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Houston County EMS Working On Request From American Recovery Act - COLUMBIA Officials Should Be Charged WIth Malfeasance

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Nov 18 2021 1:03 AM

HOUSTON COUNTY:    The Houston County EMS Association met this afternoon to discuss needs.

Those needs range from stretchers, to monitors, to upgraded modems to transmit information to hospitals, to equipment to treat the patient directly, to new ambulances.

The Houston County EMS Association includes:  Ashford Rescue, Columbia Rescue, Cottonwood Rescue, Dothan Fire, Headland Fire - EMS ( they handle the Kinsey area ), Pilcher Ambulance, Rehobeth Rescue and Wicksburg Rescue.

Every EMS call within the city limits of Dothan, there are six people on. Dothan Fire responds which have four people on the fire engine and Pilcher Ambulance responds which has two people on it. So every EMS call, a total of six people.

Across the county, you have the medic and driver. You get a large patient and a 115 pound medic, lifting a 300 pound patient is almost impossible. So electric stretchers are not options but a requirement. But Columbia Rescue does not have electic stretchers.

The so called leaders have no clue the operations of the county fire and EMS. 

Each county across the state has gotten American Recovery Act Money. Some of the political leaders are liars when they say it can not be used for EMS. That is because some of the political leaders want it for projects they want and the saving of lives is not a priority.

While Houston County Commission did purchase some monitors and LUCAS devices for the county EMS and Pilcher Ambulance, the City of Dothan bought zero equipment for Dothan Fire Department and Pilcher Ambulance.

Pilcher Ambulance was apparently afraid to ask Dothan but made demands on Houston Couty.

This time, all municipalities across Houston County, and the Houston County Commission are going to be presented with needs through the Houston County EMS Association. In some of the needs, each department have different needs.

And we will see how these municipalities and county feel about your safety and medical needs. Do they want the best equipped emergency medical services available to save lives or are their priority to increase the business of the funeral homes?

Since I am not with any EMS, I can call it like it is. So, Ashford - Columbia - Cottonwood - Cowarts - Dothan - Gordon - Houston County Commission - Kinsey - Madrid  - Rehobeth - Taylor - Webb ... all of you are going to be asked to participate with some of the American Recovery Act Money.

And it has been researched and we know what it can be used for. 

We thank each for their support. But the EMS business is there to provide quality pre-hospital care to those in need. And the EMS has needs. There is money there with the above named persons.

COLUMBIA ALABAMA  To the Town of Columbia Alabama. The hurricane destroyed your fire and EMS station in 2018. The prior town council and the current town council have had their heads stuck up their buttocks since 2018 and these men and women still have no fire and EMS station and sleep like old dogs when staying there to protect your citizens.

And someoe in Columbia is to stupid to figure out how to have a driver and a medic on duty at the same time.

Your stupidity is now going to cause the price of the building to double because none of you could make decisions and the cost of materials have skyrocketed.

And people with nice homes which are vacant are to cheap to provide for the EMS and Fire which are on duty to stay in while being on stand by for the emergency needs.

COLUMBIA - you are better than this. It is long overdue to get a station and have drivers for the ambulance with the medic. 

Get it together or resign from office. Because you are not serving your citizens in the manner they deserve. There are fine people in Columbia and expect better then this.

And your fire and EMS, they deserve better then this. I would hold my head in complete shame in your being stupid. NO EXCUSE!


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