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The Guards Have Now Changed

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
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Date: Jan 05 2021 11:03 AM

JACKSON COUNTY FL:    At the stroke of midnight a new day started. It is now January 5, 2021.

With that stroke of midnight comes some major changes in two  men’s lives, and comes a change for 49,292 people across 955 square miles in a Florida county known as Jackson County.

At midnight January 4, 2021 Lou Roberts is officially retired as Jackson County Florida Sheriff. A post he has held since 2008. The registered voters of Jackson County Florida showed their confidence in Lou Roberts who sought election as Sheriff when Johnny McDaniel retired.

At the stroke of midnight also signaled the retirement  of a man who has dedicated 44 consecutive years of his life to serve and protect the citizens and guests of Jackson County Florida. Serving in various capacities within Jackson County Sheriff Department, then elected as Marianna Police Chief, serving there for six years.

When Sheriff McDaniel announced he was not seeking retirement, Lou Roberts placed his application before the registered voters and they overwhelmingly hired him ( elected ) as Sheriff. The registered voters renewed the employment contract with Lou Roberts in 2012 and in 2016.

When Dale County Sheriff Bryant Mixon decided to retire he made a statement. You know when it is time. That sentiment is one echoed by Lou Roberts. He knew as election 2020 was getting close, after 44 years, it is time.

Lou Roberts, when he submitted his employment application to the employers of Jackson County Sheriff ( election ), he faithfully and honestly promised; " I promise that my entire office and I will work diligently and tirelessly to ensure that the citizens of Jackson County are safe and secure whether at home or in the workplace. Serving as your next Sheriff would be a honor and a privilege. That I would never take it for granted, as we work together to continue to make Jackson County Sheriff Office and agency of diligence, integrity and vision".

Lou Roberts fulfilled his commitment to the employers of Sheriff in Jackson County. The hours this man has spent in the office as an administrator and in the field working along side of the men and women who served not only as a Jackson County Sheriff Deputy, but with other agencies in and around Jackson County.

A church congregation expects the preacher to be there when they are sick, family members getting married, when they have good and bad times. They forget that preacher has a family and a life. No matter how many assistant staff members that pastor has, the congregation expects to hear from the pastor.

Being the Sheriff of a county is sorta like being a preacher. The public expects to see their Sheriff. No matter how many in the department, no matter what they question, they expect to be able to contact their Sheriff and see him in the community, stopping by and drinking a soda with them, sitting on their front porch and chatting with them. And then when something happens they expect to see their Sheriff involved.

For 44 years Lou Roberts, whether when he served as a Jackson County Sheriff Patrol Deputy, supervisor in the Sheriff Department, years in Criminal Investigation, years as Marianna Florida Police Chief, and years as Jackson County Sheriff, has been that man people expected him to be. He lead the men and women of Jackson County Sheriff Department into dangerous situations and not followed them in.

ON BEHALF OF THE EMPLOYERS OF LOU ROBERTS, THE CITIZENS OF JACKSON COUNTY;    thank you to Mrs. Lou Roberts and to the children of Lou Roberts. Thank you for loaning to the citizens and guests of Jackson County your husband, your daddy, to serve and protect the people for 44 years. To make residents feel safe and do all within his power to make them safe, and to bring to justice those who violated that safety.


 For 44 years you have listened for that phone to ring. When you walked outside, you had that phone, pager or radio on. The last 12 years you have waited to hear " Jackson to Jackson 1" or when your radio call number changed "Jackson to 2501" when the Jackson County Sheriff Communications Center called you.

As of the stroke of midnight your call number has now changed, and it is "Mrs. Lou Roberts to Lou Roberts", "son or daughter to daddy", and if any granchildren " Grandaddy". The calls you now listen out to is your family as your number one priority.

LOL ... you could get by with Jackson County Sheriff Communications Center having to call you a second time ... your new communications center, she better only have to call once !!! Just sayin'

The 49,292 people you have served, the 955 square miles you have protected, "well done thou good and faithful servant".

Although I am not a resident of Jackson County, we have been around since before Johnny McDaniel took office, so on behalf of your employers THANK YOU.

NOW SHERIFF DONNIE EDENFIELD is responsible to take the mission and march forward.

The Guards Have Now Changed

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