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Update On Tracy Phillips

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Oct 05 2021 11:48 PM


Hello all following Tracy Phillips
We have Home Health set up and everything with his home ventilator. He doesn't really need the ventilator at this time and is breathing with oxygen and has a mist flowing with it. Dr Latimer did go in last week and had to change his Trach out to a different one. This was done bed side and I got to watch and learn what happens if it was to come out and how to not panic and put the trach back in if needed. Well the next night I was cleaning the trach area and the band that holds the trach in place came lose and I went to re-fasten the band and he coughed which made me drop the collar and I had to grab the trach and hold on to it. After he coughed I was able to just slide the trach back in and respiratory was called to assist In making sure everything was back the way it should be. All of that went good but good lesson for me to have learned. I did not panic just yelled for help. The next day I noticed Tracy was not as active as he had been. He was sweating a lot staring into space and seemed some what confused. He was sleeping much more than normal. They ordered a bunch of test with one being a sputum culture with all labs for infections. Later that day the nurse came in with a broad antibiotic for him to start on. This he started getting 4 times a day. The doctor tells me he has a bacterial infection and possibly pneumonia again. It came back that it was ESBL. which is an infection cause by bacteria from another part of the body to an area it shouldn't be.. which means cross pathogens caused an infection from my take on this.. he did really good on and was feeling better. The boys came and stayed a few nights with me and him and spent a lot of time with there dad. His fever was still there but much lower. The Doctor changed him yesterday to Levaquin through the peg and took him off intravenous antibiotics. Well about 11 last night I noticed Tracy being different again and his fever had just been checked and it was only 99. His face was bright red and his chest turns red. I called the nurse and told her something was not right. I told her I know he just had his temp checked like 10 mints ago but he has fever. She checked it and it was 101. She went ahead and gave him his tylenol for fever. Which broke about an hour later. He played around some and I just went ahead and gave him a quick wash down so he could rest better. Well about 2:30 same thing again red faced and red on his chest. He spiked another fever of 100. So he had norco on order so I asked for him to get that because it has tylenol in it and he looked uncomfortable. It helped with his fever but still sweating after all this and I called the nurse in here around 9 this morning and told her something was definitely wrong. The doctor was up here and ordered Stat labs, chest xray. I noticed his food had been set up from 55 last night to 70 today. I stopped his food because he was twisting in the bed like in pain. We left the food off for about 3 hours and he settled down a little but still pouring sweat. I'm still waiting on the doctor to tell me what is going on. We were told last week that his body may not can work with certain antibiotics and his body may resist them. The intravenous was working and it all changed when the Levaquin was given. So I'm still trying to find out what's going on with him. I do know it's something because his normal heart rate is around 95 to 105. His resting is 75 to 85. His rate has been above 110 all day and sometimes at 125 to 135. He is in pain and I don't know where. His blood pressure is okay so far. He has been taking extremely deep breathes and is shaking really bad. I can't tell if he's hot or cold and he just looks so uncomfortable. The nurse he has tonight has never had him before and doesn't know him. So yes I'm very worried at this moment because I have no idea what is going on and I've cried for an hour now. I have not been able to call or talk to anyone about all this so all family and friends are hearing this right now for the first time because I don't want to repeat myself. Somethings not right at all and I don't know what it is and I don't know how to make him feel better. We were suppose to have tried for going home again today and now this. Thanks everyone and he needs A LOT of prayers please. Pray for me to have strength in front of him and for him to not see how bad I'm hurting

First Funeral

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