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Hot Sheet Cases Filed in 20th Judicial Circuit March.24, 2023

Viewed: 899

Posted by: Staff
Date: Mar 27 2023 9:45 AM


Houston County:


38-CV-2023-000020.00 Lisa Gale Vs Darrell Vinson Davis (Negligence Motor Vehicle) with Judge Butch Binford

38-CV-2023-900115.00 Ameris Bank Vs Savvy Developers LLC AKA Savvy Develpment LLC (Contract/EJMNT/SEIZU) with Judge John Steenland

38-CV-2023-900116.00 Bill Miller Vs Senena Sullivan (Other CV Case) with Judge Kevin Moulton

38-CV-2023-900117.00 Credit Acceptance Corporation Vs Shawntel Willimas (Account Collection)$11842.23 with Judge Christopher Richardson



38-DV-2023-900349.00 Mariner Finance LLC Vs Gerald L Dunlap (Account Collection) with Judge Benjamin Lewis

38-DV-2023-900350.00 Mariner Finance LLC Vs Raymond L Barr (Account Collection) with Judge Lori Collier Ingram

38-DV-2023-900351.00 One Main Financial Group LLC Vs Latrecia Underwood (Contract/EJMNT/SEIZU) with Judge Benjamin Lewis

38-DV-2023-900352.00 Wells Fargo Bank Vs James Killingworth (Account Collection) with Jude Lori Collier Ingram

38-DV-2023-900353.00 Republic Finance LLC Vs Cynthia M McLendon (Contract/EJMNT/SEIZU) with Judge Benjamin Lewis

SM-Small Claims:

38-SM-2023-900876.00 Triad of Alabama LLC Flowers Hospital Vs Jason Brown (Account Collection)$1909.02 with Judge Benjamin Lewis

38-SM-2023-900877.00 Triad of Alabama LLC Flowers Hospital Vs Angeliece Branch (Account Collection)$1559.40 with Judge Benjamin Lewis

38-SM-2023-900878.00 Triad of Alabama LLC Flowers Hospital Vs Jaime Bryan (Account Collection)$1041.19 with Judge Benjamin Lewis

38-SM-2023-900879.00 Triad of Alabama LLC Flowers Hospital Vs Brooklynn Brown (Account Collection)$513.46 with Judge Benjamin Lewis

38-SM-2023-900880.00 Triad of Alabama LLC Flowers Hospital Vs Kingsley Bryant   (Account Collection)$417.08 with Judge Lori Collier Ingram

38-SM-2023-900881.00 Triad of Alabama LLC Flowers Hospital Vs Jason Bush  (Account Collection)$616.88 with Judge Lori Collier Ingram

38-SM-2023-900882.00 Gulfco of Alabama DBA Tower Loan of Dothan Vs David Crawford (Contract/EJMNT/SEIZU)$3259.06 with Judge Lori Collier Ingram

38-SM-2023-900883.00 Midland Credit Management Inc Vs Paisleigh C Oliver (Account Collection)$1271.25 with Judge Lori Collier Ingram

38-SM-2023-900884.00 Southeast Health Vs Aurie Jeanice Jenkins (Account Collection)$593.75 with Judge Benjamin Lewis

38-SM-2023-900885.00 Southeast Health Vs Jeffrey Charles Varner (Account Collection)$1735.39 with Judge Lori Collier Ingram

38-SM-2023-900886.00 Main Street Loan Company Vs Jason Arrindell (Account Collection)$1321.67 with Judge Benjamin Lewis

38-SM-2023-900887.00 Main Street Loan Company Vs Muhoguney Felder(Account Collection)$1049.00  with Judge Benjamin Lewis

38-SM-2023-900888.00 Main Street Loan Company Vs Chip E Peters (Account Collection)$1348.50 with Judge Lori Collier Ingram

38-SM-2023-900889.00 Main Street Loan Company Vs Darryl Ferrell (Account Collection)$2484.39 with Judge Lori Collier Ingram

38-SM-2023-900890.00 Main Street Loan Company Vs Roger Maulding (Account Collection)$2244.26 with Judge Benjamin Lewis


Judge Binford had 1 case for Possess/Receive Cont. Judge Moulton had 3 cases for Fraud Use Credit/Deb, Ill Possess Credit/Deb X 2,. Judge Steensland had 2 cases for Expungement Petition.


Judge Moulton had 1 case for Possess/Receipt Cont. Judge Lewis had 45 cases range from Possess Marihuana 1st, Theft of Property 1st, Trafficking, rec Stolen Prop 2nd.


Judge Lewis had 5 cases for Speeding, DUI, Expired License, Overweight Truck, Vehicle Out of Servi.

Henry County:


37-DV-2023-00002.00 C H Kinsey Vs Clementine Lynn  (Misc DV Case)$20000.00 with Judge James Peterson

37-DV-2023-000003.00 Janie Kinsey Vs Clementine Lynn (Misc DV Case) $20000.00 with Judge James Peterson

SM-Small Claims:

37-SM-2023-00032.00 Troy Bank & Trust Vs Kim and Dennis Faulk (Misc SM Case)$1761.14 with Judge James Peterson

37-SM-2023-900066.00 Triad of Alabama LLC Flowers Hospital Vs Robert Dailey (Account Collection)$2558.78 with Judge James Peterson

37-SM-2023-900067.00 Triad of Alabama LLC Flowers Hospital Vs Brandy Deese(Account Collection)$305.54 with Judge James Peterson

CC-Circuit- Criminal:

Judge Richardson had 1 case for Possess/Receipt Cont.


Judge Peterson had 14 cases range from Human Trafficking 1st, Electronic Solicitio, Resisting Arrest, and Attempt to Elude, Assault 2nd.




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