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Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
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Date: Sep 06 2021 12:52 AM


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TEXT RICKEY, I do not ask your name and do not save your number. Your name is only if you want to. And I do not reveal sources.

Some law enforcement officers feel it is their duty to stop people and issue tickets. And yes, that is a way people are apprehended. A law enforcement officer and I were talking Saturday and she referenced that Serial Killer Ted Bundy was apprehended through a traffic stop.

Ted Bundy confessed to 36 murders, but some believe that he was responsible for close to 100 murders. It was Bundy driving without lights in Utah and a patrolman stopping Bundy, that lead to his capture. That traffic stop, that misdemanor offense, developed evidence in Bundy’s car, a gym bag, which contained a ski mask, ice pick, and torn sheets along with handcuffs that resembled the same restraints that Bundy used to kidnap a woman who survived Bundy’s attack.

That traffic stop by the Utah Patrol Officer stopped a serial killer. 

So I get it on traffic stops. I get it on chases.

But from Inside The President’s War Room, another thing I got from the movie, is how important “intelligence” is. How important it is for law enforcement to develop sources of information.

Dothan Police had a former officer, when something occurred, he was immediately placed on the streets. He had the intelligence sources that he could often times smoke out the information of who did it.

So here is my point, there is a line in law enforcement officers in getting to know people, getting their trust and confidence, in order to get intelligence                      ( information ) from people on the streets. Those sources help law enforcement to do their job in prevention of crime and in the solving of crime.

YES, I also get the traffic offenses help apprehend suspects. So when people complain about being stopped and questions asked, hopefully you can see where the simple traffic stop led the law enforcement officers to stop  a serial killer.

Several years ago ALEA-Trooper stopped a vehicle in Geneva County. The people in the vehicle shot the ALEA-Trooper, who lived. The simple traffic stop, unknown to the ALEA-Trooper, the person(s) in the car had killed someone in Washington County Florida.

Good communications between agencies and state’s, perhaps the ALEA-Trooper would have suspected more than a simple traffic stop. 

Someone this past week, a black man, was telling me how scared he is when a officer walks to his car on a traffic stop with his hand on his gun. I explained to him the officer has no idea who it is that he is stopping or what they might have just done. Examples are Ted Bundy, the Geneva County traffic stop of murder suspects from Washington County Florida. So the officer has to use caution and be prepared to act if required.

I reminded him that in Virginia innocent people were getting killed just putting gas in their vehicle. In the end a small hole in the trunk of the car where the person could hide in the trunk with a rifle and shoot people while someone else was driving was how these innocent people were getting killed. Just randomly killing people.

So precautions are required because, law enforcement never know what they are about to encounter.

But a good relationship with the people in the community can provide a law enforcement officer with great sources of information. Try and hand out your business cards more than citations, develop sources of information and relationships with people. That goes a long way to your being an effective law enforcement officer.

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