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Rickey Stokes RESIGNATION With Emergency Management

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Jun 20 2020 9:04 PM

DOTHAN - HOUSTON COUNTY:    Today I emailed to Dothan - Houston County Emergency Management Director Chris Judah a letter of resignation from Emergency Management. The resignation is effective July 3, 2020.

The emailed resignation was sent by email from Cordele Georgia. I carried my daughter and grandson, Brantley, to meet Brantley's dad. Brantley will be visiting his dad for two weeks.

His dad, Mike, was in Bormingham with Emily and Josh during Brantley's Survival Flight by helicopter to Children's Hospital. This is the firs time since Brantley's time in Children's that he is away from his mom. So it was a mixed feeling trip. We know Mike will care for him but it is the first such occasion to be away from the little raschal for a period of time.

None the less, after the trip over and thinking about my tenure with Emergency Management, the final decision was made. I had written the resignation but was still up in the air about it. The time with Emily and Brantley, reflection of the most important parts of my life, and what changes I can help make in the future, helped me make the decision. That is why I made the decision to resign and figured that I better do it before I changed my mind.

The resignation was forwarded to Houston County Commissioner/Houston County Deputy Sheriff Ricky Mitchell Herring and Houston County Commissioner Brandon Shoupe. One of the two of these Commissioners apparently forwarded it to WTVY Ken Curtis and Dothan Eagle Michelle Forehand.

I received a text message from Ken Curtis asking did I resign. Michelle called me and I forwarded her to my media message CLICK.

Herring and Shoupe wanted me gone. They wanted me gone months ago. And being very honest, I almost resigned months ago. However my passion is emergency services. I feel very strong that when a person dials 9-1-1 they should be delivered the nearest and most prompt service to the 911 call.

Herring and Shoupe feel EMA is a "resource only" and not a "responder". Herring, who is also a Houston County Deputy Sheriff which serves at the sole pleasure of the Sheriff, feels that he knows all and EMA is not a responder. We have butt heads on that issue and I refused to bow down to him.

You know some people follow a GPS for directions. But when the GPS gets off course often times the traveler has no idea where they got off course at. That is the case with Ricky Mitchell Herring. He is off course and can not get it back on course because he has no idea at what point he got off course.

And Shoupe wants to be Chairman of the Houston County Commission. Watch him in the upcoming months as he tried to jockey for the Chairman. Boy is he going to be surprised.

With that said, Herring and Shoupe feel they have won with my resignation. When they did not play into the resignation at all.

The reasons are set forth in my letter. They are honest reasons and truthful reasons.

Some might recall when the appointment to the City of Dothan - Houston County Communications District Board came time to expire I never asked to be re-appointed. In fact I made it clear that I had no desire to be re-appointed. The reason is I have found out that you can make progress better being "outside" rather than "inside".

Being with Emergency Management hurt my family time and they are the most important. The brush Brantley, our grandson had, gave me a new appreciation of life. The time with Emergency Management hurt my businesses and my wallet. My priorities were in EMA and emergency services rather than what actually put food on my table.

And the time with Brantley and Emily today gave me some time of refelction on that.

This week I was involved some at the river in searching for a drowning victim. The man swam to get his son from the water and in turn lost his life. A very sad time. This also gave me some reflection time in that this man's son was 9 and Brantley is 7, turning 8 in September.

Ask anyone at my former Church, Memphis Baptist, about Brantley and I. Do not take my word for it.

So if Ricky Mitchell Herring and Brandon Shoupe want to take credit about me leaving EMA, so be it.

Now...Rickey Stokes is back, 1 million percent back, in the media business. A print edition will roll out on Wednesday. In 52 weeks we will be able to run legal ads.

Rickey Stokes - I CALL YOU OUT podcast hit the air waves this past week. The second podcast will hit the next week. Other great things in the future.

For EMA, I turned down a 1 million dollar offer to invest in Rickey Stokes News. Not saying that I am taking the investment, but I am saying I am back, I am back with my investment into making better, larger, and providing a service to the communities in providing information.

Thanks to everyone who supported me with EMA. I will still be around and involved. And I will be covering the news better and stronger than ever.

TEXT RICKEY 334-790-1729

Resignation EMA by R L Stokes on Scribd

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