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Commissioner Ricky Herring and Challenger Richard Talley Before Alabama Ethics Commission

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Aug 03 2022 7:46 PM

MONTGOMERY:         On Tuesday the members of the Alabama Ethics Commission held a scheduled meeting in their office board meeting room in their headquarters in Montgomery.

On the agenda were two items under appeal from candidates for D-3 Houston County Commission. Those were Houston County Commissioner D-3 Ricky Herring and his challenger, Richard Talley.

Neither Commissioner Ricky Herring or Ricky Talley were present for the meeting. But Rickey Stokes of RSN was present!!!

About 21 people who had sought election as candidates had been fined for not submitting their campaign disclosure forms as Alabama Law dictates.

Of the 21, the only person who was ordered to pay the fines was candidate Jim Zeigler, which is hated by the Montgomery Establishment. The other 20 the fines and number of times failing to file were dismissed.

COMMISSIONER RICKY HERRING who won re-election as D-3 Houston County Commissioner had missed three weekly financial forms being filed during the run off election. Incumbent Commissioner Ricky Herring had a prepared statement which was read. One of the excuses given by Incumbent Commissioner Ricky Herring was "ignorance" of the law.

Law Enforcement Officers always tell people as they arrest them, "IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE".

The Ethics Commissioners set aside the over $ 1200.00 fine and the offense count against D-3 Commissioner.

CHALLENGER RICHARD TALLEY ran unsuccesfully against incumbent Ricky Herring. But Herring and Talley had to fac eeach other in the run off and that is where the violations occurred.

Talley was fined $ 15.00 for late submission. The Ethics Commission voted 4-0 to set aside the fines and the times violated.

But the Alabama Ethics Commission did not have the terminal established for the run off which caused Talley to be late. So the issue was not Talley.

IT SEEMS THE FAULT OF THE ALABAMA ETHICS COMMISSION in the persons who had the problems. According to some candidates you think the report is submitted and it is not. There were apparently no clear guidelines when candidates personally paid qualifying fees out of thier pockets. So as usual the government can screw the process up which they always place the blame on others.


There is a instance of the Alabama Attorney General Office and the Alabama Ethics Commission. The Ethics Commission feels they have more power then an Alabama Attoney General Opinion states. And the members of the Alabama Ethics Commission follows their opinion and gives the bird finger to the Alabama Attorney General.

I have provided the agenda of the Tuesday meeting, the Alabama Ethics Commission Opinion and the Alabama Attorney General Opinion.

On Tuesday former Alabama Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Lyn  Stewart acted as Chair of the meeting. A Mr. John Plum is the Chairman but for some unknown reason he did not want to Chair the meeting. Other members of the Ethics Commission are Stanton McDonald, Brig Gen (r) Edward F. Crowell ( USAF ), and Lyn Stuart.

Also present were 8 to 10 staff members of the Alabama Public Service Commission. There were also two staf members of the Alabama Secretary of State Office present.

After these rulings the Ethics Commission Board went into Executive Session which they said would last about an hour. Rickey Stokes left because did not want to waste another hour.

The Alabama Ethics Commission, as written by Bill Britt, "OPINION/ Ethics Commission declares itself above the law". And the actions taken today clearly showed they feel such, and serve with vindictive power and abuse of power when Jim Zeigler is the only one of 21 people who they found to have violated the law and ordered to pay the fines.

And the Alabama Ethics Commission is really the Alabama UNETHICAL COMMISSION where it showed, in my mind, corruption at it finest degree. Someone who was with me who had never been around government was amazed and such waste of human time and energies and such waste of human tissue in charge.

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Commissioner Ricky Herring and Challenger Richard Talley Before Alabama Ethics Commission

Commissioner Ricky Herring and Challenger Richard Talley Before Alabama Ethics Commission

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Commissioner Ricky Herring and Challenger Richard Talley Before Alabama Ethics Commission

Commissioner Ricky Herring and Challenger Richard Talley Before Alabama Ethics Commission

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