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Pitchford Circumvents Houston County Sheriff And Hires DSI

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Jan 28 2013 10:50 AM

HOUSTON COUNTY:   Houston County School Superintendent Tim Pitchford has hired DSI as security for the Houston County Schools. The team of unarmed security guards started this morning at 7:30 AM.

The employment, as we understand, has been done without the official approval of members of the Houston  County School Board, but through a reported phone poll from Pitchford to members of the Houston County Board of Education.


DSI is a Dothan owned and Dothan based corporation. It was initially started by Houston County Sheriff A.B. Clark. Upon graduation from college, Sheriff Clark’s son Alan took over the reigns of DSI. The company has been turned into a large security guard company employing hundreds of people all across the United States.

DSI is a well managed company, under the leadership of Alan Clark, his son’s and Eddie Sorrells, the son of former Twentieth Judicial District Attorney Tom Sorrells.

Pitchford does not notify local law enforcement

Houston County School Superintendent  Tim Pitchford has made this decision and not notified local law enforcement. Pitchford has never notified Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes or Ashford Police Chief Jim Stanley, Webb Police, Columbia Police or Cottonwood Police of his employment of DSI.

As we are learning this morning, some principals were not aware of Pitchford’s employment of DSI.

Pitchford attempts to circumvent Houston County Sheriff

School Superintendent Tim Pitchford asked Houston County Sheriff Department to draft a security plan. Reports are Pitchford was not happy with the plan.

Pitchford wanted total control of the law enforcement.

Rather than meet with the Sheriff and discuss the issue, Pitchford hires DSI.

It  might be that Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes has to educate Pitchford about who is really in charge of law enforcement in Houston County. And it ain’t Tim Pitchford.

Received reports teachers in Houston County not allowed to call 911

We have received reports that teachers in the Houston County Schools have verbally been told they do not have the authority to call 911. The proper protocol is, the teacher is required to contact the principal. The principal is required to contact Pitchford for permission to call 911.

Pitchford is reported to want to limit what is reported to law enforcement that occurs in the schools.

Pitchford lies about school crossing guards

Months ago I was told the Houston County School Tim Pitchford sent a letter to the Town of Rehobeth and Houston County in reference to the school crossing at Rehobeth.

As you know, this marked school crossing has been a pet peeve of mine. It is dangerous. The question is  not “if” someone is going to get injured, the question is “when” someone is going to get injured.

Pitchford told Houston County Sheriff ranking officers he would pay for the crossing guard. The Sheriff Department scheduled deputies to work the crossing two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.

Pitchford then called the Sheriff Department a liar. Pitchford denied ever saying the school system would pay for the crossing guard. Sheriff Hughes paid the deputies who worked their off time from his overtime budget.

This morning an area law enforcement officer remarked, he trusted Pitchford has far as he could spit.

Safety of the children

It is the safety of the children.

DSI will make sure that persons entering the school are as they should be. However, would it not be a good idea for Pitchford to make sure the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Houston County, The Sheriff, was aware?

And what is an unarmed security guard to do when confronted with a dangerous citizen, other than physically fight.

And the staff can not call 911 to get the security guard help.

Pitchford Circumvents Houston County Sheriff And Hires DSI

Pitchford Circumvents Houston County Sheriff And Hires DSI

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Pitchford Circumvents Houston County Sheriff And Hires DSI

Pitchford Circumvents Houston County Sheriff And Hires DSI

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