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My Adventures with COVID

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Apr 05 2021 10:25 PM

COVID:      My adventures with COVID.

On February 5, 2021 I woke up after midnight with a cough which felt like people were stabbing me in the chest. I was coughing stuff up.

I got up and went to Rehobeth EMS, closest to my house, and Heather checked my temperature which was only 98.7.

In an extremely unusual move for me I returned to bed and slept most of the day. Late in the afternoon I went to ALLSOUTH URGENT CARE - East and got a COVID test. It was positive.

From Friday through Sunday I stayed in a Dothan hotel. Used the electronic check in, electronic key, and from the side door was only two doors from my room. My family did not need it or exposed to it, especially Marsha.

That Saturday when no one was at my office I went and got four boxes of work and said well I will use this time to get some work done. Then I never touched the work.

On Sunday I was going to the beach. I said if having to be quarantined at least could look over the ocean and pretty sites. But that Sunday I had zero energy, drive or initiative. So I extended my stay.

My son and Matt set up a RV Camper in a park and that is where I remained. Never went to the beach. I would drive around some. Had my daughter get me a drink from a store and place on my tool box and when she left I got it off the tool box.

Tested positive on Friday and on Monday I had an infusion done.

All throughout the process my energy, initiative and drive was ZERO. And it still remains pretty much ZERO.

After the 14 days I had a second COVID test. It was positive. So I remained quarantined again the most part.

The strange part of COVID, a second test is not required. The first test they give you medicine of one a day for 5 days. A Flowers Hospital physician told me not to remain laying own. Get up about every hour and walk. And I followed his instructions.

This past week I had my third test. Finally it was negative.

I am still fighting ZERO energy, drive, initiative or want to. Last week had court in the bonding business through ZOOM. I fought trying to get up and finally pulled the blanket up. logged into ZOOM on the IPAD while still in bed. When the Judge realized he said my cases were continued and bye.

This morning I did not get out of bed until after 10 AM. Once I got going done pretty well. The folks I have spoken to said that is the norm from the people they know who had COVID. My eyes feel extremely tired and again, the energy and drive is awful and out of character for me.

Hope and pray you do not get. My recommendation is do not remain in bed, move around. Because as the doctor explained it then backs up in the body and lungs.

THANKS TO EACH OF YOU for the thoughts and prayers. Never was really physically sick, it just zaps the want to, the energy, the drive. Kind of gets you where you do not really care.

THANKS TO MY staff and family. I quickly found out the true meaning of sticking your hand in a can of water and pulling it out. The space left is what you fill. My staff and family did a great job in keeping the businesses gg.oin

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