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UPDATE On Brantley Bradley and His Medical Journey

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: May 17 2020 2:15 AM

BIRMINGHAM AL:    Emily and Josh Fails, and Mike Bradley wanted me to express to everyone their gratitude and thanks to the great out pouring of prayer, text messages, and phone calls about Brantley Kade Bradley.

All of the family, Stokes, Bradley, Failsm McCorkle's, wish to join them in saying thank you all of your prayers, thoughts, text messages and phone calls.

Most especially, all of us want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Southeast Health Chief Emergency Room Physician, and most of all a friend, to Dr. Fred Pich. He quickly took Brantley in arms as I arrived at Southeast Health and he was throwing up, telling me I could not come in because of COVID restrictions, and carried Brantley inside. Quickly to CAT scan. Rapid consultation to Children's Hospital in Birmingham, and deployment of Survival Flight helicopter to Southeast Health.

On Survival Flight was retired Dothan Fire Captain Mark Reynolds who is a flight medic on Survival Flight. A great medic, but also a great friend.


How anyone could ever face this type of incident without Faith in the Heavenly Father is beyond me. As a person with a Type A personality, a person who works to solve problems with and for people every day, this was one problem that was beyond my reach. Which rips your heart out when it is for someone you love dearly.

Then you place your total trust in people, doctors, that you do not know, have no knowledge of at all, to drill into your son's ( grandson's ) head. Talking about the greatest of faith in the Heavenly Father " HE HAS GOT THIS" and in physician's that, well, basically GOD has given clearance to.

Because of COVID-19, only Brantley's mom and dad were allowed in the hospital. As PAW PAW, I was not allowed in the hospital. Even with a phone call directly to Governor Kay Ivey's cell phone and conversation with her, not allowed in the hospital.

Brantley was on a respirator, taken off. Went through an extensive surgery on Thursday, followed by Intensive Care. On Friday released from Intensive Care to a room. On Friday Brantley walked for the first time since this past Sunday.

Brantley is progressing good. Whatever the terms, he is at a pressure of 15 and they want him at 20 before taking the drain tube out. Afterwards he should be released and able to come home.

And he is ready.


There are medical terms. But in the simple terms as I understand, the tubes that drain fluid from his brain into the spine was blocked and his head was filling with that fluid and no where to go. He had been complaining for about a week of his shoulder and head pain. He had been carried to the doctor, rehab, and Emergency Room. All thought he had pulled a muscle.

It was not until Sunday night when Emily called me that as Brantley wrapped his arm around Grandmother Kay, his legs turned to spaghetti. As I was headed to Emily I sent Dr. Pich a text and asked was he working and he had just come on. When I arrived I sent Dr. Pich a picture and explained what has been happening. When he found out only a blood test for menningitis had been done, Dr. Pich said get him to the hospital, NOW.

As we arrived Brantley started throwing up. I believe a doctor leaving ran back inside and got a barf bag. Dr. Pich came out behind that doctor and took Brantley.

If it had not been for Dr. Pich's swift actions and diagnosis of the issue, and being proactive transport to Children's Hospital, Brantley Kade Brantley would not have lived.

That is how close we came.

It was not by chance that Dr. Pich was working. It was not by chance he quickly responded to my text. It was not by chance that Mark Reynolds was the flight medic on Survival Flight.

I do not believe in coincidences. You see, GOD made sure everyone that needed to be in place was in place.


FAITH is believing in what you can not see. While I can not see Jesus Christ, I have faith and belief that HE is real. That Jesus was born of a virgin, lived and walked on this earth as you and I. That a crooked government sentenced HIM to death, and crucified HIM on the cross for you and I. Then three days HE arose from the grave and later ascended into heaven.

PRAYER works. It is not a monolouge, but a dialouge. 

No, I am not the person that I should be. But I strive to do what is right and know that I know Jesus Christ is real.

And I know his hands were on our grandson, Brantley, this week and will be with him in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Your outpouring of love has been tremendous. We love and thank each of you.

THANKS to Brother Todd Thorpe, Brother Jim Tate and Brother Ricky Plummer for reaching out to us. Thanks to each and every person who prayed for Brantley, who text any of the family, called, or sent messages. GOD’S hands were felt through your prayers, love and support.


Thanks to my staff that kept things going. You are a awesome group. Love each one of you.

UPDATE On Brantley Bradley and His Medical Journey

UPDATE On Brantley Bradley and His Medical Journey

First Funeral

UPDATE On Brantley Bradley and His Medical Journey

UPDATE On Brantley Bradley and His Medical Journey

UPDATE On Brantley Bradley and His Medical Journey

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