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Ricky Herring Makes Announcement For Second Bid For Houston County Commissioner

Matt Boster - Riickey stokes

Viewed: 2002

Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Jan 06 2022 6:59 PM

HOUSTON COUNTY:     Tonight D-3 Houston County Commissioner Ricky Herring announced his bid for a second term of office as Houston County Commissioner.


Taylor Knight, of Memphis Baptist Church and Southeast Health Board Appointment, opened Herrings announcement with prayer.


Commissioner Herring's three kids spoke of their dad. The three children said their dad has always supported them in all they do. And they made it clear they support their dad in his election for bid as Houston County Commissioner.


State Representative Paul Lee introduced Ricky Herring. Lee said it is obvious that Ricky Herring studies the issues and is prepared before the meeting. Often times elected officials never look at anyhting prior to the meeting. Representative Lee said Herring studies the issues and ask questions to be prepared.

Representative Lee said it has been a pleasure to serve with Ricky Herring and that he supports Ricky Herring for re-election as D-3 Commissioner.


D-3 Commissioner Ricky Herring thanked everyone being present and Dothan National for allowing his announcement for re-election. Herring said Dothan National is in D-3, he wants it to be a success and wanted the announcement in his district.

Herring said November will be four years he has served as D-3 Houston County Commissioner. Herring said right is right and wrong is wrong. Herring said we need strong Christian Conservatives. Sometimes you have to be alone and our Lord tells us we have to be alone in some decisions.

A lot we have done together in three years.

The parking lot of the Rehobeth Baseball field. For 30 years we have not gotten anything done. Herring worked with ADECA Kenneth Boswell and working together got something done. The accomplishment was a partner effort with the Town of Rehobeth, Houston County School Board, Houston County Commission and ADEVA - Kenneth Boswell.

What I do full time, law enforcement, it was a obvious danger. We worked together and was able to get things done.

This is not about I or me.

As Ricky Herring, individually, I can not get anything done. It takes team work, working  with others. Working with the Town of Rehobeth, School System and county, a cost of about $ 90,000.00 for 60 parking spaces. Together we made accomplishments.

Some paved roads with REBUILD ALABAMA. Some, but not all, Littlefield Road, Trelawney Road, Quail, some have had no work for 30 years, never gotten paved. We got it paved. Also Willie Varnum Road paved.

Saw the need, the Sheriff saw the need for School Resource Officers. Spoke to the School Board. Ricky Herring got that started by working with the Houston County School Board, the Houston County Sheriff, the Houston County Commission. 

Together, as partners, today we have 12 resource officers. That took the Sheriff, Board of Education and Houston County to make it happen.

When you create jobs that had stable revenue. A $ 57 million dollar project to create jobs, which was Fed EX, which was a project spear headed by Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce Matt Parker.

A lot I want to do if re-elected.

The recent census, District 3 was the greatest growth since census came out.

Working on a project, that I found out in working with Matt Parker, the Industrial Park. There is 240 acres sitting there. It will take a 16 inch water line to run down to the Industrial Park. That is what it will take to create jobs. One goal is to get the water line, the infrastructure, and move industry and create jobs where we have propoerty.

The waterline is a $ 5 million dollar project to run from Center Stage to the Industrial Park near the intersecton of Highway 231 South, Highway 55 and State Highway 605.

Herring said much more work to be done and roads to be paved.

Thanks to all who have helped me. The county employees, Road and Bridge, EMA, Personnell, they do not get the credit they deserve.. Houston County does a great job to get things done and that is because we have a great staff.

I appreciate the fellow commissioners. We have to work together and we make a lot of progress.

To Dothan Mayor and Dothan Commissioners, working together we get things done.

The legislative delegation, awesome. When I call State Representative Paul Lee. We have a meeting. Myself and Commissioner Shoupe. They look at it and get good sound advice. Appreciate our delegation.

I work at the Sheriff Department. Sheriff Valenza is a great guy and I appreciate him. Sheriff Valenza does a great job and I look forward to continue working with him.

Scripture verse, some say we have to keep God out government. The problem is, we need God in our government.

Proverbs 11:14

Where there is no guidance, a people falls,
    but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.

Proverbs 15:22

Without counsel plans fail,
    but with many advisers they succeed.

Those who advise me, you know who you are. Many standing in the back of the room. These are the people I count on and can go to. Thank you.

To my Memphis Church family. You hold me accountable and pray for me. Thank each and every one of you.

To my brother and sister, thanks for your support. Herring thanks his parents,

To my kids, I had nothing to do what they wrote. They watch me because they see what is said. You support me, thank you and I love you.

To my wife, my most trusted partner, you keep me straight. Thank you for your support.

To my Lord and Savor, my priority is to honor you.

Nothing that I do is Ricky Herring. It takes working together with everyone. A lot to work together and working together makes things get accomplished.

A lot of these accomplishments have not been done in many years.

I need your support. Need your financial support and it cost money, a lot of money for a campaign.

A VENMO and PAYPAL Account if you want.

My phone is available, I am accountable and available. I have nothing to hide and transparent.

I am Ricky Herring and asking for your vote.

Herring took questions. I am going to obedient. I am a open book for my savior.

There were no questions.

Members of Reobeth Town Council were present, Dothan Commissioner D-4 John Ferguson, D-4 Houston County Commissioner Brandon Shoupe and Chairman Hopeful were some of those present for the announcement.

THANKS to Matt Boster for recording. Article by Rickey Stokes.

Ricky Herring Makes Announcement For Second Bid For Houston County Commissioner

Ricky Herring Makes Announcement For Second Bid For Houston County Commissioner

First Funeral

Ricky Herring Makes Announcement For Second Bid For Houston County Commissioner

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