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Some Ideas Of How RSN Operates

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Oct 15 2020 4:19 PM

LET ME ADDRESS SOMETHING:      RSN did a livestream of the stand off today the Houston County Sheriff Department had. There were a lot of comments during the livestream, most of which I do not read. Those that I do read, some I laugh at, wonder how people walk and are able to even make it through the day with such stupidity, but for the most part appreciate the comments made by people.

The law enforcement, fire and other emergency responders that know RSN know we are not going to reveal them live in a situation that would comprise strategic situations they have in place. That was the case today. We did not show sniper teams in place and other items in place in case the situation turned bad.

Since age 16 I have had police radios. Other media have police radios. The advantage that I have over other media, I have been listening to the radios since age 14 and little things catch my ear that other media does not pick up on.

Another advantage is some 7,000 to 8,000 contacts in my phone. Along with the fact I never reveal sources of information. And people text me hourly with information. Often times we have scene pictures before emergency vehicles arrive.

Emergency Officials know RSN will not release sensitive information. A recent case Ken Curtis of WTVY released information he was asked to hold. He did not hold it and the reason asked to hold it was because of the ongoing law enforcement murder investigation. And management of WTVY care less and has no regret.

EXAMPLE:   a bad wreck at 9 PM. WTVY and WDHN will have the scene footage on at 10 PM, RSN, if we know bad injuries or fatality will hold them until the family is notified.

SCENE DOCUMENTATION:    RSN takes pictures on scenes. We take extensive pictures on the scene. Pictures that will never be seen on RSN. What RSN has learned over the years, law enforcement and emergency responders arrive on the scene seeing what they have, making sure of the injured and scene making sure all injured are being treated or alerting medical responders, then begin to get the scene under control. RSN begins taking photos where things are located, debris on a car wreck is located, by standers for witnesses, where people are positioned. These are not for news but for law enforcement in the event they are needed. And they have used RSN photos to place people behind the wheel of the vehicle when later charged with murder if a person dies. These pictures will never make RSN but are open to the investigating officers.

THOSE WHO KNOW US  knows RSN will not disclose those and the intentions for taking them. We take caution not  to be in the way on a scene. One stand off scene I came in quick behind the first officers. From the media standpoint was in a great position to capture things FOX NEWS or other big outlets would want. Law Enforcement had issues with needing traffic controlled. A deputy was literally leaning over his hood with a rifle and directing traffic with his foot. RSN want down the road, blocked the roadway and diverted traffic for the next three hours. RSN could not even see the scene operation. But what was needed most for the officers safety was getting traffic off them so they could do their job.

AND WE THINK ON RESPONSE  most media is going to take the obvious route to the scene. RSN is going to think first, how is the scene going to be blocked first. And we arrive from a different direction. Often times placing RSN in a better vantage point then the other media.

So we are not given favors like everyone thinks. But RSN is about pitching in to help save lives before media. Second get the media.

Beating WTVY, WDHN or the Dothan Eagle is like beating a toddler in a foot race who only knows how to crawl.

So in the smart comments about RSN being let in, it is not the case often times. It is thinking and knowing while we are there for news we are guarded what we release and document if the investigative agencies need it.

SO WHEN YOU WONDER   it is not as some people suggest. And I do not like being friends with the leaders. I like the Indians as friends. They will tell you more and provide better details that are honest. And they know RSN will never reveal or comprimise them.

And I know the officials who talk to me, the majority would not urinate on Rickey Stokes if he was on fire. Most will call Rickey Stokes if they catch on fire to help, but forget Rickey Stokes when he wants or needs something.

I tell people who work with me, the day I forget and think these people like me as "individual Rickey Stokes", to slap me up side the head. They do not like me as an individual.

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