checks.  See City of Dothan's Background Check/Investigation Policy.

Employees are required to submit to Drug and Alcohol testing in accordance with the City of Dothan policy which includes pre-employment and random tests for the duration of employment in this position. (PBA 08/13/12).

The City of Dothan provides a diverse package of benefit programs:


  • Vacation: 12 Vacation Days per calendar year

  • Holidays: 12 Paid Holidays per calendar year


  • Medical and Dental Insurance: Offered through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama. Rates vary based on coverage selected


  • Retirement Plan: Administered through the Retirement Systems of Alabama


  • Life Insurance: Administered through Unum Life. No cost for eligible employees

  • Military Leave: up to 21 working days per calendar year with Military Orders

  • Direct Deposit: Employees may elect to have their payroll check deposited directly into their bank account

  • Employee Health Clinic: Industrial Nurse on duty for work related injuries and minor illnesses

    Other benefits include: Cafeteria plan, Credit Union, Deferred Compensation plans, Employee Assistance Program, Physical Fitness Program, Jury Duty Leave and more.....

    Note: All benefits are subject to eligibility requirements. Individuals are responsible for any related fees or charges that may apply.

CAUTION - Nothing In This Article Is My Opinion And Simple Facts - Majority of Dothan Commission DOES NOT APPROVE Of Police Salary Increase

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