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Dothan Utilities Cut Off Notice Arrive Deadline Date

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Sep 08 2020 6:55 PM

DOTHAN:   This disconnect notice from Dothan Utilities was forwarded to me today.  

Notice the date the bill had to be paid by:  09/08/2020. That notice was received on 09/08/2020.

The notice date is listed as 08/28/2020. Unsure when Dothan Utilities placed the notice in the United Postal Service to be mailed from Dothan Utilities to a customer who had to live in Dothan Alabama. 

But if Dothan Utilities placed the notice in the United Postal Service on 08/28/2020, a Friday,     ( date listed on the notice ) it took 11 days to arrive from Dothan Utilities to the customer who also is in Dothan Alabama.

Do not know who the blame is on: (1) did Dothan Utilities do the notice on 08/28/2020 but not put in outgoing mail until close of business, which would mean not mailed out until 8/31/2020? (2) is the United Postal Service that slow that it took 11 days from the date of the notice or 9 days if mailed on Monday, 8/31/2020?

Any way if the customer received it on the 8th of September directing to have paid by the 8th of September or service interruption, and service was interrupted the City of Dothan charges more for reconnection. The charges are listed on the bottom of the notice.

This person providing this said this is not the first time the notice has arrived on the due date. The customer could have paid on the day the bill was received but some people do not.

Either someone within the bowels of the City of Dothan or the United Postal Service needs to get their acts together. And since Dothan Utilities is in the business of utilities then the responsibility to get it fixed rests on the City of Dothan. 

The last time I called the hand of the City of Dothan in regards to utilities Dothan Commissioner of District 3, Albert Kirkland placed his hands around my neck and placed me against the wall at the Dothan Civic Center while choking me. Thanks to Mr. Hugo Griggs        ( gone but not forgotten ) and retired Dothan Department Head Jerry Corbin for saving my life.

And I missed my retirement in that situation:

(1) I should have collapsed, called for Dothan Fire and Pilcher's, gone to the hospital and claimed emotional and mental damage ( hey - that could be what is wrong with me ) and received a great retirement from the City of Dothan with a Dothan Commissioner trying to kill me with his hands, or

(2) normally I have a firearm and it would have been a justifiable shot because I was in fear of death with Kirkland's hands wrapped around me neck, feet in the air, pinned against the wall of the Dothan Civic Center...

But no, as normal Stokes handled it wrong... I chased Albert to his vehicle. Thus, Albert Kirkland's nickname is, "THE CHOKER". Every time though I am near him for some reason my neck hurts!

09-08-2020 Dothan Utilities by R L Stokes on Scribd

Dothan Utilities Cut Off Notice Arrive Deadline Date

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