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This Past Friday One Year Ago Whitney Devane Passed From Earth And Entered Heaven

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Feb 11 2020 10:08 PM

DOTHAN:    This article has been delayed because articles honoring someone's child who has passed from this life into the Arms Of Jesus in Heaven are the hardest to write. One wants to make sure the words are comfort.

This pass Friday was one year ago Whitney Devane left life from her family on earth and entered the Arms of Jesus. She has seen the nail pierced hands and feet of Jesus.

While families on earth are sad and friends are sad, Whitney Devane is in the presence of the Almighty Father with no pain, heartache or suffering.

And as the Pastor said Sunday, those gone before is would not come back to the earthly home.

Whitney Devane, former Miss National Peanut Festival, was Dothan's daughter. Her parents, Stan and Deborah Devane, both served with Dothan Police Department and both retired from Dothan Police Department.

Whitney was the apple of her parent's eye and their love was obvious for Whitney.

There was a reason GOD decided it was time for Whitney to come to Heaven. What is the reason? We will never know for sure, but that is where Faith in the Heavenly Father comes in. We must have faith and believe in Jesus Christ, that he was born of a Virgin, walked and lived on this earth, died on the cross, crucified for our sins, and rose again and ascended into heaven for all of our sins.

The right to heaven is not earned by good works or deeds, not because of what you have done, how good of a person you are, but through belief in the everlasting life Jesus gives and that He is for real.

No matter what you have done in this life, that will not get you into the Gates of Heaven. For All Have Sinned and Come Short of the Glory of God. Through faith and not by sight you believe.

Whitney believed in Jesus Christ. So no doubt, no matter what, Whitney Devane is in heaven.

Through her life we learned a lot as Dothan embraced her as their own when she won Miss National Peanut Festival. Through her death we have learned she saved someone's else's life when organs were donated. We learned so many things from Whitney Devane.

That does not remove the pain of her death. The life of her family and friends will never be the same again and there will always be the void left.

But  we can know, she taught many different lessons to many different people in this life.


I just want to take a minute before I lay down, and tell you all that even with this being such a difficult day, you all have made me feel loved. God is with me even in my heartache. I have always believed that all things work together for those that love the Lord. Well I know that my heart is full of love for him, so I have to believe that Whitney’s passing was part of his plan. The Lord also tells us that he will not give us more than we can handle. So with tears running down my checks I know I will be able to handle this also. I love you all for remembering my sweet girl. Love you all.


This is my angel... One year ago today I got the call saying a kidney was offered to me from this beautiful, sweet family. In order for me to live I had to have a kidney transplant. Whitney gave me life! But you see this was a sad time for me too. Whitney went home to be with the Lord. The Devane family lost their child so please pray for this family. This is a miracle that happened to me. The coordinator said nothing like this has ever happened before. When I got to Shands they were running test to see if I was a match and I had one more test that wasn't looking good. Everyone started praying and hours later the doctor came in and said its a match. I thank God for Stan and Deborah DeVane. Tomorrow will be one year since I had my kidney transplant and I am doing great. I thank God for miracles. I thank God for the DeVane family.


Today makes a year since I have been able to be with my child. I miss her so much. Sometimes I do not think I can make it another day. My heart and body hurts so much I can not even find the words to describe the pain. Grief is the real deal. I have been told that it is normal and necessary. No one deserves this normal and necessary. Time does not heal the pain. I just want her to walk through the door and say “Hey mom, I love you so much.” I know this isn’t going to happen! I just wish it would. But then when I am thinking straight there is no way I would want Whitney to come back to this earth. She is with Our Heavenly Father. This grave that Lettie and I decorated for Valentines Day is just the grave that Whitney’s body is resting in, Whitney is alive and is with Christ. The moment in that Hospital room when she took her last breath she was welcomed into her eternal home. I don’t think I have told many folks out there, that God gave me a wonderful gift when he took Whitney home. Only 8 of us were allowed back there in the room, but when the nurses took Whitney off all the machines. The Coordinator with Legacy of Hope started playing a version of Hallelujah, in the background. I saw on the wall behind Whitney, the gates of Heaven open up and the Angels singing Hallelujah and welcomed Whitney home. Hold fast to this truth: God makes No mistakes!
Why then was it Whitney who died?
Isaiah stated”The good man perish, the godly die before their time and no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to realize that God is taking them away to be spared from evil. Isaiah57:1


The words " I Love You" mean something. Does your kids and family know that you love them?

No one can make the decision for you, do not judge Christ by any one person because everyone says and does things wrong, because ALL HAVE SINNED AND FELL SHORT of the Glory of God...

You, as a individual, have to make the choice to Accept Jesus Christ As Your Lord and Savior.

And let Whitney's sudden death be an example to all, life is short and precious, you never know when GOD makes the decision for your life on this earth to end.

Age 25 or 95. Life is short and no appointment is made for your life to end. Eternity is how long? Ask Stan ( I never had just speaking from experience ), while you want to see your beautiful daughter on stage in a pageant, they are like eternity to sit through for the dad's. But that eternity is only milliseconds compared to eternity.

HELL is for real. Eternity is pain and suffering or life after death. The risk of belief outweighs the risk of not having belief in Jesus Christ.

Let Whitney's life be a lesson, do not procrastinate because you never - ever know.

Stan and Deborah, prayers lifted up. While Whitney made positive steps she was like everyone else, she made negative steps. But her positive steps touched many a persons in a great and magnificent way.

Sorry the article was not written on Friday, but one I had to give thought to.

This Past Friday One Year Ago Whitney Devane Passed From Earth And Entered Heaven

This Past Friday One Year Ago Whitney Devane Passed From Earth And Entered Heaven

First Funeral

This Past Friday One Year Ago Whitney Devane Passed From Earth And Entered Heaven

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