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THANK YOU Wally Olson For Your Service - THANK YOU Bryant Mixon For Your Service - AND A Great Person In Waiting For Your Vote

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Jan 21 2022 2:05 AM

DALE COUNTY:   When Byrant Mixon took over the reigns from of Dale County Sheriff Skipper it was January 1 at 12:01 AM. Sheriff Skipper had said December 31 was his last day.

Now Sheriff Bryant Mixon held his first staff meeting 12:01 AM.

For the next 24 years Bryant Mixon held the office of Sheriff and ruled with dedication, honor and integrity. While his title was “Sheriff”, and many people called him “Sheriff”, he was comfortable and never corrected anyone that referred to him as “Bryant”.

As a young Coroner in Houston County, I had the opportunity to work some murder cases with Dale County Sheriff Bryant Mixon. One of which was where the Napier Field Police Chief and Town Clerk murdered the Napier Field Mayor. They attempted to make it look like a car accident. I will never forget that morning when Pilcher Ambulance Service called me and gave me directions and I replied that is in Dale County. They replied that Dale County Sheriff Bryant Mixon said for you to respond. I asked no more questions.

During that era of time the Coroner was more involved in the death investigation then they are now.

Bryant Mixon retired and in January 2007 a new man took over the reigns of Dale County Sheriff. A young man named Wally Olson. Sheriff Wally Olson.

Some referred to the new Sheriff as “Sheriff”. He preferred “Wally”. He quickly gained the respect of the people of Dale County as someone you could depend on. Unfortunately for his lovely wife and two daughters, being able to depend on meant 24 hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.

Just tonight, a call came into Ozark-Dale County 911. The caller made it clear they only wanted to talk with one person, Wally. And that they did, no matter what Wally Olson was doing, that person talked with Wally. And I did mention it was “tonight”. Not  during working hours but “tonight”.

There are two defining moments that I know of to Wally Olson’s leadership as Sheriff of Dale County. One was when the School Bus driver was shot and killed and a child taken captive and held under ground for six days. I was on the scene when Sheriff Olson arrived. And for six days he remained on the scene, never leaving, until that child was safe.

During that I had the opportunity to go into the command structure that night. I did not stay long because I did not want information leaked and me get the blame. While some hate me, it is very important the trust given to me by certain officials. I would have never leaked information but did not want to be in a position to be able to accuse.

In fact I told on the media to Kevin Cook, then PIO for Alabama State Troopers. Some big boy media were attempting to get a helicopter to do a fly over of the scene. I called Kevin who got the scene made a no fly over. See, having information others did not have, that child was my concern and not some media footage.

Another defining moment was a stand off early one morning. She young man was firing shots at law enforcement. Snipers were in position and the young man was in the scope. Just a squeeze of the trigger, over, man dead.

Because od the totality of the circumstances, where the individual was placed. Sheriff Wally Olson, “WALLY” felt time was on the side of law enforcement. They had the man pinned where they could watch him and felt patience was on the side of law enforcement.

Now snipers were in place and the young man was in the scope of the snipers. If the situation warranted, law enforcement had the upper hand.

But Wally said this was a mom’s child, a dad’s son, possibly brother and sisters. As long as the situation is contained, let’s maintain for a successful conclusion.

I was on the scene. I heard the young man’s gunfire. But in the end the patience of Wally one out, the son was taken into custody and got help, no one was injured and the parents still have their son today.

Just a couple of examples.

Dale County has been served well in Bryant Mixon and Wally Olson. Men of character dedication, and service to others.


And the people of Dale County have rolled a triple. You have a Chief Deputy, Mason Bynum, who has worked for Dale County Sheriff Department for a number of years,

Mason Bynum has worked hard day and night serving along side of Wally Olson as his number two man. All times of the day and night Mason Bynum has been there to serve the people. He has placed his life in danger in many occasions. He has patrolled roads looking for a young man making threats to take his life. Mason Bynum found the young man and got him in his truck talking to him and getting him help. The young man is alive today and 360 degrees from where he was in life, because Mason Bynum took the personal time to find this ladies son.

Mason Bynum has gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping people and agencies. And the registered voters of Dale County do not realize how lucky they are to have a man the caliber of Mason Bynum as a candidate for Dale County Sheriff just waiting for their vote.

There is only one clear choice that the people of Dale County will never go wrong with, and that is in electing Mason Bynum as Sheriff of Dale County. And he will be just “Mason”.





A great testimony to Mason Bynum would be for him to be unopposed as Sheriff. Because this man has worked hard for the people of Dale County.


THANK YOU Wally Olson For Your Service - THANK YOU Bryant Mixon For Your Service - AND A Great Person In Waiting For Your Vote

THANK YOU Wally Olson For Your Service - THANK YOU Bryant Mixon For Your Service - AND A Great Person In Waiting For Your Vote

First Funeral

THANK YOU Wally Olson For Your Service - THANK YOU Bryant Mixon For Your Service - AND A Great Person In Waiting For Your Vote

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