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Former Bama Football Player's Murder Trial Removed From Barbour County, District Attorney Summoned to Montgomery

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Posted by: Jon Carroll
Date: Jan 27 2015 5:51 PM

AS BARNEY FIFE FAMOUSLY SAID "MALFEASANCE IS EVERYWHERE" Many in south Alabama are comparing Barbour County District Attorney Ben Reeves knowledge of the constitution to Barney's at the moment.
The murder trial of former Alabama Football player Will Dickerson has been officially removed from Barbour county and will be tried in Russell county some time in April. In recent weeks multiple law enforcement and court officials who feel the district attorney has suppressed evidence, and it been proven he openly defied two court orders to hide evidence that could clear Dickerson, came forward. Despite last minute offers of plea bargains by the district attorney to make the case go away, Will Dickerson refused and demanded a jury trial maintaining his innocence. What the public needs to know and verify the facts for themselves in the state court records are that Dickerson has been denied the opportunity to take a polygraph test, denied the opportunity to inspect the evidence the district attorney has in his possession (FOR OVER THREE YEARS), been denied bail or bond, denied access to a minster, and until just a few days ago AFTER AN ARTICLE I PUBLISHED FOR RICKEY STOKES NEWS, been denied access to the discovery documents in his case. These facts are a irrefutable indictment of the corruption present in the third judicial district. A long term law enforcement official we trust deeply says

"the district attorney is being pressured by Barbour county's largest narcotics network to not identify the actual individuals who robbed and murdered Willie Pugh. Blood DNA of those individuals who actually murdered Pugh are in his possession. The State of Alabama has tested this evidence and confirmed it is not Pugh or Dickersons." 

Ben Reeves

So then the question is obvious, WHO'S DNA IS IT BEN? AND WHY ARE YOU HIDING IT?

District Attorney Ben Reeves has stubbornly refused to request FBI assistance in the case to help identify the murderers.


UPDATE: Sources in Montgomery have shared me that Ben Reeves was summoned to the Attorney General Luther Strange's office this afternoon. Mr Reeves has been accused by many watching this case of prosecutorial misconduct and witholding evidence from a grand jury in an attempt to shield the identity of individuals who robbed and murdered Willie Pugh. Nearly a hundred complaints have reached the justice department as of late today after documents revealing Reeves misconduct were made available to the public.

All that we ask is that Mr Reeves give the public an answer as to why he had defied the court orders and why has he suppressed evidence ?  The victim's family deserves to know the truth.

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