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Pettion To Remove A Police Officer - RSN Asked To Look Into It - And

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Aug 02 2019 11:56 PM

WEBB:      From April Denise:   Posted via FACEBOOK of April Denise:  the goal is to get as many signatures as possible, by August 26th to take to the Town Council Meeting to remove Officer Robert Jones from the Webb Police Department. We want to feel comfortable leaving our homes without being stalked or pulled over for bogus reasons to fit his curiosity!!! If this petition doesn't work, I will contact Rickey Stokes News and any other media necessary until it's resolved! Share and sign!

PETITION WEB SITE - Remove Officer Robert Jones From Webb Police Department

As a lifelong citizen of Webb, Alabama I am creating this petition in hopes our leaders get a glimpse into what their citizens are experiencing on a daily basis. We no longer feel comfortable leaving our homes without fear of being stopped for outrageous reasons just to fit this officer's curiosity. From traffic stops where laws aren't even being broken, to him following us all the way to our destination only to turn around in the driveway and head the opposite way. This officer's responsibility is to protect and serve and it has been more like harass and stalk. I speak for many others when I say, something HAS to be done about this. You are risking your town's reputation by continuing to allow your citizens to fear being stopped everytime they leave their homes!


He should of been fired when he got a DUI while on duty in a police vehicle !


Webb Police Officer Robert Jones is a working police officer who does make a lot of traffic stops. In Dothan that is not a problem and expected as an ALEA - Trooper. But in smaller towns in creates controversy. In fact I called a police chief out about "my town" comment, not in Webb, because the residents did not like their co-workers being talked down to and the officer thinking that was "his town" when he does not even live in the town.

TO JOHN McCORD AND HIS COMMENT:    the "former" Webb Police Officer stopped and arrested for DUI was (1) not on a Webb Police car but his personal car and was off duty, (2) the officer was not Robert Jones or in anyway connected to Robert Jones, (3) that officer resigned and never worked again as a Webb Police Officer following his arrest for DUI (4) moved away from Houston County after his arrest. So Mr. McCord your comment is false concerning Robert Jones.

TO APRIL DENISE:   You were pulled over when you left the store and not your residence. The violations, as I understand, were failure to use safety devices, turn signals, on several turns after leaving the store. And the failure to stop before exiting the store parking lot onto Highway. Many do not know that is a traffic violation.  It can not be argued the fact that traffic deaths in this area of the state have increased the last couple of years. And that has caused more officers to be mindful of traffic violations. You had a suspended driver license. Webb Police Officer Jones did not issue you a citation for driving while suspended. He did take your driver license on the instructions of ALEA when your name was checked through the computer and ALEA issued those instructions. Happens all of the time. Webb Police Officer Robert Jones could not let you drive off after finding out your license were suspended. If he had and you wrecked then he has created the Town of Webb liability. But he allowed you to call someone to come pick you up and drive you home. Saved you about $ 450 in tow bills. Next you had an outstanding arrest warrant in the City of Ashford. Webb Police Officer Robert Jones told you of the outstanding arrest warrant and get it taken care of. He would have been well within his rights and duty to have had your car towed, had you exit your vehicle, place handcuffs on you, and transport you to meet a Ashford Police Officer who would have placed you in the Houston County Jail where you would have been required to make bond, then go pay impound fee to get your car back.

So with your petition, you have caused the next person in your set of circumstances to be treated by the book, which means: (1) asked to exit the vehicle, searched, handcuffed and placed in the back of the police vehicle and transported to meet Ashford (2) have their car towed and have a towing expense (3) and get traffic tickets for the violations stopped for rather than a break.

Because the very person Webb Police Officer Robert Jones gave multiple breaks to, in the end is after his job. So while Webb Police Officer Robert Jones gave you breaks, in the end you stabbed him in the back. So he ought to see if the Ashford warrant is active and show up tomorrow and take you into custody.


Could Webb Police Officer Robert Jones chill some and not be as aggressive? Yes. But he can not be accused of not working. So while he works, he was not hired to park under a shade tree and sleep. So he is doing what Webb Alabama started a police department for.

Based on the breaks given to you and the "no clue what he is talking about" from John McCord, your petition is without merit.

Thanks for asking me to look into it.

DO NOT BE MAD AT ME...Calling it like it is.

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