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GREAT JOB To All On Saturday's Bad Weather

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Jan 12 2020 4:45 PM

HOUSTON COUNTY:    On Saturday there was a storm. The storm started Saturday afternoon late. Before the storm it was watched and preparations were made.

No where in the title of EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT does it reflect METEOROLOGIST. So the weather information and predictions Emergency Management is dependent upon professionals such as the National Weather Service and local Meteorologists.

Since Chris Judah was appointed as Emergency Management Director of the Dothan - Houston County Emergency Management Agency he has formed a relationship with these professionals. Then based on their professional opinions and predictions, along with other leaders in Dothan and Houston County, decisions are made. Plans are made and all systems are set and ready.

CODE OF ALABAMA 31-9-3 DEFINES EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT:   The preparation for and the carrying out of all emergency functions, other than functions for which military forces or other federal agencies are primarily responsible, to prevent, minimize, and repair injury and damage resulting from disasters caused by enemy attack, sabotage, or other hostile action, or by fire, flood, earthquake, or other natural cause. These functions include, without limitation, fire-fighting services; police services; medical and health services; rescue, engineering, air raid warning services; communications; radiological, chemical, and other special weapons of defense; evacuation of persons from stricken areas; emergency welfare services (civilian war aid); emergency transportation; plant protection; temporary restoration of public utility services; and other functions related to civilian protection, together with all other activities necessary or incidental to the preparation for and carrying out of the foregoing functions.

Dothan - Houston County Emergency Management Director Chris Judah works hand in hand with all emergency service functions and non-emergency, person focused, services. Helping make sure all services are ready, this entire 582 square mile county is prepared and ready.

EMA Director Chris Judah was preparing for the storm and making contact with the key players during the day, and days before the weather was to hit. At the time the storm was to hit, Judah was in the Dothan - Houston County Emergency Operations Center monitoring multiple systems and keeping leaders and emergency responders across the county informed. Making sure responders were prepared and all resources are in place.

Across the 582 square miles of this county law enforcement, fire and EMS were on hand and ready to deploy where needed. Dothan Fire Chief Larry William was on hand in the Dothan Fire Command Center managing the resources of Dothan Fire Department should Dothan Fire resources begin to be overwhelmed in calls.

Once the winds hit a certain stage the emergency services evaluate their response. As calls are hitting Dothan Fire Chief Larry Williams manages the resources of the Dothan Fire Department.

Emergency Management is both a resource and a responder. While EMA is not always the boots on the ground, the coordination with all agencies makes things run smooth.

One thing is for sure. EMA is not a meteorologist. But the relationships built, as Chris Judah has done during his tenure, is what makes things a success.

In Houston County, Chris Judah has worked to have a relationship with all 17 Volunteer Fire Departments, 5 Volunteer EMS, Pilcher's Ambulance and Headland EMS that serves in the county. And a working relationship with Dothan Fire Department.


What can you say about these men and women in the 911 Centers? These are the unseen backbone to the entire operations. These men and women fielded 300 to 350 calls in a 30 minute period.

Dothan 911 handles Dothan Utility calls after hours. When the power goes off the utility customers call and it reaches the 911 Center. Former Dothan City Manager Mike West was told Dothan Utilities needed to manage their phones and not the 911 Center. That went ignored and continues to be ignored.

The 911 Center does not have time to handle utilities issues. That should be the responsibility of Dothan Utilities. 

Hats off to the men and women of Dothan Police and Houston County Sheriff 911 Centers.


The citizens and guests in all 582 square miles are in excellent hands. Because all emergency responding agencies are in harmony, having each others backs, and working hand in hand. 

In Houston County, some property damage. All property can be replaced.

There were zero reported injuries or deaths. What can not be replaced is peoples health and life.


GREAT JOB To All On Saturday's Bad Weather

GREAT JOB To All On Saturday's Bad Weather

First Funeral

GREAT JOB To All On Saturday's Bad Weather

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