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HEADLAND FOOTBALL - Ass. Principal - Deputy - Parent Physically Grabs Student

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
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Date: Sep 08 2019 8:32 PM

HEADLAND:     What is the student section of a High School Football Game?

Student section - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

student section or student cheering section is a group of student fans that supports its school’s athletic teams at sporting events; they are known for being one of the most visible and vocal sections of a sports crowd as well as for their occasionally raucous behavior. They are most often associated with NCAA Basketball and football games, but can be found in several sports in both college and high school. A student section is an important part of a school’s fanbase and a significant contributor to home advantage.


The tradition for decades has been where students throw baby powder which now they throw flour when victorious events occur in the ballgames. The students do it in the "STUDENT SECTION" not the "ADULT SECTION".

One adult, who is reported to be a "whose who" in the band community of the school started in on the students throwing the flour. The 17 year old reported to be "holding " the back was threatened by the adult.

UNDERSTAND...the "ADULT" apparently with a reading and comprehension plan of what the "STUDENT SECTION" is set aside for. It was not the "ADULT SECTION" but the "STUDENT SECTION".

The adult made verbal threats to the 17 year old student. The adult is alleged to have grabbed the 17 year old student and ripped the young man’s shirt, alleging committing criminal actions of an adult towards a student.

This action is not tolerated, except in this incident, on school grounds. But according to witness the adult who can not sit in the correct section was allowed to have alleged to have assault the student and remain at the football game.

However the student and reported as many as 18 students were "ORDERED AND DIRECTED" by Headland High School Ass. Principal Tina Gibson and Henry County Sheriff Deputy Judd Etheridge to leave the stadium. Some have said the students were told of they purchased a $ 7.00 ticket they could return to the game.

The Deputy and Ass. Principal were asked to get statements from the kids but they refused.

GREAT EXAMPLE by the Ass. Principal and Deputy Sheriff to the kids. Nothing was done to the parent who put his hands physically on the 17 year old. 

GREAT EXAMPLE of what School Administration and Law Enforcement is NOT all about. It is NOT ALL ABOUT in gathering the facts and taking action accordingly. It is about gathering the facts and taking action accordingly.

Some adults have forgotten before they became grouchy old cuss’es  they came through childhood. But after childhood they became grouchy obnoxious jerks towards young people.

And anyone with a slight bit of intelligence would realize, the students are at the game to support their team, be excited and create excitement. And they were doing it in the reserved section assigned only to the students,

So adult, you had no business of sitting where you were sitting. If you did you accepted what comes with that section.

And you had zero business to put your hands on the student. It is probably a good thing Bubba did not see you as an adult put your hands on the student. If Bubba had seen that then Headland EMS might have had a call.

Ass. Principal Tina Gibson, if the facts are as depicted, you should be required for a week to wear black and white striped jump suit for a week picking up trash on the campus to learn a lesson. You try to teach the student responsibility and lessons, and apparently you need some lessons.

Deputy Judd Ethereridge, of the facts depicted are true and accurate, there is a black and white jump suit for you and you should join the Ass. Principal and do the same. That was you are sending a powerful message to the students that you do not jump to conclusions and take actions when you do not know the facts.

To the parent who put his hands on the student, you should: (1) apologize (2) be arrested (3) serve four weekends in the Henry County Jail or in the alternative on each Friday night game wear the black and white striped coveralls picking up trash and cleaning the toilet bowls. Showing the children you were wrong and paid the consequences, or (4) Bubba needs to give to you what you were attempting to give to the student, a fist up side the head.

If you are going to dish it out, set the example.

PICTURE 2 From Headland High School 2018 - 2019 YEARBOOK

HEADLAND FOOTBALL - Ass. Principal - Deputy - Parent Physically Grabs Student

HEADLAND FOOTBALL - Ass. Principal - Deputy - Parent Physically Grabs Student

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