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Kinsey LAME Duck Mayor Not Doing What Council Asked

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Sep 08 2020 10:16 PM

KINSEY:    Several weeks ago the members of Kinsey Town Council voted a new policy in. Well, not all of them. 

The policy voted and approved in an open Kinsey Town Council meeting by the majority of the members of Kinsey Town Council was a policy that employees of the Town of Kinsey were not allowed to drive vehicles home if they lived more than 10 miles from Kinsey.

This vote was not unanimous. Councilman Joe F. Watson, who appears only when he wants for a Kinsey Town Council meeting and Councilwoman Cindy Gaylor voted against the new policy.

Ok... the vote in the "OFFICIAL TOWN COUNCIL" meeting, the majority of the council members voted the new policy in.

The election for Mayor. There were three people who sought election as Kinsey Mayor:

(1) Incumbent Mayor Charles Douglas

(2) Former Mayor/Current Councilman/Kinsey Fire Chief Jason Reneau 

(3) Former Alabama Governor Candidate Anthony White ( who only raised $ 2,000.00 as a candidate for Alabama Governor.)

The incumbent Mayor received only 76 votes with Reneau receiving 204 and the Former Alabama Governor Candidate Anthony White with 135 votes.

So Charles Douglas is a lame duck Mayor since he lost. Reneau and White are in a run off election set for October 6.

Charles Douglas continues as Mayor until the first week in November at which time the winner of the Town Council races and whoever wins Mayor will assume the duties.

WELL TODAY LAME DUCK MAYOR CHARLES DOUGLAS blatantly disobeys the policy approved by the majority of the Kinsey Town Council and issues a order:

"FROM THE MAYOR'S OFFICE By order of the Mayor's Office effective immediately, no city vehicle shall be driven home after shift hours for any reason. It has been brought to this office's attention that vehicle mileage is of serious concern by the sitting council, and as Mayor I agree. Such a vote affects two employees of the town and in fairness to all employees it is ordered that this vote by the council shall be enforced and expanded to include all departments and department heads, with no exception of the rule. In addition all vehicles are to be parked along the front, inside the fence and gated yard at 238 Lynn Jarvis Road."

The two employees affected are: (1) Acting Kinsey Police Chief Willie Powell, a part-time employee working only 25 hours a week. He lives in Daleville and drove the Town of Kinsey Police Tahoe back and forth from Daleville to Kinsey, and (2) Police Officer Robert Jones who lives less than one mile from the Town of Kinsey City Limits.

This past Saturday when Headland Police Department called for mutual aid assistance from Kinsey Volunteer Fire Department, Officer Jones who was off duty as a policeman, responded to the Kinsey Fire Station to get a fire truck and respond helping the fire department. The mutual aid request was for a serious critical accident. In addition to being a police officer Jones helped fight fires when he lived in Rehobeth and was a police officer in Webb.

Apparently Mayor Charles Douglas is not aware when a municipality starts a police department, ALEA - Troopers no longer work motor vehicle accidents in the municipality. The exception to this is, "when requested due to the serverity of the accident, and ALEA has some Troopers available".

With NO KINSEY POLICE OFFICER allowed to drive the vehicle home, GOOD LUCK when one is not on duty if you have a car accident.

Just this morning Kinsey Police Officer Robert Jones responded to a medical emergency in Kinsey. In fact at 6:56:05 CST, a female fell and bleeding. Forced entry had to be made into the residence and law enforcement needed to meet Headland EMS on the scene to assist with forced entry. No Interim Chief on duty and Jones responded even though his shift did not begin until 2:00 PM.


Kinsey Police Officer Robert Jones did not provide me with this. I obtained from other sources.


Kinsey Mayor Charles Douglas you are becoming a winy little baby because you lost the election. Interim Police Chief Willie Powell, you took the reigns as Interim Police Chief, get with it and do the job or carry your donkey to Daleville.

You are doing a disservice to the citizens of Kinsey by not doing your job and pouting because some people complain about you in the council meeting. You can leave Kinsey and not return, but Charles, you live in Kinsey. If you want respect grown up and stop this bull.

I am well aware of the secret meeting, Joe, you are having because of being mad with Jason Reneau being in the run off. And you are working against him. Start looking at what is best for the town and stop this manure.


The majority of the Kinsey Town Council gave a directive policy. Employee's living outside ten ( 10 ) miles of the city limits of Kinsey are not to drive the vehicles home. At the time of the council's vote there were four who drove vehicles home: (1) Interim Police Chief Willie Powell who lives in Daleville (2)  Kinsey Police Officer Robert Jones who lives less than one mile from Kinsey City Limits (3)  Max Colon who works for the Water Department, and lives in Kinsey, and the two of you live together, (4) Matt who works for the Water Department, who lives in Daleville, and is the step son of Interim Chief Willie Powell.

The council voted and it only affected two. The new policy did not affect Max Colen, your room mate. It only affected Interim Chief Willie Powell and his step son, who drive to and from Daleville each day.


Charles be the leader expected as Mayor. Carry out the policy and if issues bring that before the council.

Willie, be the Chief or go home, now. Do not wait on the election.

The difference between men and boys in leadership is being a leader. And so far you are not. Heck Willie, you have not even sworn to any traffic tickets written since May 28, 2020. Am I right or wrong?

Kinsey LAME Duck Mayor Not Doing What Council Asked

Kinsey LAME Duck Mayor Not Doing What Council Asked

First Funeral

Kinsey LAME Duck Mayor Not Doing What Council Asked

Kinsey LAME Duck Mayor Not Doing What Council Asked

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