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Intresting Chain Of Events Unfolding In Murder Of Lowndes County Sheriff

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Nov 27 2019 3:10 PM

LOWNDES CO AL:      Confused in Lowndes County.

This is about the sad events in Lowndes County from this past Saturday evening. The Sheriff, "Big John" Williams was killed after alleged being shot by a 18 year old Montgomery male.

Lowndes County has over 700 square miles ( land wise larger than Houston County ) but population wise around 11,000 people ( plus or minus ).

The family of the deceased Sheriff filed a lawsuit against the Lowndes County Commission only to come back and dismiss the lawsuit agains the Lowndes County Commission.

But the lawsuit raises a number of issues in this case and the case of others in public service.

(1) The lawsuit makes the statement that Sheriff Williams routinely gave his personal cell phone number out if people needed him. ( Not unuasual especially if you are an elected official.)

(2) The lawsuit makes the statement the Sheriff received a phone call about the problems at the store on his cell phone. ( In a county of 11,000 people, that would not be unusual. )

(3) The lawsuit then describes the Sheriff as responding on his vehicle, which is the county owned vehicle assigned to  him as Sheriff. It goes to an extra effort to describe the lights it contains, radios and antenna. Never mentions it is a unmarked vehicle.

(4) The lawsuit states the Sheriff "identified" himself.

These facts support some interesting TEXT RICKEY STOKES 334-790-1729 WITH NEWS TIPS AND QUESTIONS we have received. So this case is going to be interesting.

The first interesting note is,

(1) killing a law enforcement officer is a capital offense. That means a person could face death. In this case the defendant is charged with murder, not the death penalty murder.

(2) the Sheriff was in plain clothes not in uniform identifying him as a law enforcement officer.

(3) the lawsuit filed goes to great length describing the Sheriff vehicle. What the lawsuit fails to mention was the Sheriff vehicle was a gray Ford F-150 with one antenna. The average person would possibly not recognize it as a law enforcement vehicle but a law enforcement officer probably would. The pickup truck had o brush guard on it.

(4) the lawsuit states the alleged shooter went to the Sheriff but the scene reflects the Sheriff on the ground about two feet from the door of the vehicle, I think the suspect vehicle.

TEXT RICKEY STOKES has indicated different than the lawsuit. It indicates the Sheriff went to the suspect vehicle and grabbed the suspect and that is when the suspect shot the Sheriff.

What the truth is obviously I am not in the investigation and do not know. But some interesting twists to this case. 

If the TEXT RICKEY STOKES information is accurate, and the Sheriff had no identification such as badge around neck in plain sight, and the Sheriff emergency lights were not on, and he did grab the alleged shooter, how was the alleged shooter to know who it was grabbig him. And the Sheriff was known as "BIG JOHN". So obviously he was a large man.

Not saying the information text to me is actually the chain of events, but in reading the civil suit filed and looking at some items stressed, this is not a open and shut case. It could very easily be a self defense case when it goes to court.

There is also a Order Of The Court the prosecution nor the defense are to speak publically about this case.

Lowndes Co Sheriff Lawsuit by Rickey Stokes on Scribd

Lowndes Co Sheriff Lawsuit Dismissal by Rickey Stokes on Scribd

Warrant and Fact Sheet Lowndes Co Sheriff by Rickey Stokes on Scribd

Lowndes Co Silence Order by Rickey Stokes on Scribd

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