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Rickey Stokes - FOR THE RECORD

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Jan 13 2023 6:36 AM

HENRY COUNTY:     On Thursday I, Rickey Stokes, received a phone call concerning my lack of attendance to the Henry County Commission Meeting.

The caller said that he heard that I was "chicken" and did not show up at the Henry County Commission meeting.

With that said I felt a response was necessary.

FIRST, there is NO MAN OR WOMAN, elected, appointed or anyone that Rickey Stokes is afraid of. That is not to mean that I am trying to be Mr. Big Man or cocky. But each one puts their pants on one leg at a time. And no one power am I afraid of. From those who wear black robes, Governors, President, Attorney General's. commissioners. anyone. 

In fact, those who work with me have the 100% freedom, the day I forget and begin to believe the people in power like me as individual Rickey Stokes, they can take their fist and knock the living smut out of me.

SECOND, I, Rickey Stokes, consider my self somewhat of a football kicker. When the ball fails to move or move forward it is my job to kick that ball to make it start rolling and moving. In doing so, I make people mad. And I can not worry about making people mad. Most especially when it comes to lives and emergency services.

THIRD, emergency services is my passion. I support the emergency responders, volunteer and paid, EMS - Fire - Law Enforcement - EMA - Utilities - 911 Centers. And most elected officials and appointed only give lip service with no backbone.

MY NON APPEARANCE - On Tuesday I had the Henry County Commission meeting and a court appearance with the Honorable Kimberly Clark Crawford in Dale County Circuit Court. The court appearance was because of the bail bonding business and a person failing to appear. I physically could not be in two places. So my co-worker, Chelsea, went a recorded the Henry County Commission meeting. So my non-appearance was not that I was afraid to look them in the face after being on their case concerning EMS funding, it was only because I could not be in two places at one time.

I respect Chairman Money and the Henry County Commission. In fact they re-appointed me as Deputy Coroner in Henry County. A post I have "voluntarily" served in since 2006 or 2007 under Coroner Derek Wright. I receive ZERO compensation but do so to help the Coroner in the event he needs someone to catch call.

But I stand beside my quest on EMS funding in Henry County. 

WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY - my birthday was Tuesday and my family took me to dinner that night. On Wednesday I went to Birmingham with my youngest son who had surgery Thursday morning. Had to be at the hospital at 5 AM. And NOTHING was more important to me then being with him.

BUT UNDERSTAND - I, Rickey Stokes, is not afraid of anyone. People have called my former Pastor over articles that I have written or my verbal rage when they send a ambulance to drive from Dothan through Ashford to Lucy to lady not breathing. When Ashford had ALS ambulances available. After three times of failing to get the point across that you roll the nearest ambulance, I went into a cussing rage of a fit. Someone called my former preacher who called me. That is not the first time someone has called my former pastor.

A public official called when that official threatened me. Threats go two ways, I have been involved in politics since 1977, and do not think for one minute that I do not have a secret safe with information and prepared for a fight from anyone who wants to fight. But if someone threatens me, well let's get the show on the road. I do not threaten and I do not take threats.

PLEASE TAKE THIS AS INTENDED  - this is not intended to a arrogant or cocky person. But doing what I do, you can not run with your feelings on your shoulders or worried if people like you or not.

A lot of people hate me, but most have never met me. I will give you the shirt off my back, and when I witness those in power abuse their power against those who can not stand up against those in power, I normally will fight for them. 

I have been the victim of people in power. Two so called "public integrity" investigators who were formally a FBI Agent and State Bureau of Investigation Agent - partners, have targeted me. They falsely accused that I was under investigation for the murder of my parents. The only problem with their accusation was my dad died in 1985 with lung cancer and my mother was still alive. I responded to please tell me when they were murdered. Then the new false rumor was that I was under investigation for a double murder/suicide. That was all hogwash.

The FBI Agent, was having a sexual relationship while married with the court reporter of a Grand Jury who was texting him with testimony that he was texting Alabama Governor Bob Riley. And he had a side kick who was a State Bureau of investigation Agent who was married to a lawyer who helped his partner in the divorce.

And Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has been called out in court documents for political retribution against people and lying in court documents. And I have called him about. So I have been the victim of their political witch hunt.

But in what I do, I can not run in fear.

THANK YOU- and I am for people, most especially those in life in a position where people in power tend to run over you.

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