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Inside The President’s War Room - President George Bush on September 11

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Sep 06 2021 12:20 AM

Tonight was my first to watch APPLE TV. As I opened my IPAD it came up. Always interested in the emergency life, I clicked on this movie and watched it.

Inside The President’s War Room 9/11.

Now picture this; I am laying in bed with the bed desk I recently purchased. Flanked by the Law Enforcement - Fire and EMS radios. And as I am watching this, I pause it as ALEA dispatched a vehicle verses pedestrian accident on Coffee County 161, notified of Danny Barefoot’s death from COVID, another breaking tragic story, a chase in Ozark, multiple text messages via TEXT RICKEY 334-790-1729 and text to find out what is happening.

All the while starting the movie, pausing the movie, exiting to post updates and returning to the movie.

This is the first movie I have watched since more than four years ago. It was when Donald Trump sought the office of President. During that time I had enjoyed watching FOX in the morning and some of Good Morning America. I grew tired of all they had to talk about was Trump, Hillary, Obama. That is when I stopped watching.

But I was glued to the end even with the interruptions. And I learned several things. President George Bush was in Florida reading a book to a class when the attacks of 9/11 occurred. He remained calm but you could see the look on his face and how his eyes jumped to key people on his staff as he was reading.

How President Bush, who knew all eyes were on him, remained calm. While inside he was not calm, but as Commander and Chief he knew what message he needed to portray.

How the most powerful man in the world had no control over where he was going. President Bush wanted to return to Washington but the United States Secret Service has control over Air Force One. They flew President Bush from Florida to Louisiana to Nebraska before Washington D.C.

All the while President Bush wanted to go back to Washington, but the most powerful man in the world had no say. It was the duty of the United States Secret Service to keep the President of the United States of America safe, and to keep the President and Vice President apart and both safe.

It was also interesting to learn the communications system in Air Force One was outdated. How difficult it was for the President of the United States of America to get accurate information. How the communications system failed and calls lost.

It was interesting to see how the Commander In Chief received a lot of his information and that was as the world was receiving it, which was in the media.

That hours later, from Nebraska in secured communications center, underground, President George Bush began receiving accurate information.

Then finally President Bush, clearly angry with the attack on American land, some 3,000 Americans killed which was more than Pearl Harbor, with the fact it appeared President Bush was being chased around the country, the President of the United States of America returned to Washington D.C.

How President Bush knew that, as Commander In Chief, it was his responsibility to protect the people of the United States of America. How President Bush felt the duty to calm the people of this great country, to know the President was in command, had a clear vision, and duty, and would not tolerate attacks on the American people.

How President George Bush was humble to tell support people THANK YOU, and to hug those who had loved ones killed or missing. To let them know they were loved and truly cared for.

And how much he loved his mom and dad. In the movie when he got his mother on the phone and asked where they were, his mom said in Milwaukee. President Bush said why are you there and his mom said because you grounded all of the airplanes!!!

The President is a living, breathing human being. But President George Bush knew before he acted, before he spoke, he needed “facts, known information”. And that was very delayed in getting to him.

It is amazing how GOD works and places the right people in command at the right time. It is clear from reliving 9/11, and now watching the steps taken, GOD had the right people in the right places.

This drove home the point, how the inability to get accurate information, the inability to communicate, can negatively impact what is happening. How intelligence, not brains but information is important to prevent things from happening.

COMMUNICATIONS -  the being able to talk to each other.

INTELLIGENCE - information as to what is going on and what could happen.

EQUIPMENT - up to date communications equipment that you know, you know, that you know works and is able to operate.

Before the emergency and not during the emergency or after the emergency.

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