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Four Hartford Council Members - Are They Serving Their Citizens or Malfeasance

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Jun 08 2021 10:59 AM

HARTFORD:     Last evening the Hartford City Council tabled the request from Slocomb for the overtime monies spent by Slocomb to cover Emergency Medical Services the citizens and guests of Hartford Alabama.




And for the record I have not spoke to Mayor Strickland or Councilman Blount.

The City of Hartford was established in1897. It is a Mayor-Council form of government. The City of Hartford derives it’s income from utilities ( water, sewer and electrical ) and from rescue squad ( providing ambulance and emergency care services to city residents. ) The City of Hartford has it’s own electrical services which makes it a stronger financially stable community deriving more income than other communities.

Hartford Rescue states is an ALS Ambulance with a mission to save life and property, to help the ones in need, and educate the community.

The day after Hartford Rescue, with assistance of Slocomb Rescue, saved a life from a wreck allowed it’s long time Fire and EMS Chief to resign. Since that point the City of Hartford has struggled to maintain a EMS crew being available all of the time. 

This past Saturday was one of those times. A serious critical accident on Highway 123 with major vehicle damage. On the arrival of emergency units, Slocomb Rescue, the injuries was downgraded. After Slocomb EMS arrived on the scene Hartford EMS was finally able to get a crew.

Then, in Hartford, a call came in of a person not breathing and CPR in progress. Slocomb EMS left the accident scene with the crew Hartford was finally able to get up and responded to the person not breathing. Their rapid response and intervention, the patient is alive today.

Because Slocomb Fire and EMS had to gear up to respond to Hartford’s sworn duties to provide emergency medical coverage, the City of Slocomb asked the City of Hartford for $ 350.00 they spent in overtime.

You see, Hartford Council Members: Melissa Clemmons D-1; Ted Thompson D-2; Zane Flowers D-3 and Ron Adams D-5 has a difficult time in understanding elementary common sense. EMERGENCIES DO NOT MAKE APPOINTMENTS. Therefore plans are required to have coverage and people ready to roll.

You see, Hartford Council Members Melissa Clemmons D-1; Ted Thompson D-2; Zane Flowers D-3; and Ron Adams D-5 do not understand the 911 call that has not happened yet, could be them or their family. Sadly, until it does they might not understand. In no way is the previous statement wanting something to happen to the council members or their families.

But if a council member stroked out during the meeting and they are the 911 call that has not happened yet, do they want EMS or Donny Atkinson to respond? 

It costs money to have someone on stand by and these council members named are playing with the lives of the people of Hartford Alabama. Perhaps if someone dies because of no EMS, the 33rd Judicial Circuit District Attorney could criminally charge Melissa Clemmons, Ted Thompson, Zane Flowers and Ron Adams with Criminally Negligent Homicide, 13A-6-4… cause the death of by criminal negligence. It is their negligence that allows Hartford to be without EMS coverage. It is their negligence that depends on Slocomb EMS to cover their calls without compensation to Slocomb.

Apparently these council members can not understand the City of Hartford is not the City of Slocomb’s responsibility.

Code of Alabama 11-87-1 allows counties and municipalities to create ambulance service to promote the health, welfare and safety of residents. It allows a county or municipality to unit with other entities in the establishment. Code of Alabama 11-87-2 allows the governing body to appropriate public funds to aid in or pay for the establishment, maintenance and operation of such ambulance service. Code of Alabama 11-87-3 allows the governing body to contract and pay public funds. Code of Alabama 11-87-4 allows the governing body to spend the amount necessary to fund the expense of operating and maintaining such services which shall not be operated for profit.

FOLKS … this is summer season. The traffic on Highway 167 is heavy with people traveling to the beach. A lot of calls happen the public is not even aware of. And when patients have to be transported to the hospital, the options are (1) Geneva - only if not major trauma (2) Flowers Hospital (3) Southeast Health (4) Survival Flight.

EMS calls which require transport are not as in Dothan, a quick trip to one of the two hospitals. 

Council Members, time to be a leader or resign. You are committing malfeasance by neglect of this life saving issue.

HEY, Geneva County Commission … you have responsibility in EMS coverage. How is it the City of Slocomb, City of Hartford, City of Geneva, and City of Samson responsibility to have EMS coverage outside their corporate city limits? Step up…



Four Hartford Council Members - Are They Serving Their Citizens or Malfeasance

Four Hartford Council Members - Are They Serving Their Citizens or Malfeasance

First Funeral

Four Hartford Council Members - Are They Serving Their Citizens or Malfeasance

Four Hartford Council Members - Are They Serving Their Citizens or Malfeasance

Four Hartford Council Members - Are They Serving Their Citizens or Malfeasance

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