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COUNCILWOMAN Cindy Gaylor and Carrie Dale Lassiter Call Out Rickey Stokes

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Oct 15 2020 6:45 PM

KINSEY:    Tonight the Town of Kinsey held a regular Town Council meeting.

Present for the meeting were:


- and -


NOTE:   Cindy Gaylor is a COUNCILWOMAN

The Zoning Board Chairman, Carrie Dale Lassiter, read a prepared statement and said it was a letter to rickeystokesnews and that rickeystokesnews would not respond to him. Lassiter asked the Town Council to send rickeystokesnews something, a letter, and no one said anything.

Next time call me, I will come to the meeting. Do not wait until I am not at a meeting to read your letter about me!

In my emails I did find a spam email from COUNCILWOMAN Cindy Gaylor that was sent to me. So I will post it.

To Carrie Dale Lassiter ( first name not sure if man or woman because I do not know the person, I don't think ), I will be glad to meet you face to face with camera rolling LIVE and let you say anything your heart desires. I have no reason to run from anything you wish to say, anytime, anywhere.

My phone number is 334-790-1729, my address is 109 East Adams Street, Dothan Alabama.

And you do not have to come to me, I will come meet you and feel free to say anything you want to.

Oh, by the way, were you speaking tonight as Zoning Board or personally? If as Zoning Board, please provide me a copy of the minutes where the majority of the board authorized your letter.


Mr. Stokes,

I am addressing a few things in your article titled “Couple of Planning and Zoning in Kinsey Get a QUADRUPLE STUPID SLAP”

The death of Mr. Ferguson’s grandson is devastating; and for any family to have to deal with a child having cancer (or any illness) is tragic and my heart goes out to Jesse’s family.

Your article is completely inaccurate and inappropriatefor the following reasons:

1. Richard Paetz brought up the subject about a town vehicle being out of state, not Esther Paetz

2. Richard Paetz was speaking as a citizen of Kinsey, NOT as a Planning and Zoning Board representative

3. The issue about the town vehicle being out of state has nothing to do with the child’s death/funeral. Officer Jones and Jason Reneau were not representing the town because the Chief of Police nor the Mayor knew about the plans until after the fact. It has to do with not following the chain of command and asking (or in this case, NOT asking) permission. Simply put, If the town employees that live over 10 miles from Town Hall cannot take the vehicles home; what makes you think it would be acceptable for this employee to take the town vehicle out of state WITHOUT permission?

4. When addressing a woman councilmember, use the term councilmember or councilwoman; not councilman

5. I do have a name and “The Patz daughter is a councilman of Kinsey” is not my name; it is Cindy Gaylor

6. You do NOT know what I was thinking and do NOT have the right to imply anything from a head nod or any other movement(s) I make; or anyone for that matter

7. If you are going to report “news”, get your facts straight (including spelling of names) before posting and use spell check.

Have a good day

Cindy Gaylor


Cindy Gaylor
Kinsey Council

First Funeral

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Tell it like it is! - Oct 15 2020 12: AM 21:36
I think Mrs. Gaylor should get her FACTS straight before composing an email, there was no 10 mile rule implemented at the time of the funeral and from what I understand and have been reading there wasn't much of a police chief or mayor at the time either.

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