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Speculation Of Resignation of Dothan School Superintendent Dr. Edwards - Answers Monday at 5 PM

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected],COM
Date: Sep 13 2020 2:42 PM

DOTHAN:      On Monday at 5 PM it is “expected and speculated“ that Dothan School Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Edwards will resign her position with Dothan City Schools.

It is speculated members of the Dothan School Board and Dothan School Board Chairman Mike Schmitz will accept the resignation.

RSN has been watching this since last week. And recent chain of events, in particular since March when COVID arrived, we have been watching this. Some have asked why I have not broke this yet. 

Unlike WTVY Ken Curtis and Stephen Crews, when I give sources my word that I will not disclose certain information, I do not disclose it. But Ken Curtis and Stephen Crews want to be first. Honestly I have beat them so many times being first ahead of them is like trying to outrun a child who can only crawl.

After Monday evening and if the speculation is accurate we will write a detailed article.


I learned quick when my boys played pee wee football and I was asked about taking the board, there are no winners. A wise decision for my self when I quickly declined.

The same goes for education and the school board. Former Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz was the only Mayor in the history of Dothan who could have been elected a third consecutive term as Mayor. But Mike Schmitz went from Mayor to Chairman of Dothan School Board.

Now Chairman Schmitz and not Mayor and members of the Dothan School Board decided to do what had been talked about for the past 30 - 40 years, implement changes in the Dothan City Schools.

As Mayor and working to recruit jobs and industry, Mike Schmitz realized the needs for Dothan to grown and provide a workforce for jobs and the ability for the residents of Dothan to earn livings and have opportunities. To accomplish this the education system had to change.

As changes happened, as Dr. Edwards arrived and changes were being made, everyone became real uneasy. And when you get the parents mad, it is worse then a hornets nest.

People who were friends of Mike Schmitz would not even speak or shake his hand. They did not like the changes. Some parents moved their children from Dothan City Schools.

But changes had to be made in order to make things better. But most only see the immediate picture and not the future picture.


When Dothan Police Chief John White retired I told then Dothan Mayor Chester Sowell who Dothan needed to hire as Police Chief. And when I told him, I also said but that person only needed to be there for 12 months and not over 12 months.

The reason was, this person would be good for making some needed changes, but lacked common sense in many areas. After 12 months when those changes and policies were implemented, their effectiveness would not be good.

Same goes with Dr. Edwards. She is the bad person. She made changes people did not like. And whoever advised her to attempt to have the band booster parents needs a firm STUPID SLAP.

But Dr. Edwards stay needs to be over. And someone needs to take the changes made and streamline those changes in the course to move Dothan City School education path forward. To provide the education needed to allow the kids of the Dothan City Schools to obtain a quality education to prepare them for life.


There were zero reasons for Mike Schmitz to move from Mayor of the City of Dothan to Chairman of Dothan Board of Education. Zero benefit for him at all.

A successful businessman who went from an orphan to a teacher who took the time to teach him to read. To a self built businessman who has been very successful. 

If you have ever heard Mike Schmitz story of his life, he and his wife were not given anything but rolled their sleeves up and made something out of their lives.

All Chairman of the Dothan School Board has brought Mike Schmitz is stress. But having worked to make Dothan be prepared and move forward he and members of the School Board have implemented changes they feel were needed to prepare for the future.

Were all of the decisions good ones? No. But no one has a looking glass to determine the future. No one saw COVID coming and the changes it would force.

While I have not kept up with the schools like I once did because to much drama for me, here is what I have confidence in... Mike Schmitz and the school board have not been afraid of the wrath to make changes needed in the system. While I know Mike Schmitz and his leadership ability, I know his heart is in making things better.

So have patience that in the end, Dothan City Schools will be better. What has been talked about for the past 30 - 40 years, finally, someone was not afraid to make changes. 

Think about it ... what in the world would Mike Schmitz want to be Chairman of Dothan School Board for? In my opinion, to make things better.

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