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Gordon Mayor Shana Ray - Possible Intimidating A Witness - And Text Threats To Rickey Stokes

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Sep 05 2019 8:39 PM

GORDON:    Gordon Mayor Shana Ray has caused a Gordon Councilman to resign today.

This afternoon Gordon Councilman Robert Dollar stormed into the Temporary Gordon City Hall and stated he is resigning and will put it in writing on Tuesday, the night Gordon Town Council meets.

Councilman Dollar made the comments that he " Shana Ray acts like she is the Queen of Gordon, I'm done, I am resigning."

The Councilman was speaking to the Town Clerk and the Water Department crew. What the Councilman apparently did not realize I was also standing there because I walked  in right behind him.

Mayor Shana Ray was not at the Temporary City Hall when I visited about 3:46 PM this afternoon.


Apparently Dollar found out about the way the "Queen of Gordon" has treated EMS when they respond to medical emergencies in Gordon. 

Dollar also apparently found out the " Queen of Gordon " ordered and directed the Gordon Water Crew to cut the water off on the residence of the victim to an alleged criminal act committed by Gordon Mayor Shana Ray.

The Gordon resident has made some serious allegations against Gordon Mayor Shana Ray and obtained criminal arrest warrants on the Mayor. Currently there are two pending criminal offenses against Shana Ray in Houston County District Court. 

The residents allegations also contain some serious allegations of Violation of Civil Rights alleged to have been committed by the Gordon Mayor. Those allegations could financially break the Town of Gordon.

The Gordon Mayor demanded the Town of Gordon to collect $ 230.00 from the victim who signed arrest warrants on her before the connect her water back. The victim did not have the money to pay the demanded fee. That money was contributed and I was asked to deliver it to the Town of Gordon in order for the water to be reconnected.

Apparently Councilman Dollar has realized that Mayor Ray's actions, as he referred to her acting like the " Queen of Gordon " could be described as Intimidating A Witness. And the Mayor's actions could further support the victim's allegations of Violating Her Civil Rights.

Apparently Councilman Dollar had missed a or some Town Council Meetings. And as I overheard the "Queen of Gordon" was refusing to give the Councilman his check.

Gordon Mayor Shana Ray Text Message to Rickey Stokes at about 12:38 AM this morning   

Apparently Gordon Mayor Shana Ray was attempting to contact me shortly after the stroke of midnight. Around 12:05 AM I had a missed call from the cell number listed as Shana Ray in my phone.

About 12:38 AM this morning I received a text message from a number listed in my phone as Shana Ray. The text message read as follows:   

This is Mayor Shana W Ray Please be advised that I have reached out to my attorney regarding the alleged accusation you are constantlymessingwith my defamation of character and slandering my name intergy. This is unjust unfair and unprofessional. God is my vindication has me now Be Blessed".

Rickey Stokes response to Gordon Mayor Shana Ray text message  

First I did not reply back to the Mayor or the text message alleged to be from Gordon Mayor Shana Ray. So this is my response:

Mayor Ray, Rickey Stokes wrote articles concerning your arrest and being booked into the Houston County Jail on two separate criminal allegations against you. Those arrests are on the public records of the Alabama Unified Judicial System in Houston County, Court Case Numbers DC 2018 - 3660 for the criminal offense of Criminal Trespass, arrested October 26, 2018 and case number DC 2019 - 2793 for the criminal offense of Harassment, arrested August 28, 2019. The allegations against you resulted in the Court Magistrate or Judge apparently believing probable cause existed and issued the arrest warrants for your arrest in year 2018 and year 2019. 

Mayor Ray, Rickey Stokes wrote a article last night concerning the workshop held by the Gordon Town Council. What we did not report as of yet is the workshop featured a representative of the USDA giving the Town of Gordon 90 days to begin making their loan payments to USDA because the payments have not been made in the last two years. What we did not report as of yet is the Town of Gordon has a $ 330,000.00 debt to the USDA and not made the payments in two years. That the Town of Gordon workshop meeting revealed 124 customers on the water system and/or sewer system which results in about $ 31,000.00 annual income and expenses reported to be about     $ 67,000.00 per year. If the Town of Gordon does not make payments in 90 days then the USDA will take over the Gordon Water and Sewer System and appoint someone to take it over. The workshop revealed that the Town of Gordon is going to be forced to increase the water rates in order to keep their water and sewer system.

Mayor Ray, Rickey Stokes reported on the "fact" EMS crews were at the Gordon Workshop Meeting last evening and requested to address the Gordon Town Council. They were told you were not going to allow the EMS to speak. They have a letter to the Gordon City Attorney who is reported to have passed the letter to you for the Gordon Town Council Members. The allegations concerned your alleged behavior on emergency medical calls and alleged interference with the EMS officials in performing their duties to save lives. Mayor Ray, your accusers were present for a face to face presentation with you and members of the Gordon Town Council. But Mayor Ray you apparently used the power of your gavel to refuse to allow the EMS officials to speak, in person, face to face in an open and civil setting with their allegations. So your refusal to allow them to speak, what are you afraid of Mayor Shana Ray?  

There are plenty of good lawyers in and around Dothan Alabama. In fact, on one of your Criminal Cases you have the Honorable Clay Wadsworth representing you and in your on your 2019 pending criminal case you went to Geneva County and hired the Honorable David Harrison to represent you. So if you wan to file a civil lawsuit I will make a deal with you... get the lawyer to draft the lawsuit against me and I will pay the court filing fee so you can file a civil suit against me. Because the suit will give me and my legal counsel the authority to issue subpoenas for records, the taking of sworn depositions under the penalties of perjury, and to take your deposition. The lawsuit will give me or my legal counsel the authority to fact find if the rumor is correct the Town of Gordon a few years back had $ 700,000.00 which they do not have. It will give me or my legal counsel the authority to take the depositions of Houston County Sheriff Investigators who are rumored to be involved in the investigation of where that money has gone. Not saying the rumored allegations are true or if true you are a suspect. But your lawsuit would allow me or my attorney the legal power and authority to demand certain records or documents that otherwise would be blocked or Law Enforcement would have "no comment in a pending criminal investigation" but through your civil action would possibly allow me or my attorney the legal avenue to force a answer from the law enforcement officers. So I will pay the filing fee with the court for your legal action against me.

CAUTION THOUGH - careful what avenues you open for me to enter...cause I will enter and hollering UNCLE is not in my DNA makeup. References available upon request!

And last Mayor Ray, Rickey Stokes has not defamed you. You need no help or assistance and you are doing an outstanding job of defaming yourself. And if you should be found guilty Rickey Stokes will report it. And the same if you should be found not guilty Rickey Stokes will report it. 

Any questions?

Gordon Councilman Robert Dollar - I do not know you and probably if I saw you right now outside of the Gordon Town Hall setting would not recognize you. So I have no idea if you are a good or bad council member. With that said I understand your pain of what the allegations are against Mayor Shana Ray and the alleged abuse of power and reign of terror she is alleged to be causing in Gordon. And I understand the frustration you are enduring and fellow council members are enduring. But Councilman Dollar, the registered voters entered into a four year contract with you when the majority of the registered voters elected you. Times like these is when the registered voters expect leadership. And they did not cast their vote for you to quit and be a wimp. They cast their vote for you to be a leader, a take charge person, and for the majority of the Gordon Town Council to jerk a knot into Mayor Shana Ray should the allegations be proven to be true. So you are not doing the people who voted for you right when they cast their vote for you. In the United States of America men and women have died fighting for the freedom of their casting votes for people to be leaders. Now is the time for you and others to step up to the plate and do what you held your hand on a HOLY BIBLE and swore to do, and that is to fulfill the duties and obligations of the office you were about to enter, Councilman for the Town of Gordon.

Proven leaders lead and accept issues and solve them. Wimps quit and run. Which are you?

Gordon Mayor Shana Ray - Possible Intimidating A Witness - And Text Threats To Rickey Stokes

Gordon Mayor Shana Ray - Possible Intimidating A Witness - And Text Threats To Rickey Stokes

First Funeral

Gordon Mayor Shana Ray - Possible Intimidating A Witness - And Text Threats To Rickey Stokes

Gordon Mayor Shana Ray - Possible Intimidating A Witness - And Text Threats To Rickey Stokes

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