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TODAY - The Last Day

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Apr 30 2024 9:11 PM

DOTHAN:     On Wednesday, March 20, 2024 a group assembled in the Dothan Commission Chambers where exciting news was discussed.


Everyone in the room was excited in what Assistant Dothan City Manager Randy Morris and Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper was introducing to some people with downtown investments.

Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper said five ( 5 ) years ago in discussion with Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce about where Dothan was at. 

Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper said what was in the plans and in the works. Getting Dothan on the map as a destination. A place for business. Downtown for people to go to where they feel safe for entertainment and great quality of life.

Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper said there was a lot of pre-work established 20 years ago and now that work is coming to a reality. 

LOVE DOTHAN - great things the future, high tech - high innovative projects. Great opportunities for the young people to return to Dothan after college. 

Dothan City Manger Kevin Cowper has worked with Dothan Police Chief Will Benny for 40 more police officers because the Dothan Police Department was understaffed, under paid. Helping the department to get equipment and technology because people had to feel safe.

Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper has worked with Dothan Fire Chief Larry Williams for two new fire stations. Great Paramedic program enhancement do the quality of the fire department and EMS services to the public are number one.

Dothan City Manager worked to expand the downtown district to make it broader so that business and economic opportunities grew. While it was not done for anyone in particular, D1 Dothan Commissioner Kevin Dorsey is a benefactor of Dothan City Manager Kevin Dorsey work. If the downtown district had not been opened up more than the restaurant Dorsey owns would not exist in its current location. The restrictions on not only the Dorsey property but other properties were changed to make it business friendly. ( NOTHING WAS DONE FOR DORSEY - BUT HE IS BENEFACTOR AND HAS A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS BECAUSE OF THE LEADERSHIP OF DOTHAN CITY MANAGER KEVIN COWPER ).

LOVE DOTHAN was introduced three years ago by Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper. Today the results are being seen.

But a few weeks ago, four people, against the wishes of many people they were elected to serve, four men:

D1 - Kevin Dorsey; D2 Aristotle Kirkland

D4 John Ferguson; D5 Gantt Pierce


They claim some things the public does not know that they are not happy with. But I am telling you the things they are trying to blame Kevin Cowper, each of thsee commissioners are equally responsible for. They should be engaged and know. And each thing they are blaming Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper with, these four commissioners voted on.

For the first time in decades the harmony and excitement could be felt in Dothan Alabama. People were excited about what the future was holding. Dothan City Manager and others had raised $ 61 million dollars of non City of Dothan taxpayer money for the a lot of the work going on in downtown Dothan.

And in a single meeting, mostly for selfish egotistical reasons, Kevin Dorsey, Aristotle Kirkland, John Ferguson and Gnatt Pierce KILLED. They removed the loving heart and replaced it with a knife blade directly though the heart of excitement and enthusiasm. Not only in the business and residents of Dothan  but in the workforce of the City of Dothan.

These four claim the work will continue. But the man leading it, introduced it, and was a main driving force behind it, they voted not to renew his contract. And today, April 30, 2024 at 5 PM was his last day. They left him jobless.

And I stand firm, Kevin Dorsey, Aristotle Kirkland, John Ferguson and Gantt Pierce did the citizens they are elected to serve an injustice and killed the enthusiasm. 

One Dothan Commissioner has acted like a spoiled brat towards Dothan School Supt. Dennis Coe because he did not get his selfish way. And he is fighting Dr. Coe and the Dothan School Board.

TO KEVIN COWPER AND FAMILY, on behalf of the citizens of the City of Dothan, we apologize that four people that were elected to represent the City of Dothan treated you as they did. Please do not take their actions and being like spoiled brats and form your opinion of Dothan. We appreciate what you did and how you were working to make Dothan a spectacular city into the future. We thank you and wish you and your family a great future!!!

TODAY - The Last Day

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