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People Working Together As One To Serve Others

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Mar 31 2021 11:22 PM

ALL OVER THE WIREGRASS:    Tonight, as the weather was getting bad, the men and women in paid and volunteer service were staged and ready to respond.

Tonight, two medical emergencies in at the same time in the response zone for Cottonwood. One was answered by Ashford Rescue and the other by Cottonwood Rescue.

As these two medical emergencies were ongoing, a structure fire came out in Lovetown. Both Lovetown and Cottonwood Volunteer Fire responded. Was not an actual structure fire on their arrival but the response is required.

As the same time Cottonwood Rescue needed some lift assistance with the patient. Member of Lucy Volunteer Fire responded to assist Cottonwood Rescue. Cottonwood Police Officer Justin Pearson also responded and assisted.

This morning all you heard all morning was Houston County Sheriff 911 paging Ashford Rescue. Call and call for Ashford Rescue. Both ambulances were on calls when a third came in for lift assistance. One member of Ashford Rescue, on his personal vehicle, responded to the patient. Ashford Police Chief and a Houston County Sheriff Deputy met the Ashford Rescue member on the call to assist him with lifting the patient. 

The fire and EMS units across Houston County work together. The jurisdictional lines, once a point of contention, no longer an issue. While there are territories, the units work together as one, willing to roll and assist.

It is 11:20 PM ... Houston County Sheriff just dispatched Ashford Police Officer Larry Flowers to a possible structure fire on old U.S. Highway 84. They are now paging Ashford Fire, Ashford Rescue and Cowarts to the fire. 

Will finish this later...

UPDATED @ 11:25 PM    

Ashford Police Officer Larry Flowers did not find the fire on Old Highway 84 but on Pleasant Grove Road. It was a controlled burn and all fire and EMS cancelled.


Tonight was a prime example of multiple agencies, Volunteer agencies, joining as one to serve people in need.

Rickey Stokes gets cussed often. I have broad shoulders and do not really care. What I care about is, when someone dials three numbers, 9-1-1, the service to handle their emergency is rolled, promptly. I do not care who gets credit. What I care about is the proper and nearest provider is rolled.

Last week a structure fire in Ashford. Multiple agencies fighting the fire. Even Houston County Sheriff Deputies on the scene, including but not limited to Deputy Sheriff Noel Vanlandingham assisting with the fire fighting. Two of my employee spent six hours on my clock helping fight the fire.

But all in serving others.

Deputy Noel Vanlandingham had zero reservations in jumping in and helping.


Right now, today, some people in power are mad with me and have their lips poked out. My passion is emergency service. And when things are not going as they should in service of the citizens, and talking is not working because some are not listening, I will kick them right square in the point it will hurt.

Rickey Stokes is not in life, as I have come to realize, to have concern who likes or dislikes me. Most especially to have concern for anyone in power who likes me. My concern is the emergency services.

It is my passion and what I wanted working with Emergency Management. Judah has done a great job and has led to get the emergency responders to working as one.

I have made some powerful people mad. And they are vindictive. Some I have kicked right square in the crotch and they are friends. And I consider them friends. However, you do not waste time because you are always waiting for the 911 call that has not happened yet.

AND I GET EXCITED   when calls go as designed. Tonight was the case when multiple emergency needs were ongoing and getting handled by different departments with the same common goal in mind, PEOPLE.

It makes the cussing that I get, the powerful after me worth it, the powerful who give me go to ( not Shoney's look ), the one's who call my preacher because I pitched a fit, those so called friends who want my help but, you think they give one rat's butt about me, it is all worth it.

Because I have accepted, Rickey Stokes is not here in the downhill spiral of life to care whether someone in power likes me or is after me. I am here to help makes sure these people are truly "public servants".


People Working Together As One To Serve Others

People Working Together As One To Serve Others

First Funeral

People Working Together As One To Serve Others

People Working Together As One To Serve Others

People Working Together As One To Serve Others

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